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  1. There's actually a lot of math in that post. They approached it a couple different ways with different models (and pointed out possible issues). I agree it's hard to correlate the shoes across that population, but it is still compelling.
  2. Big article on the Vaporfly shoes. The statistics presented there look pretty compelling.
  3. Awesomeness.
  4. I think you underestimate the moral indignation capacity of the mainstream press and the American public.
  5. I'd think looking for FBAR historical forms would be more informative than a tax return. If we have any CPAguys they will probably know more there. Also, I remember one leaked tax return and don't remember seeing any stories on foreign connections there.
  6. I'm not sure if tax returns will have a transactional history that will lead to or away from Russia. That seems to be a canard to me. In my opinion, the reason he didn't release them is that it would shine light on his true net worth and the tax rate he was paying. If he was paying, say 15% effective tax rate, it would be front page news for months about shirking his duty as a taxpayer and using "tax loopholes for the rich", etc. Right or wrong, that's what would happen (after all, we all know as it was reported widely that the Biden's tend to give about .1% of their income to charity).
  7. And given what I've seen of his record this is the right thing to do, anyway. I don't see a reason (other than ideological panic) to vote no.
  8. I don't remember Miers. Bork was an orchestrated submarine job by Democratic Senators - nothing to do with polls.
  9. Since when does polling have any relation to the SCOTUS nominee? Seriously, squiz, this the very definition of specious.
  10. Interesting - this is the data I found. Inflation is low, so I figured 2% real or so.
  11. Finally got to watch yesterday's stage. Alaphillippe is incredible. Also, Col de Grieres at 11.5% for 4 miles? Eff that - that's torture. I've done 11% for 2 miles (Hogpen Gap) and it was soul crushing.
  12. If it was that important it would be holding the economy back. It isn't. The fact that it isn't rising more than the 2% (inflation adjusted) it has been says more about the global job market than the US economy. This has been going on for decades (early 70s).
  13. In that case you should key in on total number of people employed or labor participation rate, both of which have been trending up. U6 has been trending down.
  14. It sucks - he should have tailored the tax bill to lower the effective rate of small business to match what large business (with their hordes of lawyers/CPAs) manage to get. And that's it. The rest should have been on a pay for basis, if he could find the budget to cut somewhere.
  15. Woz, I'll take a swing at this. Looking at every indicator of the US economy, including GDP, unemployment, personal wealth, tax receipts, etc. the economy is roaring. Statement of fact.