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  1. Since these are publicly traded companies the percentage is what matters. I get it, you want the dollars as the basis for moral outrage. The percentage is the right number, though. That's the way the math works. It's the same for just about every product every company makes, as well.
  2. Sand

    Donald Trump Tweets Thread

    Right now I guess this would be appropriate as it's in the news a decent bit.
  3. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    "I believe him" - said no one on the Hill.
  4. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    You missed the point of the statement. Every reasonable person (including me) believes this to be horrid. I hope the jackasses who are making threats are thrown in the pokey for a long time. She didn't deserve anything that happened to her - getting using by the political class, getting threats, getting outed, etc. She is a tragic figure in this.
  5. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    You make some strange, disjointed arguments.
  6. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    That's a horrible statement.
  7. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Yes, I suck at spelling sometimes. Apologies for setting off your grammar alert system.
  8. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    No doubt there is a bit of schadenfreude there.
  9. Sand

    Democrats' House Agenda

    Probably not, at least from a government coffers point of view. There will be a large social cost for making this legal. MJ is anything but unicorn dust - it has deleterious health effects that are on the same level as cigarettes with the addition of other social costs like DUIs, etc. Taco Bell will make out like a bandit, though. Lottery is pretty similar. It's a scourge for low income people and it has tons of high social costs. And, as it turns out, it ends up not doing what's generally promised - increasing education budgets. Interestingly, of the states that don't allow the lottery, Hawaii seems to be the only one that protects their populace by not offering it (all the others disallow it on "gambling is bad" grounds). While those should both be legal nationwide, because that's what people want on the whole (even though people generally ignore the high social cots), we shouldn't go into this thinking MJ, or the lottery, etc. are monetary positives.
  10. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    It was sarcasm and a commentary on the presumption of guilt for Kavanaugh and a general presumption of innocence for everyone else. Avenatti was a convenient springboard.
  11. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    Avenatti had a press conference outside the station and indicated he would be completely vindicated. So yes on both counts, from the accused.
  12. Sand

    Michael Avenatti Thread

    This is incorrect. Harris said that she believed her. Hirono said "They need to be believed". Hirono's statement is egregrious. Harris not so much. Your statement was simple - if a woman testifies she deserves to be believed. That's a stunning statement counter to the foundations of our justice system.