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  1. I've always said (and note I didn't vote for DJT) that he was personally derelict, though I like lots of his policies. None of this surprises me in the least - this was easy to intuit when he didn't release any returns. Both DJT and Biden are hopelessly corrupt. This is patently obvious. What a horrible choice for POTUS.
  2. That particular return went before the tax board and has been sitting since 2011. Those folks evidently move slooooow. I do find it interesting this "happened" to be released the day before the first debate. The media propaganda arm is really striving to please the blue team.
  3. My grandparents lived there (right across the Hudson from West Point); the Catskills may be the prettiest place in the US.
  4. Seriously - pretty sure that's bigger than anyplace I lived during college. Did just buy this one - found a good deal on it. Intended for camping and bikepacking. In a pinch the outer vestibule can be sleeping spots for two more.
  5. Sometimes there is a big advantage in living in a deep blue or deep red state. We have about $0 spent on ads here.
  6. Even when you now combine it with his huge ad buy for Biden? In and of itself the fine paying doesn't cross any lines (IMO), but combining that with a high profile ad buy definitely does (again, IMO).
  7. CNN says the pick is ACB. She seemed to be at the top of lists for a while now, so this isn't a big surprise.
  8. I think all that went way beyond what I was trying to say, but I gotta give you props for the research.
  9. I guess that all depends on what your definition of excessive is when talking about child molesters, etc.
  10. This was way, way worse and I hope it comes up in the debate. She helped bail out child molesters, abusers, violent felons, among many others.
  11. Buzzfeed? Seriously, if we want to go there I have an Infowars rebuttal to that rebuttal (i.e. absurd to follow the absurd). We can drag @timschochet in here to wax eloquent on appropriate news sources. That one is a million miles away from referenceable.
  12. Yeah - I do think it would have mattered if there was a vacancy at 2 years left or inside a year to the election. With 2 years left I think they find some common ground on an appointee.
  13. Huh - so Hunter Biden got wired $3.5 million from the mayor of Moscow's wife. I'm sure this is completely normal and above board. After all, what's 3.5 mil between friends... in Moscow?