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  1. I'm waiting for the book from inside the safe (assuming there was one). One thing I did learn from the posts today was that Trump kicked Epstein out of his club for skeeving on the girls there. That doesn't seem an action a guy with blackmail over his head would do. Also, the more I read the more it seems like this guy is in the same league with Larry Nassar. He's left devastation all over the place.
  2. In my case it would never happen unless I quit, but the thought of not doing 55-65 per week every week is very appealing. I've had 2 days off this year and had 66hrs on my timesheet last week. This #### is getting old quick.
  3. Also only three from a team. My idea of all Jumbo Visma dashed.
  4. Hmmm, had my homie Tony Martin for the TT and he was third from last. Maybe he crashed - dude used to go head to head with Cancellara and was right at the top of the TT world.
  5. Eh - they make sense when you realize her idea of the American dream is Sharia law over the land.
  6. I realize this is likely schtick, but looking for reasons for a half percent move is pretty loony.
  7. He's beyond radioactive. I doubt he ever sees the light of day again. Given his notoriety wherever he goes he'll probably be in solitary, as well.
  8. To be honest I'm surprised after the first lenient sentence he didn't sell everything and move to Switzerland.
  9. The benefits go with the plan which goes with the insurer.
  10. In NO you can get pretty much whatever you want if you know where to look.
  11. I fight this with my wife over my 14 year old. He's a good kid, but wants his hair a bit longer than the wife likes. The talk about haircuts is prevalent. I respond that he should be able to enjoy his hair while he has it and remind her what her father's genes will cause. It's an unassailable point, which makes her even a bit more emphatic about the whole thing.