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  1. Unemployment is at 100 year lows, the US consumer is spending, interest rates are low, housing is very strong. Not sure why such confusion. I've talked about defaulting to optimism. IMO, the worm hasn't turned.
  2. People consume instead of save. Evidently this trend is very prevalent in Millennials. Funny they put the threshold at 2%. That's crazy - 10% should, more or less, be the norm.
  3. Did they take applications for this? I just wonder what cross section of people they chose. It looks like the population chosen simply treated it as an add to their existing income and bought the same stuff - not surprising. I think we all wonder what happens when this would be instituted and the structured social safety net is disassembled to pay for it (which is what has been proposed). I figure many citizens will use the monies to good effect, but worry about what the callously irresponsible (20%?) will do with no structure in how to spend these survival monies.
  4. The financial news picks apart every word that the Fed says after these meetings. I can't think of a speech that is as finely parsed as these talks. They need a spectacular wordsmither (if that's a word).
  5. The Federal govt. quit using cost plus variable fee contracts for exactly this reason - the more a company ran over the higher the fee they collected. All those type contracts are now cost plus fixed fee. Color me shocked that the govt. hasn't learned their lesson here. We have laws written by math morons.
  6. I never preorder games, but I find myself wanting to pick up Outer Worlds. Looks fantastic.
  7. Well first I'd say that there is such a thing as private REITs bought through advisors and one should avoid those like the plague. Anything worth buying is in an exchange. I have an amount set aside I dedicate to these securities (all listed on exchanges). They include O, VTR, BIP, NLY, KIM, DLR, and CHCT. All are a bit different in their focus except for CHCT - that was a spin off from VTR that had done well and I never bothered to sell it. If you wanted an ETF VNQ has performed well and is one of the most established of these.
  8. These are legal pass through structures that generally hold real estate, though some do cell towers and mortgage bonds, etc. They are legally required to pass through 80% of their profits every year. The dividend policies are all over the map. Some are quarterly, some are monthly (like O - "the monthly dividend company"). Most are managed payouts like typical companies, but some are variable - NLY is a good example of that. Also note that these are not qualified dividends, so the taxes are a bit more in a taxable account. The new tax law does blunt this a bit with (I think) a 20% decrease in taxation. So not quite the tax rate of a qualified dividend, but closer. It's also important to note that P/E really isn't a good metric for REITs. They are analyzed according to price/AFFO (adjusted funds from operations).
  9. The current expansion is officially the longest in history...
  10. That brings up a very important question - what is so bloody special about the Falklands?
  11. The thought is a bit hyperbolic as the US would never employ the market protectionism and IP theft (govt. sponsored) that the Chinese do. But if laid out it would serve as a good backdrop against which the US requests seem reasonably fair.