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  1. Volatility is it's own beast. It's highly volatile and, frankly, not appropriate as a plunge protector. I'd much rather own EDV or TMF if one thinks the market will take a downturn as these are usually negatively correlated with the markets. The best hedge, of course, would be something like SH.
  2. Seems to be in the reasonable range. Have we gotten a ruling or indication what's going to happen with the jury tampering from the head juror? That seemed to be pretty blatant.
  3. Yet someone actually rated him, pushed it through HR, and delivered it to Shady. So someone made it personal.
  4. It's the name given to epic adventure sci-fi books set in space. An area of literature I read a decent bit and enjoy. I remember as a kid reading Rendevous with Rama (which is ####### awesome) and getting hooked into this area.
  5. Somewhere in this thread I named Bob as one of my top three literary characters, though that is sooo cheating. I highly recommend to anyone to go read it to find out why. Currently reading The Wandering Inn 2. Not sure why it's so compelling, but it is. At the same time while I'm painting the house I've been listening to book 9 of The Expanse. Best space opera ever.
  6. Note with the new tax act that REITs now get their own special dividend tax rate. It's close, but not quite as good as, the qualified dividend rate. It's now way better than the old rate, which was at income tax rates.
  7. Funny enough I have no idea. I've never reimbursed myself from that account. I'm just piling it in at this point.
  8. Funny how much height, physical appearance matters these days. Still - we certainly haven't grown past this. Taft never would have gotten elected today.
  9. They still audit the rich at a high rate (at least comparatively). That's where the money is, after all. Certainly right now the comparison is Bloomberg to Sanders, Warren, et. al. Honestly he seems to be splitting the moderate vote and cementing Sanders as the candidate.
  10. I've been paying about 20-21% of gross on Fed, State, FICA, property, auto taxes. Never tried to add up sales and gas taxes. Since sales taxes here are ~9% I imagine I come close to your 30% - and I have 2 kids.
  11. This is correct. There is no time limit on when you can use a receipt to cash out a bill. And, yes, you only need to show proof if you're audited over it - definitely not like an FSA. So save all the receipts.
  12. CSR is pretty limited in the states (and good overseas). I have used it in Dulles, Atlanta, and a few other places, though. It's great for LAX - good lounges and some free food, too. I'm sure the best lounges are the Emirates international first class lounges. But they won't let rabble like me in there...
  13. In my little area of the world the way Delta used to do things (segments) Birmingham was the highest concentration of Platinum flyers in the US. That's been tempered by their algorithm change, but we have so many permanent statused folks now getting status for the BHM-ATL flight is almost impossible. It is a 26 minute flight, so definitely a first world problem.
  14. Oh, but it gets so damn good. The second half of book 1 is better than the first - it takes a while for Sanderson to set the environment. I read a lot and I can honestly say that the last 1/3 of book 3 is the most compelling literature I've had the pleasure of taking in in at least the last decade. So damn good I pre-ordered the Book 4 audible as soon as it became available.