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  1. Man you have no sense of humor Toby.
  2. If this happened (and I can easily see it being the case) I'd hope Garland gets a second shot.
  3. No one would believe it. If it was a female accuser on the other hand...
  4. The obvious answer is yes. (In a general sense - notwithstanding whether any of this specific incident is true or not)
  5. A comment on the Democrat machinations here. Three is no doubt this was orchestrated. No matter the truth or ultimate outcome a generated crisis should not go to waste. I've posted my thoughts on what I think and even Zoo thought they were reasonable.
  6. He can't. It's extraordinarily difficult to prove a negative and in this case nigh impossible. Barbara Boxer has already stated she believes Kavanaugh is a rapist. He'll never be able to clear this off the slate. This is the whole point - throw enough dung into the water to either poison the proceedings or fertilize the November mid terms.
  7. Unknown. But since these were all boy and all girl schools involved there would be a lot of intermingling (probably a bit different than coed schools).
  8. Oh, Democrats had a senator who killed a girl in for 30+ years. And embraced a KKK member for 50. I'm sure they'd find a way.
  9. So, if she never meant to come forward with her anonymous letter and expressed desire to stay unknown (she was "outed" supposedly) I wonder why she got a polygraph and a lawyer months ago. If one was suspicious one might thing there were machinations and plans made that we aren't yet privy to. That just so happened to surface 2 days before a vote.
  10. App wouldn't allow it. I just went ahead and got a Citi card this time around. BTW, your referral link is outdated.
  11. Way back when my dad got hep A from a food vendor in Quito. Yeah, bad idea. Cuenca was awesome from my memory (when I went it was still dirt roads to get there). I distinctly remember the hand made panama hat shops. Guayaquil has historically been a ####hole. I doubt it has improved much. My recommendation? Go to Salinas and go deep sea fishing. You can catch marlin in sight of land.
  12. Had some incredible prawns in Applecross while I was there. Felt like the bar at the end of the world.
  13. Maybe she is a June baby and it was an uncommonly warm winter?
  14. Good to see someone going into this with an open mind.
  15. No way that Kamala Booker will allow that to happen. There's screen time to be had!