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  1. Look what marketing and lobbying did for remdesivir with all its underwhelming results. Imagine what the Pfizer machine could do with a bombshell medicine. There is an advantage to having that kind of marketing arm and owning a few dozen senators.
  2. Manufacture Distribution Marketing Lobbying
  3. Username checks out. There's always a critic. Yeah - there's weighted ones that will do some damage. I didn't look too hard at what I linked - just an example. From my perspective you want something that you can swing in a hallway, that will have some stopping power, and that your kid won't kill himself with if they find it and play with it. A fish bat like this seems pretty ideal. And the ladies just love eau de petrol in the bedroom.
  4. Fish bat. Short, has some heft, can do damage in small spaces and easy to store near/under a bed.
  5. Moderna to be investigated? Those stock sales stick to high heaven.
  6. That was just a Lane Kiffin sighting.
  7. Electronics have certainly come a long, long way. The whole launch process from start to finish was something to see. Absolutely nailed it.
  8. I don't think Slate, of all publications, gets to call a SCOTUS judge out. You can feel the spite coming out of that page.
  9. If it makes you feel any better there was a study not too long ago that showed that mutual fund managers outperformed the general market when buying stocks but underperformed the market when selling. I.e. they didn't know when to sell, either. So, you're far from alone here.
  10. If OP had a goat he wouldn't have to mow the yard. Nice place, but the chickens would drive me crazy. If I lived there I would go on a shooting spree. Rats with wings.
  11. Saints have three in the top hundred. 💰 💰 💰
  12. Bought a bit of NCLH this morning. That has turned out swimmingly so far. Holding that and a chunk of CCL for a while.
  13. I still remember watching that MFer sprint up Alpe d'Huez. Pretty much stood the whole way. I think that segment record is still good. Jaw dropping what that guy could do on a hill.
  14. Watch the doc. The teams that got in EPO early absolutely dominated. In that era you absolutely had to dope to be competitive.