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  1. This is why I was afraid of doing this. We are going to have to overmanage this season. Really it looks like it should have been best ball from the start. But if leagues wanted best ball they would have been best ball. What is fair this week is probably unfair next week. Oh well.
  2. I think we were talking about a scenario where you have to decide if its best ball after scores are known. So people deciding to best ball would decide based on whether or not they would win the game if you switched rules.
  3. My 2 cents. Provisional only works if decided before games are played. You cannot select a player after knowing their score. That just wouldn't be fair as its revisionist. You just have to deal with getting screwed if games get cancelled. That's the only way imo.
  4. I know you guys don't care, but fyi, I went with what seemed to be majority opinion here to allow backup lists. Couldn't wait for consensus in my league as no one was saying anything either way. A few were for it, and a few would be indifferent and many just didn't respond. I don't make rule changes lightly but you guys have shown me the way. Really appreciate the discussion here to help me make an educated decision.
  5. Appreciate the input. It is a living breathing constitution but usually changes are made in off-season for next season as mid-season changes aren't fair because people didn't know them going into the season. However, I'm not so rigid as I am unwilling to hear arguments and try to do what's right, even when I personally don't want to do more work. I posed the question to my league and asked that it be unanimous. People are typically unresponsive unless they want to complain about something and some don't even set their 1 lineup properly in ESPN so I'm sure this will just add more trouble to my list but it is what it is. Thanks.
  6. Okay, does anyone have rules in their constitution for something like this so I can properly convey this as an option for the league to vote on? I feel like there are certain issues with this that could pop up (i.e. people dropping players before kickoff / people changing their lineups in ESPN from their pre and post communications / people submitting late lineups) etc. And it's just one game this week. What about future weeks when we have 4 or 5 games in flux. Do they do several provisional lineups? I think if you institute a change mid-season you need to apply it fully towards all future scenarios or its not fair.
  7. I get what you are saying, this last minute thing really pissed him off. Our league is very QB heavy with 6 pt TDs so it really matters for him. I can pose the option to the whole league if they want to best ball the QB in situations like this but I don't know where to draw the line here. Best ball the whole team if they are missing a flex player? How do I even do that? What if someone has a garbage Wr3 or backup RB that doesn't play. Do I also give them best ball for that spot? Do I have to keep a list of stud players and use that to decide what I'm going to best ball for them? If it's just QB spot I guess you can make an exception just for that but people missing stud RB and WR also in same situation.
  8. Yup totally agree. Some of these posts have good ideas but there's downside to every proposal so I want to avoid "self-inflicted" pain. If it's the NFL's fault they can blame them. But no one should blame me if I take myself out of the equation. I'm not being partial to any team or unjustly enriching myself by imposing bad policy on my opponent. I did everything I could pre-season: put in policies for refunds / sudden death playoffs / 4 COVID-IRs. They have like 7 bench spots on top of that too. Your fault you only have Mahomes! If they want to change rules they have majority vote to. All in constitution. Sadly, part of me is hoping season gets cancelled so I don't have to deal with drama and texts asking X/Y/Z. Yeah, honestly my whole league wanted in except me.. I really wanted out because I didn't want to deal with this but since everyone else wanted in and no one left we did it. I warned them this was going to be a cluster- and said I'm dropping fees 50%. I thought about going lower but everyone was good with it even at 100%.... Their fault, I warned them.
  9. I resent my league our COVID rules... people already complaining unfair. This is why I reduced fees this year because I knew it would be unfair / impossible. If ESPN/NFL doesn't decide a player has a COVID related IR then people have to drop players. Defies the purpose of having a COVID-IR but I think it is what it is. I don't know a way around it besides changing it to bench spots which opens up more can of worms. I'm going with default rules and not doing anything like manually editing scores and stuff and policing. Rather take myself out of the loop as much as possible as commish. This shouldn't be a second job.
  10. Due your due diligence and trust your picks. Was big on VBD previously. I always got to playoffs but I always hated my teams because I'd have guys i didn't believe in. Doesn't matter if they were value picks if they weren't hits. This year I just looked for safe picks that I believed in for first 6 rounds. I missed out on guys like Dalvin Cook but I was right about guys like LJ, Carson, Kupp, Godwin, etc. Unless your league mates suck, you probably won't get them using VDB. Taking them a round early is worth it imo. Pick the team, not just the player. I really liked Chiefs and Ravens this year. I bought into the hype and got multiple players from both teams. I still factored the player into the equation but I value the team and o-line very highly and it helps me when I'm picking a safe choice vs a risky choice as I favor stable offenses that can take a step forward. Do not be afraid of NOT going RB heavy in a flex heavy Non-PPR league. In the past I always thought my flex always had to be a RB. This year, I focused on getting quality RBs for my starters but for my flex I went for WRs like Kupp, Golladay, Goodwin, Lockett because I saw the value there over the RB in those rounds. Unless you got a top 5 RB, a top 10 RB vs top 10 WR or top 15 RB vs top 15 WR aren't that different. However, getting a RB25 instead of a top 15 WR is. Do not write off players on bad teams completely. Just do more due diligence and figure out if the player can overcome the situation or if the situation may not be as bad as indicated. i.e. Dalvin Cook (injury prone overreaction), Derrick Henry (titans bad offense), Fournette (injury prone). I think there can be markers that separate them from guys like Desean Jackson, Joe Mixon, etc. Do not be afraid to take a risk if there is a good backup plan available. Melvin Gordon with Eckler. Dalvin Cook with Mattison. It's hard to find these situations but if you feel uneasy about a starter, I think getting the backup is a good idea if you truly believe that role on that team is worth something. Do not forget to backup your QB1/TE1. Always take a shot on a high upside backups even if you are set on QB1 and got someone like Mahomes. Getting LJ as a backup was basically free and way better value than anyone else at round 12. Same with TE. I didn't get someone else when I got Kelce as TE1 but there was value with guys like Andrews, Hooper, and Waller. Should try to find the upside and not forget positions. Do not fear going QB / TE early. If you got Mahomes and Kelce you are still better off than many others who missed in rounds 1-3. Every year is different. Don't think that if last year many handcuffs emerged that this year the same thing will happen. Don't assume that Melvin Gordon will hold out the entire year because Leveon Bell did. Don't fall in love with a player's upside and blindly stack them over guys that have similar or slightly lower upside and higher floors. High floor players have value on your roster. Guys like Justice Hill, Hockenson, Darwin Thompson, etc were very hyped but guys like Hooper, Waller, Howard, Murray, Breida, J. Williams actually scored points as starters instead of sitting on your bench giving you 0.
  11. How much would Samuels go for now that Conner is an injury risk and Ben is out? I just dropped him last week since I needed bench space. Perfect timing I know. thinking of 20% non ppr.
  12. Short bench Dropped Cory Davis for John Brown. dropped Jackson for m. Brown Large bench Dropped Thompson (have Williams) for hockenson dropped j samuels for mosert I am very active on waiver. I try to have guys on my bench who are more likely to have hot games sooner rather than sitting and waiting. I don’t like dead bench space. I’d pick up guys I dropped later in the year. Of course that means I may lose them if they blow up before then. plus if I need a flex for a week and have a good chance of being able to pick a guy back up I do it.
  13. Yeh I bid 10% plus $1 and so did opponent. He got tie breaker lol. So rolling with saints cowboys for now.
  14. Yeah wondering how much fa bucks to spend on patriots. Not feeling so hot with cowboys and saints.
  15. Well still don’t know what to make of this but the real takeaway for me this week was that handcuffing your wr helps. Also whiffed on handcuffing with Thompson instead of McCoy. Still was an easier call to say chiefs would be a good team this year than many other teams. 🤷‍♂️