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  1. The real question is who is the Republican's next life raft candidate for them to cling to? Mitt? Lindsay? Marco?
  2. I checked the status of my ballot today. I live in Citrus County. It says I applied for the ballot in May 2020 and the status is "ballot is in the mail." Does not say when it was mailed out.
  3. And best of all they said they have more to come over the next few weeks. "All the News that is Fit to Print"
  4. Sorry friend. Brilliant was spelled perfectly. Alot of people would say you could not spell it any better. Squirming now are ya? 36 days, tick, tick, tick...
  5. Surprised to see this. Stephen Ross is hardly a humanitarian. Just ask Kenny Stills. Oh, I see it was a player's committee giving $100K. Not even a drop in the bucket to Ross who'll be lining up next to Kraft for the next happy ending.
  6. I had lunch with him in 2010. He is undeniably one of the greatest <changed-my-profane-noun> on the planet. A true cultist, poopersmooching follower of the orange one. I would expect no less from him. I am really enjoying watching the republicans squirm at Bloombergs' play. Bravo to the Bloom!
  7. Things are different today. There are much more than 25% black in the FL prison system. If you figure in the 17% of blacks in the entire state population and then look at the 47% imprisoned you'll see the disproportion. Here is much better statistics than your Vox: And you do realize that Bush beat Gore in FL by only 537 votes and Trump won by only 113,000. Bloomberg is making a serious impact on the FL outcome for 2020.
  8. Maybe 40% of the USA felons busted for tax evasion, fraud and other white collar crimes I can see being Trump supporters. But in FL they look at inmates as slave labor cleaning up the highways and the prisons are overwhelmingly full of minorities.
  9. Hardly a dumb move if you want more Dem votes. I don't know where you got that 40% from but even if it were true that leaves 60% that are not. Reality is the people voted and spoke. DeSantis stepped in and said no, no. Bloomberg overcame DeSantis objection with raised dough and says he's still putting in $100M of his personal money for Biden. Screw DeSantis and his cult leader.
  10. As a Floridian I voted on an amendment that allowed felons to vote after serving their time in 2018. It was passed by a large majority. The law was aimed at carrying out a 2018 constitutional amendment that restored voting rights to felons “upon completion of all terms of sentence,” a key phrase that has been at the heart of an appeal by Gov DeSantis in June 2020. The appeal was upheld. Many thought the reasoning for the appeal was that most of the felons were minorities that would vote for a Dem. Bloomberg just stepped in with $16M and freed 32,000 felons to vote effectively thumbing his nose at the Republicans. Brilliant!
  11. Joe Mammy in extreme discomfort on the couch.
  12. When our founding fathers gave Supreme Court justices life tenure on the bench, the goal was to shield those serving on the court from the political pressures of the day. Today’s justices, however, are polarized along partisan lines in a way that mirrors our other broken and gridlocked political institutions. Reform please. Trump has two (yes 2) accomplishments during his current presidential tenor: 1. Gave the rich a great tax cut which did nothing for the middle or lower class. 2. Trump has appointed two Supreme Court justices – Neil Gorsuch and Brett Kavanaugh – as well as nearly 200 other judges with lifetime appointments to lower federal courts. That's, fox tv watching and hamburders.
  13. When I watch Reed on the green all I can think of is Jackie Gleason, "and away we go" as he tap dances on his playing partners lines around the hole. I liked him when he first came on the tour but now he is repulsive. He makes Bryson bearable.
  14. Anytime you need help with superficial statements I'll be there for you, brother.
  15. Hard to argue with that line of reasoning. Please use your infinite wisdom and throw away your vote.