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  1. Joe Mammy

    We've cut the cable

    Has anyone tried Expedite TV? 800 channels including AMC, Redzone and all NFL games for $15 month (intro 3 months) and then $20 ongoing with no contract. I have a Visio that will only get Hulu db and not the live Hulu, plus wife has to watch Walking Dead on AMC. So I guess I'll have to buy a Roku to try the Expedite.
  2. Joe Mammy

    Grand Cayman - Suggestions?

    I've also scuba dived with the stingrays. It was a disaster. There were 8 divers including me and my wife. The dive master told us to drop to the bottom (about 20') and form a circle and she'd pass out finger mullet to us to feed the rays, she demonstrated how to hold the small fish between your thumb and pointer finger while making a fist. She said the rays would simply hoover them up into their gaping maws. She said if you grow tired of feeding just cross your arms and put your hands in your armpits. It was amazing at first, as soon as we dropped down we were inundated with all sizes of rays- everywhere. They were all over us. I received my first fish and waved it and it was gobbled up right away by a large ray, hey- this is fun! So I gestured for another fish. When I waved this one suddenly a yellow tail snapper raced into our circle and ripped the fish out of my hand, rather viciously. Hmmm, I looked around and noticed a school of snapper and out beyond them a couple of very large barracuda. Suddenly I didn't feel like waving any more fish around. I looked over at my wife and she was flapping her arm with a giant ray giving her a hickey right on her forearm. A minute later everyone in our circle had their arms crossed, no more feeding the fish for us. We headed back to the boat.
  3. Joe Mammy

    What novels should everybody read?

    John Irving books are pure joy and so real. Full of humor, sex and tragedy. My favs in no particular order: A Prayer for Owen Meany The Cider House Rules The World According to Garp Widow for a Year The Hotel New Hampshire
  4. WooHoo! Hamberders for everyone, have some covfefe to wash 'em down!
  5. Joe Mammy

    Grand Cayman - Suggestions?

    Take the public bus system (AC mini vans) to Cemetery Beach and snorkel right off the beach. $2 each way from the main port area.
  6. Joe Mammy

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Bon Jovi and Kraft. Now my life is complete.
  7. Joe Mammy

    Chargers vs Patriots game thread

    Gates is ready for the Silver Sneakers league.
  8. met┬Ětle noun: mettle; plural noun: mettles a person's ability to cope well with difficulties or to face a demanding situation in a spirited and resilient way. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- So we bought this house 4 years ago loaded with Samsung appliances. One by one, they piff in toadlike style. Except the fridge which I have managed to limp along by removing panels and blowdrying ice blocks off of the internal right? AAAAAAAARRARRRRRRRRGGGGGGGG! The latest to go is the dishwasher. Just stopped before loading with water. All 4 lights are blinking on the panel- I've searched like a Jack Ryan analyst for the online answer to this dilemma. I've called two techs who both say they'd rather not tackle as there is little to no hope for clean dishes to ever emerge from this bastard. So FU Samsung!
  9. Joe Mammy

    Jack Reacher

    The beauty of Lee Child's writing is the time frames bounce around. Sometimes Reacher is still an MP, sometimes he's post Army doing his nomad thing. There are short stories of him in his teens. Also, he alternates between first and third person book to book. I'm sure eventually we'll get old Reacher too.
  10. Joe Mammy

    Vodka Thread (from the archives)

    I was a Smirnoff #21 for many, many years. Now I've found that Wolfshmidt is an unbelievable deal at $12 per 1.75, a Seagrams product that is comparatively as smooth as #21 and if you are mixing it like I do with fresh grapefruit, Ice sparkling grapefruit or OJ it is just dandy. Also, shaken up with a lemon peel straight up is also damn true. Why pay more?
  11. Joe Mammy

    Jack Reacher

    JJ Watt = Reacher.
  12. Joe Mammy

    Jack Reacher

    Funny, I was just thinking about possible jocks for the role. Good call on Howie. I met Larry Csonka in the mid-80s when he was the GM for the Jax Bulls in the USFL- he was dressed in Reacher-like apparel and he was formidably HUGE with a nose that was all over the place. He also had a very wry sense of humor and drank black coffee. Not sure if he carried a folding toothbrush but he did know the precise time without looking at a watch.
  13. Joe Mammy

    Jack Reacher

    Reacher is 6'6" but he's thick necked and has the wingspan of an albatross. Off the top of my head I could see: For older Reacher how about James Cromwell, he's 6'6.5" and he was pretty badass in LA Confidential. Vince Vauhn if he buffed up some, he's 6'5". Ben Affleck is 6'4" and could be big enough. Old Reacher could be Clint Eastwood at 6'4". You just have to be able to give a good heat butt and toss elbow punches.
  14. Joe Mammy

    Jack Reacher

    I would add Mark Greaney to that list, famous for the Gray Man series and also wrote a few Jack Ryans after Clancy died.