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  1. Responding Fitz. No problem.
  2. Fear the beard.
  3. Nice pinballing big ben.
  4. Josh Gordon Fix, Josh Gordon Fix Oboy. Fear the Fish!!!!!
  5. Is this a 10 minute half time break? Seems like an eternity.
  6. I'm on the wrong ####### side of this game.
  7. Belichick, " I taught him how to throw the red flag."
  8. Lotta time left.
  9. So you're sitting in the endzone and all of a sudden a ball comes zinging into your area after crowell makes an obscene asswipe with the pigskin. Do you: A. Grab it while bumping anyone in your area out of way just to put it on your man shelf. B. Grab it and toss it back. C. Shun the skanky ball.
  10. Jets don't want to blow this. 3 may be all they need.
  11. All I need is one more drop kick to win the $100k @ dk.
  12. I'll split it with you
  13. 1 bomb to jaron brown wins me the $100K @ dk