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  1. Maybe it went over your head but I was trying to point out the inane-nous of starting a thread of a movie you don't want to see. The list is endless. Peace.
  2. THE NUTCRACKER AND THE FOUR REALMS - I refuse to see that ####!
  3. Joe Mammy

    Bourbon guys

    It's probably been said before but Buffalo Trace just makes my balls relax.
  4. Cain is for Carlos. The whole premise of the book (one of my all-time favorties). Carlos wasn't even in the movies- a travesty.
  5. Joe Mammy

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    Between Bohemian Rhapsody and this episode of Sunny I'd say I've had my gay fill for awhile.
  6. Joe Mammy

    MNF Tenn @ Dallas game thread

    Cmon Jerry, break something.
  7. Joe Mammy

    Will They, Will They Rock Us?

    Did every rock band have a star that goes solo for the big $? Is there leach parasitic mgt and record execs ripping off the artists in every deal? This movie fits the formula.
  8. Mike Meyers is in this movie. He plays EMI music exec Ray Foster. I would have never recognized him. 6.5 on the Mammymeter.
  9. Joe Mammy

    Will They, Will They Rock Us?

    Saw it last nite in the IMAX. I was looking forward to this flick more than any other I can remember. The trailer moved me. I only wish the movie did too. It was ok, I'll give it about a 6.5. I had read reviews that this was a Queen movie and not a Freddie movie. I'm not sure I agree with this. The flow and pace seemed choppy. I would have liked to see more band in action scenes. The music is great and sounded fantastic but there were just too many scenes that dragged with FM oggling gay guys. When his pet cats are stealing scenes there is something wrong here. Rami was pretty good, I wonder how originally cast Sacha Baron Cohen would have stood up. Folks leaving the theater were singing their favorite songs, so I think others may have enjoyed it more than me. Still very worth seeing.
  10. I live in Hernando, FL in Citrus County which has the dubious distinction of being the oldest and whitest county in the state. Last weekend there was the annual festival titled, " Hernando Heritage Days Southern Heritage Festival and Cracker Cattle Drive I live directly on a rails to trails bike path and they drove the cattle for about a mile right down the path, it was surreal sitting by my pool and watching cowboys on horseback driving cattle right by the house! I can assure you the longtime whitey locals are proud of the term Crackers!
  11. Finished 7 last nite. This is feeling very Kubrickish.
  12. Joe Mammy

    It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia

    I laughed out loud quite a bit. Some of you guys need better reefer.
  13. I would think in this day and age of advanced forensics and cameras everywhere that we should know the culprit fairly soon.
  14. I'm bouncing around in the Jack Ryan universe. Finished Hunt for Red October and Commander in Chief and I am halfway through Threat Vector. I think I like the Mark Greaney written ones better than Tom Clancy although I am just scratching the surface- there are a lot of books in this series. I have also read all of Greaney's Gray Man series which are great. Just notified by the library that they have my reserved Anne Rice Blood Communion: A Tale of Prince Lestat . It's been awhile since I've read any Anne Rice and I liked the Vampire Chronicles better than the Mayfair Witches so I'm looking forward to this.