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  1. Bloomberg protecting the ND of previous Trumpian women’s conquests will lead to his demise.
  2. Pete goes for Amy’s jugular. Just for fun.
  3. Klobie, “I’ve never lost. “ Brace yourself babe.
  4. I never question whether Bernie is sincere & honest. The rest, not so much.
  5. Bill Maher has been beating that drum almost every week on his show for some time now. But Mayor Pete had the best response yesterday: "If that happens, Pete Buttigieg has a plan: He’ll put Trump to work ― doing chores around the White House. During a town hall in Reno, Nevada, in advance of the state’s Saturday caucuses, the Democratic presidential candidate was asked what he would do if he beat Trump in November and the president insisted the results were a hoax and he refused to step down. Buttigieg’s initial response: “I guess if he’s willing to do chores, I guess we could work something out.”"
  6. No defecating in the building! How long before he fails CO inspection for no handicap access? Another solid LOL episode for me.
  7. I can hear him now circling the track in his limo, “ cmon, pass those two guys! What’s wrong with you? We can win this thing!!”
  8. Leon gonna manage Latte Larry's, "GTFO here, Vanilla Joe!" My wife says, "I thought his name was Mocha Joe." "It is..."
  9. The weight guesser was awesome! Very solid episode. Leon was superb!
  10. Full disclosure- I am a licensed FL Realtor but I am basically retired now and my license is voluntary inactive. I was active in Destin for 10 years and sold many investment properties. I hate to say it but I have less respect for appraisers than I do for most realtors. For some absurd reason the appraiser gets a full gander at your sales contract. YES, he knows the agreed upon sales price. It's a racket. The lender hires an appraiser from a bank of appraisers in a general area and supplies the appraiser with the final sales contract! Appraisers all compete with a basic fee that the lender weighs when selecting one- 9 times out of 10 the low bidding appraiser gets the gig. I had a "buddy" in Destin who I would refer appraiser opps to. Deals without a lender involved. He'd ask me, "high or low?"
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about cosmetics. Appraisers are all about year built, square footage, # of BRs and BAs and comps in your area.
  12. Hemingway's house is pretty cool. I'm a big fan. There are polydactyl cats everywhere and you can even see the urinal he took from Sloppy Joes which is enshrined in the backyard (I so wanted to use it but there were too many tourists hanging around). If you like pickleball they just opened 6 new courts at Higgs Beach. I was playing with the locals most mornings. They drink beer in between games @ 9:00am. KW is one of the few places in the US where you can walk around with a beer in your hand in the am and nobody notices or cares.