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  1. I know that a 'leaked' list for the raw draft was out there. Does this follow that list? I think Andrade is different if memory serves.
  2. Yet the two women wrestling for the title tonight are undrafted? No New Day? I really don't understand this at all.
  3. Still don't understand why Charlotte wasn't taken over Sasha. At least make it look like a legit draft.
  4. Hope they finally do something with Drew. I always thought he had a lot of potential. Little surprised Charlotte wasn't a first rounder to Smackdown. Would be interesting if Raw grabs her as well. Lastly, I guess the mens world champions aren't in the draft. Makes little sense, but whatever.
  5. My daughter and I went last year (first week of September) and it was not so bad. Most rides were walk ons except Mine Train and it wasn't hard to get good spots for the parades and shows. Probably gets much worse as you hit October though.
  6. Did my fast passes for my Dec trip and was able to get everything I wanted pretty easily.....except the Mine Train. Shocked it's still so hard to get FP for it so many years after it opened.
  7. They're going to be playing ironman football come 4th quarter.
  8. There ya go. The announcers were saying MT called timeout, but apparently, a few people did.
  9. I haven't seen it yet, but I watched it live. Any replay wouldn't show MT calling timeout once Robinson gave himself up. He was 15 yards behind the play.
  10. Right decision there. Charlotte doesn't need the title (yet) and I'm fairly certain that Bayley will cause Sasha to win later.