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  1. The HR job I had for 20 years went away (business closed) and I constantly found myself over or under qualified for positions i applied for. So I said eff it and went back to working construction. I make roughly double what I did before, but I have zero stress.
  2. My mother in law and I share the same birthday. Therefore, my birthday is generally an afterthought.
  3. Maybe I missed it, but did they ever say when the 'premium ' magic bands will be restocked?
  4. Oh yeah, there was a lady that was SCREAMING that they wouldn't give a ticket to her two kids as well. The kids in question couldn't have been older than five. The boy even said 'mommy, I don't need one' but mom responded by screaming 'yes you do'! My daughter will display hers with her other Disney stuff like Pops and snowglobes and forget about it by next week, but she loves it now, so mission accomplished.
  5. Ooof, the things we do for our kids. The Disney store has been doing a promotion the last few months where you get a themed 'key' one Sunday a month with any purchase. We missed the first one, a Mickey key, but snagged last months Aladdin key. This month was Donald. I guess the news has really started to get around because it was pandemonium in the store. They issued tickets before the store opened and we got number 95 out of 100 alotted to the store. Arguments and yelling between customers and cast members. It was ugly.
  6. Just watched the Taker/Goldberg match. I legit thought someone was going to break their neck in that match. Neither one should wrestle another match again.
  7. Anyone been to The Diamond Horseshoe recently? I'm scheduling our dining reservations and wanted to give this a shot since the kids and myself love bbq. We already have Chef Mickey, Liberty Tree, and Chef de France. Waiting on the last one to try to snag a reservation at the new place in Coronado opening in a few months.
  8. When my son was in little league his championship game was on father's day three straight years. I couldn't have been happier, to be honest. Best present I could ever hope for.
  9. If you had 1.1 wanted to take Barkley, CMC, Kamara or Zeke , I wouldn't argue with you. My choice would be Kamara though
  10. I'm torn. I really want to go since I missed last time, but I'm really hesitant. I might go and tell the waiter that we will not be rushed. I want to take my time and enjoy it.
  11. Got my Disney booking done for December. Holy hell, was it expensive this time around. Zero discounts because of Star Wars and I got the last two rooms available at Coronado for the dates of my trip. I, literally, paid as much as I usually do and that was with three free nights that were credited to me from my last stay. Insane.
  12. The Dis podcast has been killing Ohana lately. The host, Pete Warner, said it's gotten to the point where he can't even recommend it anymore.
  13. I get that, but this was her first big match in wwe. Obviously Becky and Charlotte would be crisper, they've worked together countless times.
  14. Damn, thought they were finally turning Bayley. As a Bayley fan, I'm happy though.