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  1. Not sure if this is the correct post for this, but I'll give it a shot. I'm a union carpenter. I generally work in three different states throughout the year, DE, PA, MD. IF I file for unemployment in, say, PA (the state with the highest weekly payments) does unemployment only look at and count the hours I work in PA when calculating my benefits? Or will it look at all three states? I've been fortunate to have never needed to file before, so I'm curious.
  2. I'm a union carpenter. Work blows right now but I'm fortunate to still have a job. That being said, the company I'm with now only has three jobs allowed to stay open and I'm one of 40 or so left. As long as Delaware and Maryland stays the course and keeps construction as essential, I'll be ok I think. Philly shutting down was a killer. 75% of or jobsites were in the city.
  3. Happened way back in the day in our league too (early 90s I think). Dude was in the playoffs and was down by 2, with Stan Humphries still to play. He was talking smack all day about how he's going to take me down in the finals and whatnot. I told him he needs to score three points first. He laughed. Long story short, second play of the game, *boom* Humphries gets smacked by the DE and is out the game. We haven't let him forget it to this day.
  4. Playing my brother in the championship game. I'm up by 24, but he has Thielen. I'm confident, but have a bad track record on monday night games.
  5. Honestly, if I'm the Giants, what do I have to play for? A win could drop them 4 picks in the top ten. Also, I really could have used that TD that Sanders let go (yes, it was the right play).
  6. We went the week after July 4 weekend a few years. Wasn't too bad, but September is our preferred month. Park attendance is as low as it gets and prices are pretty good.
  7. Harper's been trying to get released for a while now. He's a guy I can see AEW pursuing.
  8. Such an underrated team. Their matches with the Sheepherders and Midnight Express were great.
  9. Total points, than h2h are our tiebreakers. Never had to go past total points
  10. Oh yeah, almost forgot, if you're by the Cheshire Cafe, get the pepper Jack pretzel. They're pretty $$$$$.
  11. Since my driving shift is up again, I wanted to share a funny story from Epcot yesterday. We're at the bakery in France and waiting to pay. The kids are holding a table and my wife is texting and the French girl behind the counter says to me 'Oh, I love your Winnie the Pooh shirt, where did you get it'? Now I've been asked that question a million times, but I have no idea. It's a shirt with Pooh on it that says 'no bothers given'. Its probably 5 years old. I told her that and jokingly said 'if it came close to fitting you, I'd give it to you'. She said something like 'oh, I could use that as a nightshirt'. Now, I know now that she didn't mean it in the way I took it at the time. In the moment though, with that flirty French accent, my mind went to a completely different place and, well, my brain shut down. My wife plunks down a twenty and drags me out laughing at my dumb ### the whole time.
  12. We were there 3 years ago and it looks completely different than it does now. Big fan, I will go again. *edit* I do want to bring up that we were fortunate to be in the building right next to the cafeteria. If you go, I'd reccomend you requesting a room in the Casitas section. I could see it being a pain if you are on the far side of the resort.
  13. We're big fans of Epcot. HS.....not so much.
  14. While I'm not driving, I'll do a quick and dirty Disney report on the trip. Saturday: we got in Coronado later than expected. No park tickets for than, so we hit Disney Springs. Absolutely miserable. You couldn't move and people were all pissy. I really wanted to check out the Christmas tree trail and we did, but you couldn't enjoy it. Just tons of douches taking selfies and stopping in the middle of the sidewalk to do something. Good dinner at T-Rex though. Sunday: Magic kingdom. Really crowded, but manageable. I set the fast passes pretty well, so we rarely had to wait. As an added bonus, we had reservations at Liberty Tree at 6:50 so, when we got out, we saw most of the Christmas party parade for free. As an aside, I think Liberty Tree is soooooo underrated. Never had a bad meal there and the service is always top notch. Monday: Epcot. Pretty busy but, again, fast passes saved us. The first part of Epcot was not terrible, but the world Showcase was bananas. The lines for the Candlelight Procession was mind boggling. Dinner at France was absolutely amazing. I haven't been there in 8 years, but I'll be back next time. Also started to have problems with our magic bands. This will come into play more tomorrow. When we get back to Coronado, I went to the desk to ask about some charges to my debit card I wasn't sure about. Wasn't necessarily disputing them, just wasn't sure. After 45 minutes of waiting, I couldn't do it anymore and had to go to sleep, telling them I'll stop back tomorrow. Tuesday: Animal Kingdom. I went back to the desk before breakfast. Did the same #### all over again despite me telling them what was already looked at the night before. After a half hour we figured out it was a no show charge for Liberty Tree. Ok, they credited it to the room, no problem. Get back to the cafeteria and my daughter was visibly upset. I asked what was wrong and she was upset that her magic band didn't work and it sounds like the cast member didn't handle it very well (my daughter has SEVERE anxiety) . So, back again to the desk to get the band straightened out. Spent another 30 minutes there for something that should have taken 2 minutes. To the park. AK was not too bad. Pretty crowded, but manageable. Hit up Pandora first and did the River journey followed by FoP. That was when I discovered another problem: when paying for lunch we found out that, at some point, our bands were turned off for charges. Fortunately my wife and I had enough cash between us, but this was a huge deal since I purposely leave my cards behind when I don't need them after being pick pocketed a few years ago. So we quickly hit the Safari and Lion King and cut our day short at AK. We get back to Coronado and I'm fuming. Spent another 45 minutes at the desk and I'm struggling to not unload on the cast member because this was my 4th or 5th trip to the desk at this point and because we cut our day short specifically to take care of this. Had dinner at Chef Micky and was pleasantly surprised how good it was. Wednesday: Magic Kingdom. Much more tolerable than Sunday. The hotel gave us some extra fast passes so we walked on everything we wanted to go on. Went to dinner at the Diamond Horseshoe and it was mediocre at best. Probably won't be back. Thursday: Epcot. Nice easy day. Crowds were great and we had a fun time. Our dinner at Ohana was pretty great too.