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  1. Yeah, Bayley and Banks have been work horses during this whole Covid period. Like i said before, they're the only things worth watching right now.
  2. Ugh, poor Shayna Baszler. Guess she pulled the short straw.
  3. If I were Snyder I'd just leave the name as is and change to gray uniforms. Can't offend anyone that way.
  4. Watching Smackdown and I've realized that, literally, the only wrestlers I even care about are Banks and Bayley. When their segment is over I flip the channel.
  5. This. I wanted to hang myself while shooting myself in the face.
  6. Apparently the NXT main even finish between Cole and Lee leaked out. The WWE tried to cover it up by saying they filmed two finishes, but no one believes them.
  7. In no particular order: Cult of Personality (particularly appropriate nowadays) Enter Sandman (theme if my HS football team and memories of some of my best friends) Carry On My Wayward Son Sweet Home Alabama Pretty much anything from Queen. Today I'll say Killer Queen.
  8. I'm listening to some of the old Bruce Pritchard episodes now, the Macho Man one in particular. The old stuff is soooooo good.
  9. Britt Baker will be the woman when she comes back. The Fiend knockoff from two weeks ago seems like a someone AEW might try to go with as well.
  10. How many spots do they think AEW has? At this point, I have to believe that it would have to be a pretty big star for AEW to take on more people. Like a Kevin Owens or Daniel Bryan.
  11. Saw this coming a mile away. Made too much sense.
  12. I've been at an intervention for a drug adddict, but this sounds like a whole different animal. I wish you more luck than we had with the drug adddict.
  13. I live in Delaware. we've been opened back up since the beginning of the month and the wife and I have been out three times. Once each week. I don't sweat it much honestly, the restaurants have been dead. Only once have we had anyone within three tables of us.
  14. don't worry, it was mostly considered a failure at the box office so you're not the only one.
  15. Not usually one to quote myself, but this goes hand in hand with this post from yesterday. My daughter and I are Funko collectors. Mostly Disney , she likes the princess stuff and more traditional stuff, i like collecting the ones based off the rides and older stuff. Anyway, the Funko three pack (has Rabbit, Bear, Fox) that was widely available as early as this time last week and the Splash Mountain log flume one that's been sold out for a while now are going for crazy prices on eBay. I shouldn't have shown my wife, pretty sure she's plotting to sell them now. 😐