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  1. Jerry’s girlfriend has to spend 2 weeks quarantine in his apartment georges new girlfriend won’t remove her mask during sex elaine is dating De Blasios PR guy and gives him bad advice already been covered but yeah Kramer definitely ends up in the protests Sue Ellen Mishke goes topless during a zoom cocktail hour Newman is baking the mail before he delivers it to kill coronavirus and at the end Jerry’s girlfriends COVID results go up in flames
  2. U2 sucks im trying to think of an overrated hockey player to compare them to but drawing a blank right now
  3. I started watching it pretty late, season 5 or 6 maybe, so I binged it and a lot of it runs together for me agree the quality starts to drop but overall great show and I would definitely recommend frank is an all time great character
  4. It’s ok. The concept was fairly cool but I feel like the acting and production was subpar, probably not something I’d watch if I wasn’t stuck in quarantine
  5. I’d say no way, but in this era of cancel culture anything is possible
  6. Hit the snooze today, 3 minutes later the dog needed to go out laid back down and played some Star Wars and checked Twitter, was feeling tired still so set a 15 minute alarm and dozed off for a bit. Did that 2 more times
  7. I’m sure it will change by then but my wife’s uncle told me Hawaii is requiring a 2 week quarantine in your hotel before you can go venture around the island
  8. Might need a line replacement. Usually when it’s just certain channels like that it could be a problem with the cable line or connection
  9. Pretty sure @Maurile Tremblay set up a survey awhile back and the results were in that range.
  10. Which will probably just be passed on to everyone in a premium increase next year, or is Uncle Sam cutting them a check?