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  1. 3 musketeers is absolute trash. Probably the 2nd worst candy bar behind a Reese fastbreak
  2. I had some Gronk overs in there so not as good a night as I was hoping, still won a bit though
  3. I wouldn’t mind if Brady throws it a lot to everyone else Also be cool if the Rams abandon the run early and throw a bunch to Robert Woods
  4. @Frostillicus stupid Vikings end my survivor season. I mean who loses to Dallas #######s
  5. You’d think they’d have had Taysom practice dumping it off to Kamara
  6. Too lazy to look for an ***official*** thread kid wants one (11) anyone have one? What’s best VR option? hes getting a low end gaming desktop for Xmas but I like that the quest is standalone , but I also don’t like that it’s standalone we don’t have a PS4 so that options out
  7. Five mother####ing stars :thumbup:

  8. nice to see a familar face.