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  1. Sorry guys I was working on a presentation for our CEO need a few minutes
  2. Yep sadly I think we only took 3rd last year, possibly worse
  3. Man I’m gonna have to listen to Feel The Bass now
  4. 8.4 Edwin Diaz RP METS :poop emoji: @trogg78
  5. Let’s not go around disparaging Waffle House, that’s one thing the great state of Michigan is lacking
  6. UM/MSU >>>>>>>> OU/OSU* are those even the right abbreviations for those schools since there’s several more prominent OU and OSUs
  7. Michigan has all of that, except our nude strip clubs are alcohol free, although if you’re creepy enough you can probably get a peek at the topless ones and we have all 4 major sports teams plus good college ones