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  1. smith drops a td, thomas drops a first down. that #85 dude fumbles....
  2. Was D against Houston at home, or is the Cincy D worth a play against a bad rookie QB?
  3. burton, sure it does...but only a little, miller...a little Red zone impacts for sure.
  4. True that... He is a great flex play...WR 2 - yeah, I suppose so. Let's be frank, WR's, other than a handful - and we all know who they are, are hit or miss. With this offense, and this qb, at home, against a good (not great) CAR defense, I would think we could expect a medium floor, high ceiling. There is a HUGE landscape of possible outcomes for this game...
  5. I drafted him late in a few redraft leagues, still not sold on him. He's starting to feel a lot more like Roy Williams or Devin Funchess than Calvin Johnson.... He will get tons of looks assuming Stafford isn't decapitated by a very angry Panthers team... but he doesn't separate well, perhaps this will come with more experience, or perhaps with a new offensive coordinator. Detroit has regressed quite a bit.
  6. I do agree with the under routes, I appreciate that they push the ball down the field..but when you have somebody wide open for the first down, its OK to take that if the deep routes are covered. The offense does not look good.
  7. what little they had left after overpaying rodgers
  8. he's been open all not looking his way.. to your point, why sign him if you're not going to use him...Rogers is not a tight end guy.
  9. Yeah, I'm going to miss that 1 target in the second half...
  10. I would probably play Rivers, but his record and stats against denver over the last 5 years is not good at all.
  11. Just gonna roll with the redskins...cause they face awful QB's week 14 Eli week 15 Bortles week 16 Mariotta YUM!!