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  1. So I'm on the iPhone version of the Draft Dominator app, and I'm trying to input a trade made by two members of my league that involved draft picks. So I want to edit the draft order of a couple of picks in the third round. I see how to change the draft order using the Teams & Draft Order option, but the problem is that I can't switch from Round 1 to another round to make the change in the appropriate round. Is there something I'm missing, or will this be modified in the next update? Thanks in advance!
  2. With Clipboard Jesus at QB? I'll pass. He's still a hold for me, but only startable once Locker gets back.
  3. Is there any chance at all that this could have just been a simple oversight on Reiss' part? I mean, mistakes do happen.
  4. I think this news has to put Foles as a top-10 dynasty QB now, no?
  5. I have a chance to pick up Vance McDonald, Gavin Escobar, or Brandon Bostick off the waiver wire. How would you guys rank these three in terms of dynasty potential? Thanks again for all the great analysis! This is definitely one of my favorite threads anywhere.
  6. Britt's dynasty value is pretty low after his drops and benching in the Sunday game. Yeah, there is the possibility he lands on another team next year with a good QB and gets his act together, but I am not holding my breath on that. I wouldn't however cut him for waiver wire fodder like Bess. I would hold and hope for the best while also shopping him for some underperforming rookie WR or draft picks (although I don't think there will be many takers at the moment). As far as searching for posts within a thread you can also go to the top right corner of the page and search for Britt under "This Topic" Thanks to all. I'll try to shop him around a bit more and see if I can get a better lottery ticket. I'll at least wait and see if the Lions trade for him now with the Burleson news.
  7. Long time lurker of this thread, with a couple of questions: (1) What do you think of Kenny Britt's dynasty value at this point? He's way past the point of dropping in redraft, but how much value does he still have in dynasty right now? I'm thinking of dropping him for some low-margin short-term help at WR (i.e. Davone Bess) - is it worth reconsidering? (2) How do the rest of you search for particular posts within a thread? I tried using the search feature to find previous Britt posts, and it returned this thread as a result, but not a specific page. Since this thread is 392 pages long, that's not very helpful. Thanks!
  8. No matter which way this turns out, at least we'll have our answer pretty soon - in four days vs. the Jets. I have zero confidence Ridley comes back, but I really don't have anyone else to start, so I'm going to have to roll him out and see what happens. But if you have another startable option for Week 2, I would bench Ridley and see how this shakes out. The Jets did a pretty good job of stopping the run against Tampa anyway. As far as trades, I'd hold for now as a Ridley owner. Might not be a bad idea to try and get him cheap if you don't have him already tho.
  9. After Ridley's disaster today, what should we expect out of him? RBBC with Vereen/Blount? Doomed to purgatory? Or will he be right back starting Week 2 against the Jets? What is Belichick's history with these situations? It's full-blown panic button time, so let's try to put the pieces together.
  10. Started Britt over Moore, and it may have cost me my game this week. I guess I'm holding on my bench until Locker comes back and I can see what kind of production he can have with him.
  11. Now that Rashad Jennings is a hot commodity on waiver wires, I wonder what his dynasty prospects are. Since his contract is up this year, does anyone have any thoughts of what his odds are of starting somewhere else in 2013 and beyond?
  12. The drops are a little troubling, but I'm going to attribute it to rust for now. If this persists for the next few weeks, then it may be a Dez-like problem. But he made it through the game healthy, got a good amount of targets, and is going to get better matchups going forward. I'm starting him with confidence next week.
  13. I'm here too. I think Britt offers a higher ceiling but also a lower floor, so it's all a matter of how much risk you want to absorb. In my particular case, I'm leaning towards Moore mainly because I also have Jared Cook and I hate to rely too much on Tennessee's offense.+1 - plus, as I said above, with his spotty recovery so far, I really want a show-me game first. Assuming he makes it through the game healthy, with a decent amount of targets and a few catches, I'll roll him out for his nice Week 7 matchup against Buffalo.
  14. He may go off this week, but it's gonna have to be on my bench. After the last few weeks, I need a show-me game out of him before I think about starting him. I need to see him make it through a full game healthy and get a decent amount of snaps and targets.