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  1. Again! HFS I own the top two!! But something must be going on with how Flutter (which used to be Amaya, another pick in this thread, and then turned into Poker Stars) is getting reported because it wobbles every day, probably due to how something is counted.
  2. I've decided to fanwank that Chet knows there's something big coming very, very soon but if he showed up and told us it'd be insider trading.
  3. Some squatter has the rights now and is holding up the name change until he gets paid off
  4. Should tie in to the military theme and go with the Washington Generals. Also ties in to the theme of always sucking.
  5. All I know is that they did it to Bruce Willis' drill design in Armageddon
  6. Yeah, that was based on the same basic idea. But before batman. I think they want a more direct, gritty, cop show set in a world where batman exists (they can light up the bat signal if things get too out of control). More following the comic series which has the same basis.
  7. There's a pretty good divide even currently in modern Economics circles about debt owed when a new government is formed. Like, say the people rise up and overthrow a dictator. They form a new government. Do they still owe the debt from the previous dictator, or, can they repudiate it? On the one hand, that debt was the tool of oppression that they fought against in the first place. That agreement was made with the previous regime, and he's been violently overthrown. So some say past debt can be repudiated on moral grounds. On the other hand... to renounce the debt could potentially signal to new creditors that you're not credit worthy. And it could anger some countries you might need to ally with. So, practically, the success of the new country could rely on honoring that immoral debt. Still is discussed to this day, when a new government is formed.
  8. The US Gov't could also seize the patent in the name of national interest and start pumping it out in its own labs, hell, they could even put it straight into the water supply, and we'd all be left with nothing for it
  9. The HBO series is set "in the world" of the new Batman movie series (Robert Pattinson as Batman). I know that for years they've been trying to set a procedural drama in Gotham PD. Like, Law & Order but in the Batman world with the rogue's gallery and the corrupt cops/mayor, but possibly without the actual Batman character all the time. HBO just pulled off Watchmen, which was amazing, so, maybe they could manage to not completely screw this up.
  10. I'm a little confused about how the "chimney" works... looks like all she did was take an existing hole in the roof and spread some mud around the edges... is that all it takes to keep the shelter from filling up with smoke?
  11. If it's the sequel to Money Train, I'm in.
  12. Liking the season so far, though, still can't tell some of these guys apart and forget who some of them are. Like, if there's someone missing from an episode, I won't notice. The montage of everyone sitting in their shelters had me going "oh who's that?" a few times.
  13. Since bars are illegal the average Utah citizen has a larger stockpile at home than most other Americans. You might keep an extra case of tallboys in the fridge in the garage. In Utah they stock 2 or 3 kegs.