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  1. Looks more like @shuke than that rando stranger at the bar
  2. Wow, almost down to where I got mine. Dunno if it'll keep going and get to a point where a refi would make sense, but it would be great to see it.
  3. Like the show? Wear the sneaker: K-Swiss "Breaking Bad" line unveiled.
  4. New Todd: Snow Globe, a Breaking Bad short, dropped today on Youtube.
  5. It was also the most accessible... Weekly guest star gets a self contained story without too much of the overarching narrative. But, yeah, a little bloodier than normal Trek. I knew it would be an outlier episode when I saw Picard had his hands in his pockets in one scene. That would never have happened if Roddenberry was alive. He banned pockets. So once I saw they broke that sacred rule, I knew we were in for some crazy ####.
  6. I can't remember where I saw it, but, there was a huge thing online a couple years back with this "investigative reporter" who blew the lid off a massive corporate conspiracy to inflate auto sales on Nissans or Teslas or something. Basically, this reporter checked the Google satellite view of the port where the cars are all unloaded from Japan or wherever, then checked back a week later, and none of the cars had moved. And a week after that, they were all in the same spot. After a couple of months they went live with the story that the company was illegally falsifying sales records, and, in fact, hadn't sold a single automobile all quarter. The proof was that not a single car had moved off the lot in months. I can't remember if it was Jalopnik that "broke" that story, or, just ran the article about the "reporter" getting completely roasted. (But it wasn't long after that when a Jalopnik reporter did post something to the effect of "Why is Tesla stock price so high? It's more than $600 a share! By comparison, Ford is only about $6 a share... is the Tesla company really worth 100x the value of Ford???!!?!?!", to which the roast was more than well deserved.)
  7. There's that saying in poker, "play the man, not the cards". Sandra only plays the man. To the point that she isn't even looking at the cards. Every situation she's in, she's thinking votes, alliances, bonds, and strategies. She's playing high above the board, higher than everyone. She doesn't care much about Outplay, only a little about Outwit, and 90+% Outlast. She's definitely not a balanced player. But she's not trying to be. She's hoping to put so much in one that the others don't matter. She knows she's not a physical competitor at all, so, isn't even trying to put up a show.
  8. Opportunity for the exiles to give the rewards to Rob... They should figure he's got at least two fire tokens. Plus he'll accept everything assuming it's Amber sending him stuff.
  9. Rumor was you could type your license plate into Google Images and see all the times it caught your car on Street View, but, they might have shut that down once it went public.
  10. I live in Los Angeles. My parents are in Connecticut. But last year they decided to do that once-in-a-lifetime, drive-the-whole-country trip from CT to FL across TX to CA then to SD and across the top back to CT. Anyway, they stopped at my house to stay for a week, and sure enough, their car is in my Street View of my house.
  11. Thanks for the write up. Lane Way is one of the recent horses that I was thinking of buying into but I wasn't able to see the race.
  12. Yeah I had a season-long NFL bet placed at one of the Caesar's sportsbooks, and by the time the season ended, the ink had burned out and faded. Not sure if keeping it in my toiletry bag got it exposed to heat or what, but it was nearly unreadable. It was a loser anyway.