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  1. I think Uber thinks there's a lot of interest in their IPO. I think a bunch of that interest is people looking to short it, no matter where it opens. I think it could rival Tesla for most-shorted stock.
  2. Zillow currently $80,000 lower than the Redfin for my house
  3. OK, maybe it was the editing then just seemed to make it appear that way. That makes sense.
  4. I don't know for sure, but it appeared he was only offering the tray in his right hand to one team, and the tray in his left to the other.
  5. OK, the only issue I'm having with my current kodi setup is that I can't get the Pluto.TV add-on running on my Raspberry Pi. But I assume it's just not supported anymore? It's not on the website so I assume it's just dead on the pi. This would be the only streaming/iptv add-on I'd want to use outside football season, so I guess I'm SOL on that front for a bit while I figure it out. Otherwise, I just set up voice control through Google Home, so it's nice being able to pause, restart, stop, etc. without a remote. And with working DuckieTV and my NAS I have no complaints.
  6. Yeah the tribe swap was weird. Jeff had two trays, one for each team, so the producers had pre-determined how many of each color each side would get. Sure, it was "random" who went where, but the total divisions were calculated and it ended up totally lame. I don't know what they were thinking.
  7. She just got fired from Garage Sale Mysteries and Hallmark has canceled all of her shows and movies effective immediately. They basically threw out a ton of their library catalog.
  8. Slight disagree, the "puzzle at the end" challenges put a giant target on the person attempting. How often do you see a team with a huge lead on the physical half get lapped by a team coming from behind when their designated puzzle solver takes 30 minutes to do a slide puzzle? Might as well put that target on the person who's already a target. I love puzzles, I think I'd be great at them, but, I'd never volunteer ahead of anyone else who wants to take a stab at them. And if a returning player can be thrown at the sacrificial altar of the puzzle, I would let them go for it.
  9. Disagree, it's a very useful app for learning which of your neighbors is racist. I usually get a ping within 15 minutes whenever a black teenager in a hoodie enters a 3 block radius of my house, warning me to be on the lookout for potential troublemakers in the area.
  10. I have no idea which neighbor isn't picking up the poop left in my front yard, so I pick it up and randomly chuck it at another house. I figure at least once I'll get it right. Unless it's a stray, in which case, it's a poop lottery anyway. If I ever do figure out which neighbor isn't picking up after his dog, I'm gonna hit Taco Bell at 1AM then let nature take it's course all over his lawn. Motion sensing lights be damned.
  11. Practically an insurmountable lead at this point