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  1. In TV/Movies, it's usually "Pay or Play", meaning, you either get the actor to play the part, or, pay them not to. There's a certain consideration for hiring someone, making them unavailable to take other roles, then not using them--you still have to buy them out. Though they're usually structured as a series of 1-year options. So her consideration could just be based on 1 season instead of a 4-year arc. But, in general, the penalties for firing someone for complaining about you doing something illegal tend to be pretty high. So it probably balances out.
  2. Yeah, knowing the full story, that she was promised a recurring role and then was hit with a retaliatory firing, the amount of money is not out of line.
  3. Walking Boot

    one great sentence

  4. Walking Boot

    Stock Thread

    I heard someone talking about "reasons to sell", they had a pretty good list of at least one major news event every month since 2010 that was "the reason" things were going to start going back downhill right away. Now I can't find it, but I did find a similar chart with a few things noted. Always interesting to look back on and remember that the market is so big and inter-connected that one single piece of "major" news doesn't often really shake things up that much.
  5. If you don't think this was a fun and interesting, twisty season, then this show might not be for you.
  6. Nick was the 3rd vote against Christian. Agreed the David's strategy has fallen apart and they getting crushed by weak Goliaths.
  7. Seriously. I was unemployed for one summer in '04 or '05, and was making an easy $100/day rolling over bonuses from one site to another. Deposit $1k from neteller, play 10k hands in a few hours, withdraw $1100 plus any winnings, same thing next day. I had accounts on 30 different sites so I always had one bonus active every day of the month before the reset on the next first. After 3 months I took out $9K, tax free, and went back to work. Lived off unemployment so all that cash was gravy. If the golden goose ever comes back I'd have no problem doing it all over again. I'd love to come home from work and grind 1/2 limit for an extra $100/day and add $36k to my income. If it's ever legalized, and the fish come back, I'd be ready to jump back in.
  8. Walking Boot

    Stock Thread

    Just wasn't sure if you meant, specifically, that a cable company portion of things would be a drag.
  9. Walking Boot

    Stock Thread

    Time Warner Cable is different, not part of WarnerMedia. TWC is owned by Spectrum.
  10. Walking Boot

    Stock Thread

  11. Walking Boot

    C'mon parents....stopped with the EFFed up names..

    Though tell her you can confirm a teacher verified she did have a student named HIJKLMNO (pronounced "Water")
  12. Walking Boot

    C'mon parents....stopped with the EFFed up names..

    Maybe his real name is Derrick :thunk: Nippl-E
  13. Walking Boot

    C'mon parents....stopped with the EFFed up names..

    Maybe all of these people work with Wildcat's wife. Or maybe she's a woman who passed around a story she overheard happening to a friend of a friend of a coworker as something that actually happened to her. I don't know, which is more probable?
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    Bengals Season Ticket Holder Demands

    "I want to pay less for a better product. kthxbye"
  15. Walking Boot

    Bengals Season Ticket Holder Demands

    The NFL made a rule to prevent this. Green Bay is grandfathered in, but no one else can. Would be awesome if a city did it, though, and it sucks they can't. Someone should challenge that rule.