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  1. Clever: Inside Man, The Thomas Crown Affair, Out of Sight Violent: Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels, The Town, Bonnie and Clyde Neither: Solo: A Star Wars Story Both: Payback (maybe?)
  2. Who's gonna be the new kicker?
  3. The NFL needs more quarterbacks named Josh. And there's always Brogan Roback. He'd at least keep the QB trailer well stocked with junk food.
  4. If memory serves, Collins was in there solo, then there was either a timeout or penalty and the new playcall had them bring Allen in too on that one.
  5. I saw somewhere that the actual text of the rule includes the word "unnecessarily", as in, it's a foul when the defender "unnecessarily" puts his body weight on the quarterback. Which should leave enough wiggle room for a play like this one, where the guy is making the tackle, the QB has the ball and, well, they're both on planet Earth with normal gravity and physics take over. Instead the NFL tweets out a justification of the call instead of just simply saying "we're going to meet with the refs and review the interpretation of the language as it is written" and end this farce.
  6. The pile was already being pulled apart when he speared himself into the back of an opposing player and then started throwing punches, all at the feet of a ref. I've never seen someone not get ejected for that. Just stupid.
  7. At one point I kinda was hoping they'd save some TDs for next week
  8. Technically, there's no NFL rule against a team hiring David Copperfield as a consultant
  9. If he was serious about not hurting QBs, he would just do what the NFL wants and learn to levitate. It's obvious that that is what the NFL expects, and by not doing it, he's the dirtiest player out there.
  10. For years, I've been saying if the NFL cared about replay credibility, they would not only show synced replay, but, have fixed cameras along the goal line and sideline for zero-parallax views. That way you could tell absolutely if/when the ball crossed. I guess having fixed cameras is too expensive for the richest professional sports league, even though they manage to have this technology in soccer (note how the absolute vertical line makes it easy to tell the ball has crossed the goal line, whereas if it was at an angle, it's harder), horse racing, auto racing, cycling, track, cross-country skiing, speed skating, and even dog racing... pretty much every other sport that has a fixed "finish line" or "goal line".
  11. Timecode. All the cameras are synced for boring technical TV reasons. It's general enough to say that every camera is synced to the same 1/60th of a second, but, in reality, they're really synced to within something like 1/3-millionth of a second. It's fairly simple tv technology to get both replays synced, and I know they can do it at review HQ in NY, but I don't recall seeing it shown on the broadcast like that.
  12. Bad timeout, should have rushed a play before the review
  13. He's just a dirty player. The NFL is going to target him like they targeted Suh. He's just out there trying to hurt guys.