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  1. https://i.imgflip.com/26snah.jpg
  2. I tried to find someone to split a half-share with, but he'd already invested a half-share in the crypto lottery...
  3. I haven't tried in a while, last time was a few years ago where I tried to get a room with a jetted tub and she just quoted me the extra rate. Thinking since I didn't make the reservation this time (comp from "Player Development") maybe there will be more wiggle room. "I don't even know what kind of room they put me in, but if there's a complimentary upgrade to one of your nicer spots, I'd appreciate it." We'll see what happens...
  4. The $20 trick still have a good chance of success? Or do I have to make it a benjamin to not get laughed out of the lobby?
  5. AV Club review was pretty spot-on, calling last night Snooze Island, and saying it was all pretty terrible and the editors had nothing to work with. Offering to braid Sebastian's hair? Ick.
  6. After the earlier discussion in this thread, I was excited to see a unique slide puzzle! Not the standard square, and a little tricky. The puzzle solver in me loved it.
  7. At least 30-40% of Star Wars is watchable. The rest of those franchises, though, are crap
  8. Send a tweet to UniWatch, he'd know why an MLB logo is on a high school jersey
  9. Yeah, it's really, really, really bad. I can't figure out who to switch to to get a decent chart right now. Marketwatch seems the least stupid so far. I have no idea why no one else bothers to have a decent interface. They're all awful.
  10. I've heard the same complaint about the Cromwell.
  11. Man, I thought if Nipsey could come back from the dead after being killed by ArcticEdge's horrible shtick, he could survive anything. But, truly, Tobias had gone too far. I can't believe they let crap like that stand without repercussions. Godspeed, Nipsey, you were a shining star in the dark night.
  12. I'm definitely considering a retirement home in Vegas. Certainly now that I realized that California taxes my "tax-free" HSA. Not that it'll mean much in retirement, because CA is going to tax it every year until then, whether I withdraw the money or not, but at least when I cash out I don't want these felons getting their hands on a piece of it again. For poops and chortles I looked up my actual gross income from my last paycheck, and it turns out that I'm paying just over 10.5% to the city and state. 10.5% of my real gross, not my AGI or taxable income after deductions. Based on my adjusted taxable income I'm paying like 18.5% to the state and city once you add together state income tax, local property tax, and sales tax. I didn't even calculate the BS gasoline tax, which is now over 41 cents a gallon. They love to complain about regressive taxes, then hit us with more unfair gas taxes. And a 2.25% sales tax on gas in addition. Buncha crooks.
  13. I have an autoset machine, and when I was 220-ish, the thing was cranking up to 14/15 every night. Dropped down to 175 and it's in the 6/7 range for pressure.