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  1. We're really close to lab-grown meat. Take a perfect cow, clone its DNA, grow it in a lab, and have and endless supply of delicious meat without killing the original animal. In 50 years we'll really look at eating real, messy, disgusting, s###ing, farting, fly-covered animals as just gross. Edit: And, IIRC, religions that don't eat pork can partake of lab meat. Maybe some bacon will bring about some world ####### peace.
  2. Yeah, those were good days. Been a long time.
  3. "You kids don't know what it was like. Back in my day, all I had to spank it to was the Sears Catalog. You'd have to sneak it out of the pile of mail, lock yourself in the bathroom, then silently flip through the pages until you got to the lingerie section. Not today! Nowadays all you damn millennials have to do is go to your fancy computers and type in sears.com"
  4. The Search Function was called the library, and it always worked. Not like here. We had it good.
  5. Soon enough, you'll be able to revoke consent after the fact. A day, a year after, whenever.
  6. Watched it get extracted at a local Mongolian clinic on the History.com site. Man, that did not look comfortable.
  7. You're going to leave multiple children under the age of seven unsupervised by an adult? How about one of you holds it to under eight beers and sacks up enough to pretend to be a responsible parent?
  8. Trying to get the picture, you're leaving out vital information.
  9. Is the establishment topless only? Or full nude?
  10. The "new" moderation changes over the last few years have definitely made this place less fun to check out. And certainly the board "upgrade" has led to visiting this site less and made engagement worse. It's just more difficult to participate. I don't want to lay all the blame on Joe, but, I have to feel every decision he's made in the last 5 years has been wrong. Maybe that's by design, I don't know.
  11. It's for legal reasons
  12. The kid that blocks his shot right back into his face at :24 was MVP for like two whole seconds
  13. Someone tell @Soulfly3 that the forum has a second page
  14. If Bridgeport is in your range, so is the PEZ factory in Milford/Orange