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  1. Sequel already looks like the best Hollywood film in the last 20 years
  2. The easiest way to get his latest alias is to post some picks and wins in the Wagering Thread and wait for a PM calling you out and stating that "he runs that thread" and you need to show respect and deference.
  3. The plaque for cranky movie snobs is in the ladies room
  4. Generally, yes. At the end of the month when they send you the bill, they tell the airline how many points to credit your frequent flyer account. If you cancel the card, you'd keep the points. That's for cards tied to a specific air or hotel brand/program. Capitol One venture is different.
  5. Keep in mind that Netflix doesn't make all their 'Netflix originals'. For example, Fuller House and Chilling Adventures of Sabrina are two of their highly watched programs made by an outside company that could pull the shows in the future to another service. Same with the upcoming Sandman. The popular mint robbery series was another... House of Paper? There are more but I can't recall them offhand. Netflix's studio formula so far has seemed to be "make a metric boatload of content, don't try to guess if any of it will be good, just put it out there and see what gets watched and let the algorithm do the rest". It's been extremely expensive so far, as they've loaded up on both internal staff and also signed a lot of talent to high paying deals. Plus the costs of producing are high, especially for that many projects. I'm not sure how sustainable it is in the long run.
  6. I don't have the time or capability or energy or desire to make a regular physical commitment or plan ahead to, so mostly my charitable stuff is purely monetary donations. I support a college scholarship fund, a local program that reads for the blind, and two local 501c3's that provide health safety, education, and rights advocacy in an area that can't be discussed on these boards. The first of those I get matched through my employer's charity portal. The second I get double-matched through my employer and a second outlet, which really helps it all add up.
  7. I've seen permanent bans for mentioning that the test forum used to exist. And responding "Yes" to the question, 'Did Robin Williams do drugs?' I guess I'm dead now
  8. Hang in there man. That's a rough deal. I am sure it's tough. We're all pulling for you & Jack.
  9. It's weird that Joe makes a show of "being around" more now, but, really just starts random threads for whatever thought has recently gone through his head 'to stimulate discussion', doesn't really participate, then shuts them down when 'they've been discussed enough'. Way to foster an open community you're trying to look like a part of. Dude's a weird fellow.
  10. No shtick, I'm pretty sure Tim was a meth addict 15-25 years ago. Shoot him a PM.