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  1. I was offered the reverse: I have Henry, am 90% sure to make the playoffs, and don't like his schedule. Ingram owner is willing to deal, and Ingram's 14/15/16 is better on paper (BUF, NYJ, CLE) than Henry (OAK, HOU, NO). Tempted but was hoping to pay less for Ingram. Dunno why the guy wants Henry--it's a keeper league and he's 1-6 and is playing for next year, swapping old running backs seems pointless when I'm also offering Ekeler, who will be a top-12 RB when he's solo for the Chargers.
  2. This. Don't even mention the online connection or anything. Just ask her out IRL, or bail entirely.
  3. I think I read somewhere that this is a one-season-and-done thing, but, who knows how accurate that is. But forcing him to be definitely-not-open-ended will certainly lead to a different feel.
  4. I mean, regional to the US and Canada since 1910 What did you think the "fanny" in "fanny pack" was referring to if you only knew the UK meaning?
  5. Just to be the Devil's Advocate, just three weeks ago against Pittsburgh, 161 passing yards, 70 rushing yards, 1 passing TD, 0 rushing TD, 3 INTs. That was the last time he threw a TD pass. Got me 10 points. That's his real floor, not 20.
  6. Pre-emptively picked up the Jets to block anyone else claiming them. Tempted to roll them against the Jags next week to get me an extra roster spot.
  7. Kind of like how "fanny" means one or the other in the US and UK
  8. It's going to be tough to squeeze him onto the roster this week, I'll have more room in two weeks, but, not sure he'll last that long. People are starting to wake up on this.
  9. I noticed Don Johnson had a copy of "Under the Hood" on his desk. Production Value is off the charts. You don't often see Wales, Quebec, and a US location all in a single TV show.
  10. It's the same universe as the movie, 30+ years after, right?