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  1. Huh? There are tapes. Am I missing something?
  2. In the other thread, it seemed you were leaning Williams. Why are you leaning JJ?
  3. ...home teams are 12-3 in Thursday games this year... Chargers will likely need to pass more to keep up... I think the Chiefs win so many different game scripts could still allow Williams to produce... I am leaning Williams, but I am still closer to 50/50.
  4. Kansas City has allowed the 2nd most fantasy points to RBs this season.
  5. 66% Jackson to 34% Williams with 113 votes in mine.
  6. It's an issue with certain ISPs. They're looking into it now. I'm using Wow Internet and cannot access the site.
  7. Homecoming Festival curated by The National this past weekend in Cincinnati was awesome! Two nights of The National. They played Boxer front to back Sunday night!