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  1. andre williams? yes andre williams
  2. please pick a giants RB: jennings or williams PPR
  3. sig, big playoff week: ppr pick 1: roddy white, torrey smith, andre johsnson, or mike wallace ppt pick 1 flex position: jeremy hill, sammy watkins, stedman bailey, nate washington, reggie wayne or lamar miller
  4. ppr, adams or watkins? ppr, adams or ridley?
  5. any ETA on the next DD update? the last update was on July 3, 2014. that's about 3 weeks ago.
  6. dear bloom genie, i have 3 wishes: any chance of getting a sneak peak at your top 12? where would mike goodson be ranked in a rookie/veteran free agent draft? how much of a bump does eifert get in a ppr league, rb/wr = 1.0 & te = 1.5?