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  1. Saw a few comments in the "jibber jabber" thread a week or two ago, but thought i'd start this thread to keep track of him. Anyone have any info on his status? I think if they don't officially activate him soon then he can't be activated this year.
  2. Thanks guys! Eotg wasnt out yet when i posted but will definitely check it out now
  3. Will he put up good numbers? Derrick johnson let go but lee was getting 75% of snaps previously and wasnt too impressive. For some reason he had a nice game against indy with only 55% of snaps. I'm trying to pick up a decent lb for this week of multiple guys on bye and trying to decide if lee or dorian o'daniel is a better option for this week and maybe even going forward. Thoughts?
  4. Keep in mind that Tremaine Edmunds looked pretty bad in his first preseason game too, so, not sure how much stock to put in the first preseason game action just yet
  5. That doesnt seem to work when accessing from my phone.
  6. Does anyone know how to access NFL Gamebooks on (or anywhere else) for preseason week 1 and moving forward? These can be very helpful for IDP leagues in determining who is lining up where and depth charts.
  7. Hey did anyone watch that Youtube video posted above of Tremaine Edmunds snaps from preseason game 1?? I know it's just the first preseason game but he seemed to be not in on ANYTHING. really wasnt ever around the ball at all. I have bought in to the hype and was going to spend a relatively high rookie draft pick on him, but now i'm second guessing. He looked very average at best. Now i'm thinking that i should be prioritizing roquan smith over him. Any thoughts??
  8. Start 2. Solo tackle 1 point, assist 0.5, sack 3, int 4
  9. Does anyone know if shazier will play today or is Vince Williams starting again?
  10. Balanced scoring league (tackle 1 point, assist 0.5, sack 3, INT 4) Must start 2 of the following: cj mosley Balt (at weak Browns team and is officially listed as questionable on injury report. Plus he hasn't really been that great since rookie year) sio Moore Indy ( at Denver who will run a lot. He put up great numbers vs lions last week in less than full time role) ben Heeney oak ( vs Atlanta who likes to run and pass to rb's. He doesn't leave field) sean weatherspoon ATL ( at Oakland . Apparently Campbell is out so does Deion jones slide to outside and weatherspoon starts inside? He has looked great when on field but wasn't getting snaps over jones inside) jelani jenkins Mia (at pats)