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  1. If you haven't gotten to the skivvies after a couple of makeout sessions something is awry.
  2. As far as waiting for the divorce to finalize, tell her she already gave him too much time.
  3. Wtf. How can you get all judgy on someone wearing something that you bought them.
  4. The knowledge dropping in here is awesome.
  5. Gotta keep it fresh with a bropadre now and again.
  6. Tell her the hassidim are moving into the neighborhood and she should get out while she can.
  7. Don't think I've ever met a European who said, "Wow. Your health care system is so great. I wish ours was like yours."
  8. So 2013 to 14: 40%, then 5%, then?, then 25%. So the functional annual increase for those 3 years is 22%. A total increase of 83%. And what's been happening in total health care costs? Same increases?
  9. Steve Harvey announces the alternate.
  10. Is this your #### pic?
  11. You can't quit until you report how you explained your sleepovers to your kids.
  12. It all moves. That's why there's a red shift. But lots of people believe WorldNetDaily, breitbart, and Rush Limbaugh over scientists in the field. That's why there's a red shift.
  13. Issues of value and appreciation seem to assume the discount isn't already baked in. I'm guessing he can't get a non-train house for the same price.
  14. Most corn derivatives are. Because the big subsidies on corn is a stupid idea.
  15. Read the last 2 pages. So the case against global warming is now left to the exclusive provence of 110% nutjobs? Maybe we can start doing something about it.