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  1. Silver has done a number of mea culpa's on this but he's also raised the defense that he gave Trump say a 5% chance. And 5% chances do sometimes happen. Question isn't whether that one time was right or wrong but if the probabilities as a whole come out right.
  2. History is watching. At this point nobody else is.
  3. He's had at least 3 closing lines already.
  4. Enough about all of you. More about me and my family.
  5. He just won the single issue voters.
  6. He's just fine in that department. Trust him.
  7. Currency manipulation flies over the crowd
  8. I have the MOST American flags of any candidate in history!
  9. I look forward to seeing the work of the rest of Trump's top notch aides and advisors.
  10. Federal judge just made the WI law toothless, too.
  11. They hate Hillary more than they love Trump.
  12. Chris Christie on the Work Again tonight? He's still jones'ing for a job himself.