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  1. “The Bias-Free Language Guide”
  2. I only have 1 pole I believe in. And am keeping it out of the reach of Hillary Clinton.
  3. After getting your feet wet? The first day of your re-election campaign is the day after the last election. That's true no matter how long you've been there. I don't know anyone who's worked in the Senate but my guess is you're right. When you have a longer term you at least have some time to breathe.
  4. Not to be overlooked is that this is essentially a cold call. When you're getting a flood of resumes for your jobs it doesn't take much to get ding'ed as an easy way to sift. Maurile's answer was probably better, or at least more civil. But just telling the guy that he was sloppy and that was and would be enough to get your resume tossed is valuable information for him in the future. Which is I'm guessing why chet showed it to his kids. A lesson that when you're marketing yourself, little things matter. Particularly on matters of first impression where the person reading what you wrote doesn't have a pre-existing investment in bringing you on and being a little forgiving. I read within the last couple of years that I-banking/hedge fund jobs were the #1 preference of Harvard grads. I had a friend who did it and then retired at 31. And if you want, you can keep at it and make chet bucks. All this with no requirement beyond a college degree (although granted it better be a pretty good looking one). It's not like this guy was just sending in for a sales or insurance job. And also importantly (imo) is that he was sending it to someone who is senior level. If you're sending it to someone who is more freshly out, 24 or 25 years old, I'd expect a little more leeway. Even if the result may be similar.
  5. He still plays it while trying to read through current events apparently.
  6. A thousand years from now they'll be saying what ####### stupid #### did people think was important as the planet was going to #### before their eyes.
  7. Excellent points. I talked to Paul Wellstone once and he said that once, maybe 3 years into his term, there's something he wanted. So he put a hold on a legislation or used some other lever. And it was enough for him to get his thing taken care of. Afterwards a senior Senator came up to him and said, "You know, you've spent a lot of time making pretty speeches. This was the first time that you were a Senator." With short term limits their state could lose their representative just as they began to figure out how to be effective. If I could make 2 changes instantly, they would be Increase the salaries of Senators and US Representatives to about $1mm per, maybe $1.5mm. Make all election expenditures come from the state. Cost more? Sure. But in the long run would give better government, making legislators to be able to be autonomous personally and officially. And when you're sloshing around a $3tn budget, isn't $1bn or so worth it?
  8. Never watched him. It's a term I've heard used. And kinda like it.
  9. Not sucking chet's dick here but chet is a heavy hitter. If he was a few years out of school it would be douchey. But someone at a senior level doesn't owe lunch to randos.
  10. I was pretty tickled that on the homeless guy's sign to repent he spelled judgment correctly. Probably places him in the top 2% of the country barring auto-correct. If I see him again, I'll grab his resume. Overall, though, I'm on chet's side. Do you want to be a professional? Be professional.
  11. By that logic, you shouldn't pay him with a vote.
  12. And then if that doesn't work, have it fail, blame somebody else, and don't pay the check.
  13. Psh. Here's how Trump will spend the first 100 days after January 20th #####ing and moaning to anyone will still listen that the election was rigged against him Dealing with the New York Attorney General on providing appropriate documentation for his frozen foundation Having his lawyers prepare filings for his divorce now that Melania no longer has to publicly support him Trying to get back into the good, or at least tolerated, graces of the New York elites Eating Arby's