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  1. Traveling around European cities
  2. This is great context. It places the whole adoption thing. And gives at least some reason why Putin would be really pissed at the US and want some political influence.
  3. There's like 6 of you who just got banned from ever eating a burger again unless it comes topped with duck breast confit bacon and onion sage jam.
  4. Eh. He's going to throw a match onto a forest fire? Within a year all Republicans will be tripping over themselves to dump on Trump and tell how bravely they stood up to him.
  5. Spicey had clearly snapped. I'm sure he's grateful just to be put out of his misery. 2 or 3 months recovering at some lake cabin. Maybe a book advance. Senior Communications Director at some political shop with special guest at Fox News.
  6. I'm thinking that would be the minimum. Fox Russian Impeachment Channel Fox Emolument Impeachment Channel Fox Presidential Dignity Impeachmemt Channel Fox Hannity Dirty Hillary Russian Email Benghazi Watergate Deep State Freedom Grabbing Globalist Rigged Election Impeachment Channel So at least 4.
  7. If this was a Hillary administration how many dedicated channels Fox News have to impeachment? And how many hours a day would Hannity be broadcasting on his own?
  8. Friend of a friend has been close to Trump for 40 years. He says that the only time Trump tells the truth is when the truth is what makes Trump looks the best he could possibly look. Otherwise, he's lying.
  9. Had a few dates with a Columbia professor who looked back at plankton fossils to get an idea of historical temperature & atmospheric conditions. Over the last 3 billion years, there was only one time the climate changed like this. And that was over the period of 2,000 years, not 50. 500 million years ago. This isn't normal. This isn't natural. And trying to pretend that it is is foolish.
  10. Next: no audio recorders
  11. Lol. Stupid Russians. They should have just sent their people to polls and they could have easily made sure Trump won. Cyber Attacks. Putin is so dumb.
  12. Easy. The chance they'd lose their seat. But the AHCA isn't about Trump. It's about a party that has spent 7 years saying Day 1 of being given control they'd make something better. And now are all, "oh ####" and it's more important to take home, "We did it" than not feed America a #### sandwich.
  13. There was some talk. Idea was that the government would give $200bn to business to subsidize them doing the work. With them owning it thereafter. So if you live in New York or Chicago you can have a new road done on the cheap that will never be maintained for $6 that used to be free. If you live in North Dakota, you're still ####ed because nobody is going to build a road that only collects tolls from you and your cousin.
  14. To be fair, it's a lot easier to build in Moscow's wiretaps from the initial construction than trying to hide them somewhere later
  15. The votes were within the range of being determined by new/current voter id/disenfranchisment laws. Although it doesn't fit the Hillary/dnc sucks trope.