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  1. Real or manufactured? Thing is your "centrist and reasonable" positions are only true when things are as you imagine them to be. It's kinda tiresome to have people diminish people with a side as mindless partisans having nothing to do with facts when their own position has even less to do with them because they don't even know them. Your "centrism" is your own flavor of blind partisanship. It's not any different than the things which you diminish and criticize.
  2. Probably not. That's Monday morning qb'ing often by people who want to blame Trump on the Democrats. It was a pretty weak field. But no matter what the haters say there wasn't a bunch wrong with hillary. Total centrist. Hawkish. Establishment; wouldn't rock the boat. What people in suburbs like.
  3. I feel like GoBirds without emoticons would be pretty Garfield without Garfield.
  4. The conservative baby grows up and grows up and grows up. Now it's all growed up.
  5. Much much larger than reported by the lying media. So much larger.
  6. They will once they turn it into state block grants. Break government. Preach about how broken government is.
  7. Happy to oblige. Btw you guys need a faq for this thing. Go away for 2 hours and there's 20 pages.
  8. Auto-correct that seemed appropriate once it happened.
  9. That seems to be the requisite skill to approve of this administration. I don't find it useful to play the game of, "you supported X when Y did it" but have long believed we should pay the house and Senate much more to make them less susceptible to bribes. And you can give them a hefty raise with that money and pay them all $1mm per year for a little more.