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  1. I'm in a pretty shallow keeper league and carrying Toby Gerhart mainly as a handcuff to AP, but he is a free agent after the season. Do you think he has a good chance to sign somewhere and compete for a starting position? I traded some of my best keepers values to go for the title this year. Where else would you look for keepers that arent obvious contributors now but could jump to have clear value by next years draft. (e.g the back ups in SF or SEA backfields). Thanks!
  2. Phil Rivers everyone!
  3. miscommunication with Gates almost leads to an INT, would have been very Phillip Rivers
  4. Believe it when I see it, the way this game is going where headed for an OT tie
  5. Marcel Reece, Jennings seems to be out of the game and McFadden obviously questionable at best
  6. missed that...what happened? knee to the head on his last carry
  7. Vikings seem like a similar team to TB: ultra talented RB, bit less talened at WR but deeper and more diverse group of pass catchers over all. Plus his coach wont hate him and the Vikings defense has some big holes in it so he may have to sling it around. He probably wont be more than a match up bye week play at best but stranger things have happened.
  8. Austin returning in week 6 may hurt his value though. Even if he does the Cowboys play the Redskins so he should have value as a 1 week play + reinjury potential by Austin
  9. The Chargers defense consists of Eric Weddle, Manti Teo and his 9 imaginary friends
  10. for sure
  11. 10 team league you'll have a hard time getting decent value unless other teams are also overstocked. Best bet might be to package him with Pierce to the Rice owner or wait for Vick injury. Try to target an underperforming RB2, Wilson would be a good target but looks like you have him.
  12. Which D. Thomas? Demaryius? If so I'd lean that way but close enough that it depends more on RB or WR need. Lamar also share a back field with Daniel Thomas, but that doesn't add up value wise at all.
  13. I'd drop Thompkins for him unless you're gonna start him soon. I think Jeffery has a higher ceiling and is more refined skills wise at this point. Thompkins has the #1 WR targets for now but may have similar role/target concerns down the line with Gronk, Amendola, Edelman, Vereen, Ridley and maybe Dobson or any of the other rooks passing him. (full disclosure, Bears fan)
  14. Can you get something more than the DST? I think you might consider it anyway...youve got WR depth and not nearly as much at RB. Murray seems to be catching a lot of balls so that helps if he can stay on the field. Dunbar is probably a better hand cuff in a .5ppr than standard too. Tough call.
  15. none, keep them as they are