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  1. I'm penciling him in to finish the season at QB14 or better.So barley a stater for fantasy purposes?Look at the schedule and the premise of the thread. Lets assume he does in fact finish as QB14. How does he wind up there? By far the most likely scenario seems to be that he stays hot through the middle of the season, flirting with low end QB1 status and then slows down signifigantly after the bye against good defenses, on the road and outdoors. The same argument holds to a lesser degree with your 15-20 perdiction.
  2. That's a tough one....I would suggest Starters1 QB2 RB3 WR's (since it's more likely that a WR will start)1 Flex (RB/WR/TE)But others might have a better ideas.....Our league set up is similar and I've used this set up in the past. But given the trend with TEs last year (and seemingly this year as well) it doesn't seem ideal. Last year for example I ended up rolling with 2 TEs nearly every week. (Thanks Gronk! and to my bench receivers) Anyone have any better suggestions? Perhaps leave starters the same just keep it in mind or perhaps manually boost the VBD score for TEs somehow?edit: realized you can do fractional starters somewhere between 2.5-2.75WR and 1.25-1.5TEs (closer to 1.25 end) produces rankings that seem pretty reasonable.
  3. Was setting up DD today in virtualbox and was curious about the Mac version. Clicked through was shocked to see a linux download. I downloaded it, untarred it and tried running from shell to no effect. Most response I can get from it is cannot execute binary file There's no readme or docs that I can find, so I'm just wondering does this work? If so what are the dependencies, etc. If not happy enough to run it in windows. Thanks