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  1. In a league that values QB's (6 points for passing and rushing td's and 1 point per 20 yards), would you take Jacobs or Murray at 1?
  2. 12 team w/ IDP league, dynasty, keeper Rookie draft question Other team offers: 10th overall pick this year, late first rounder next year, and second rounder next year for my 1st overall this year Thoughts?
  3. Is it safe to say you don’t like Hockenson to ever perform on a Ertz or Kelce type of level? I don’t know about you but when looking at his tape he looked good but not as great as he is being touted at least from FF perspective.
  4. Good list but AJ Brown is too high for me if you factor in his QB situation.
  5. Not sure why everyone is so high on White. Aside from his athleticism he doesn't seem to have the football IQ as someone like Roquon Smith. Watching his tape, the other LB actually stood out more than he did. Can someone explain what they see in White aside from his measurables?
  6. How do the 2 top LB's compares to Roquan Smith? Same tier or a level below?
  7. Was his late breakout age due to lack of opportunity, lack of talent, bad QB, or nobody knows for sure?
  8. He looks good, any particular reason why he wasn't talked about consistently as a top 3 rookie wideout on the boards?
  9. Where do we think he will go now in dynasty rookie drafts?
  10. Is Miles Sanders a serious contender to be an early 1st rounder in Dynasty rookie drafts?
  11. Corey Davis and AJ Brown could have much more productive careers with a good QB.
  12. When I watch his tape I don't see any spark or explosiveness. Seems like he would be a good WR2 in fantasy, borderline WR1/2 in real football.
  13. Do you have a favorite wideout that you like in particular?