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  1. Do you have a favorite wideout that you like in particular?
  2. Any particular IDP standouts aside from Bosa?
  3. If you had a top 3 pick in a dynasty rookie draft, would it be smart to trade out?
  4. I've seen people's opinions vary widely on who they prefer talent wise in regards to WR's in 2019 class. If this class is on of the best in the last 5 years, wouldn't there be a general consensus at least on the top 2-3 wideouts? That seems odd to me.
  5. Multiple reports that the 2020 class will be stacked with QB, RB, WR prospects in comparison to 2019. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  6. Barkley has a tough matchup vs the Colts. Henry is facing the Redskins, who are allowing the second must rushing yards per game over the last seven games. Yet, everyone is voting for Barkley and not giving any reasoning whatsoever. Does anyone have any useful insight, aside from "Start your studs".
  7. Quite simply who should I start in a standard scoring league?
  8. I think my team needs him more than your team, can you bench him instead?
  9. The Saints held Gurley to 70 yards rushing and Barkley to 100 total yards. They are a bona fide top 3 run defense.
  10. What could I do to un-jinx everyone, including myself?
  11. That's interesting, I worry about the exact same thing.
  12. Anyone worried about his matchup vs the Saints and considering benching him?
  13. What is the reasoning that Mahomes might flop?
  14. What about people saying he is a two down back, does that matter in FF?