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  1. Has anyone who watched him play think he is still playing injured or does he look at full strength?
  2. DEN has a top pass defense as well, why do you think he is QB1 next week?
  3. He has the potential to be a fantasy WR2 bordering on WR1. However, I think it depends on how Murray progresses over time.
  4. reggio1

    Box Safeties

    How did Rapp perform on the field?
  5. Anyone notice in the game on one of his end-arounds when he ran out of bounds. It looked like hew was about to run Kingsbury over and kind of glared at him? lol
  6. I agree, at least give him a chance to show what he can do. They must not like what they have seen so far with lack of playing time he has gotten.
  7. Am I missing something or has this not been updated for the 2019 season?
  8. Anyone who watches Colts game have thoughts on his performance so far? So much hype and so far very disappointing.
  9. A lot of talk about athletes not coming back to full health after HAS. Are there any example of the opposite, players coming back and dominating?
  10. Mariota is holding back that entire offense and has been doing so for years, yet the Titans still stick with him?
  11. Is there a website that shows the amount of snaps a player has played in a game log type of format for each weeks games?