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  2. This and Modern Family are two of the better new shows to come out this year.
  3. The only reason the charts look like that is that Bush was man enough to fix it before Obama got into office. Bush knew the announcement of the bailout and talk of the banking industry collapsing would set the markets tumbling and the economy into shock. Bush could have swept the problem under the rug for a couple of months and put it all on Obama, but he did not. There is a reason the rebound happened before Obama even lifted a finger. Forget drugs, I want whatever jon_mx is taking
  4. You'll love the bolded part below.... She also is very skilled with her hands. Can finish a job to completion.Tell me you love me
  5. Did my undergrad in Pharmacology. Went on to get a professional degree. But Lost is by far the most complicated thing I've ever come across.
  6. sex tape?Only if it's with a couch cushion with John Wall's face taped on it.Knowing Kige's M.O., he'd film it at a walmart.
  7. Carleton Cuse's tweet from a few hours ago Tonight a new chapter in the season commences.
  8. Can't wait to be disappointed tonight. :goodposting:
  9. She's ruining the show for me. Don't watch If this divorce melodrama continues, I won't :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: :shrug: