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  1. Good to hear. I was planning on picking up this years game, but with no actual baseball being played currently the desire hasn't been there.
  2. Doesn't appear that anyone has mentioned his stuttering issue, figured I'd post this here so everyone is nice and well educated.
  3. Google News mostly. If you view the 'View Full Coverage' section on any story you can get a pretty diverse listing of news orgs covering whatever topic it is.
  4. Forensic Files - New Episodes next month!!!
  5. Hiring Williams would be about what I would expect at this point from Snyder. That and keeping Allen to manage the cap/contract negotiations. Hoping that's not the case, but Snyder likes people he is comfortable with.
  6. Unless I hear something positive before tonight regarding Cook/Mattison, gonna start Boone over Gurley.
  7. What if this was proposed to go in effect after Trump left office? Would you still be opposed? The level of resistance and nitpicking to something that should seem agreeable to all is infuriating
  8. Yeah no offense to Marvelous (I can get down with Subway every once in a while and love me some discounts), but this is a good read of where Redskins fans enthusiasm is at these days.
  9. Did the other owner pick him up when waivers ran? Pretty sure if you drop someone within 24 hours they go back to the FA list instead of waivers.
  10. Yeah one of the beat reporters made a comment on the radio earlier this morning about how this is becoming a larger story nationwide. If there is enough exposure to this story where Snyder can't insulate himself, then just maybe it can sow some doubt in his head about his partner in crime.
  11. From reading between the lines it seems that this situation is entirely the doing of Allen, who has more than likely been spinning a yarn to Snyder about how the situation had been progressing. The only silver lining to all this is if there is enough national sympathy towards Trent's stance vs the team that Snyder feels compelled to move on from Allen.
  12. Picked up the Jets last week, but the events of the last couple weeks are giving me second thoughts. Intrigued by the Browns now that Flacco has been declared out.
  13. Fingers crossed for 4-50-1. I drafted OJ Howard and have been playing Graham, so at this point I'd be happy with anyone that gets more than 4 targets a game. Thought about Jonnu Smith, but since I'm still rostering Howard I went with Brate on the slim chance that Howard gets moved next Tuesday and I end up with 2 TE options without having to spend any FAAB.