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  1. Bizarro world at this point jesus
  2. Usually either them or the Daily Mail informing me that WW3 is about to start
  3. You missed one, that's at least the 3rd time he's tweeted that in the last 12+ months: 1/4/2018: 7/14/2018: 1/30/2019:
  4. Terrorism? I do love the phrase "knife murder problem" though, gonna have to use that.
  5. FYI that movie is amazing, not stupid.
  6. Yeah we were there with my brothers kids at the time, so we didn't get to linger as much as I would've wanted to. I recall Bumblebee man had a taco truck outside of Moe's that was pretty popular. All I got was a flaming moe energy drink, which wasn't as bad as you would think. The Harry Potter stuff was awesome though, and I've never even seen one of the movies. As long as you don't mind being surrounded by adults wearing sorcerer robes.
  7. I actually have a t-shirt purchased from Simpsons town at Universal Studios that has that exact slogan next to chef Homer. I don't wear it enough.
  8. As a lifelong fan, I also agree with this sentence. Bruce Allen can E.S.A.D.
  9. jesus ren do you ever read any counter narratives or just the ones you see on the intercept?