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  1. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Leighton Vander Esch

    This sucks. No matter which player you have. 😡👎 Sean Lee - LB - Cowboys Jerry Jones said LB Sean Lee (hamstring) will reclaim his starting job when he returns. Leighton Vander Esch is currently the favorite to be Defensive Rookie of the Year, but Jaylon Smith is also playing well and Lee was solid before he went down. Ultimately, having three outstanding linebackers is a good problem to have, and if anything Vander Esch's emergence should allow the Cowboys to limit Lee's snaps and keep him healthy once he returns. Source: Jori Epstein on Twitter
  2. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Carolina stat crew.

    If you have Wagner or Kuechly I feel for you... A lot of points taken away after the game. Wagner-- MINUS 4 solos (assists given.) Kuechly - - MINUS 8 solos (assists given) Brutal!
  3. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Reuben Foster arrested 11/24 for domestic violence. Career in peril?

    It's official. 49ers waived LB Reuben Foster. It's a fully expected move from the 49ers after Foster's second domestic violence charge in the last year. Foster was suspended the first two weeks due to off-field issues and has had multiple run-ins with the law since getting drafted. Injury prone and not overly productive when healthy, Foster's career is in jeopardy after his latest arrest. The 49ers will turn to OLB Elijah Lee at the Will spot for the rest of the season.
  4. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Regular Season Jibber Jabber/Snap Count Master Thread

    Any KC fans with info on what happened to A. Hitchens today? BIG ZERO today. ?? After some searching I found this Disappointing to say the least. He played last week and posted good numbers. Now they decide to sit him for rest? I know he has graded poorly. Perhaps there is more to this...
  5. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Leighton Vander Esch

    Agreed. That is disappointing. Also... They send an email when something major happens. But those seem to focus on the offensive side. I'd love to get an email when a key defensive player has something news worthy happen. (i.e. Sean Lee is out multiple weeks)
  6. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Leighton Vander Esch

    Sean Lee out 4-6 weeks. It's Vander Esch time!
  7. Six-Burgh Steelers

    R Smith - LB Bears

    Tough game to judge him on. The big lead caused the other team to throw often. Not an idea situation for LB's. My concern is with the Bears D line swallowing everything up. Not much getting to the second level.
  8. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    Thank you. Thank you very much. Deone Bucannon has left the building! ?
  9. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    Thanks for the info. I wasn't aware of that. May have to bench him a week and see what happens...
  10. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Has anyone seen Deone Bucannon??

    I'm very concerned. I hope he's ok. If you do see him... Tell him to get to LA immediately! I need tackles!!
  11. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Rueben Foster is back

    Oh yeah! With Goodson being injured I said fu@k it!! And put him in. Very happy I did. ?
  12. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Goodson injury.

    OUT! this week.
  13. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Rueben Foster is back

    OUT! For today's game.
  14. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Myles Garrett

    Ha Ha! ???
  15. Six-Burgh Steelers

    Myles Garrett

    He's OUT! Kinda figured... Browns have a bye next week. Extra rest....