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  1. Apologies. Maybe I am misreading. Hasn't Pelosi been using this tactic throughout...and hasn't Trump resisted therefore creating our current situation? BTW, I completely agree that reopening first is the responsible approach. But as a tactic it is a complete failure since Trump has to see himself as the winner.
  2. Don't disagree. But I also believe the Democrats now own the shutdown as much as Trump. They are no different than him in prioritizing political objectives above responsible governing. For a small political price they could have changed that.
  3. In other words, no change since Day 1 of the shutdown. How does this move the country forward?
  4. CNN: "Pelosi called reports of his proposal a non-starter." That's pretty strong language there will be no counter-offer but hope I'm wrong. For the country's sake.
  5. I think a weak offer >>>>> no counter offer. Things will progress very rapidly once each sides gets over the all or nothing mentality. In reality the $ and actual political objectives in question have been blown out of proportion. It's not like Iran nukes.
  6. I believe most Americans have already formed their opinion of both a) Trump overall and b) Trump as the initial and final cause of the shutdown. That's not going to change if Dems concede something to get the government re-opened. I think they believe any concession whatsoever is a complete caving in of their principles but I think that is faulty thinking.
  7. If this was a straight political battle I would agree. What makes this situation different IMO is the shutdown. Which Trump did initiate. But at this point most Americans aren't going to distinguish between parties for prolonging it...just two children fighting. At a small cost the Dems can be the heroes that re-opened the gov't and this is their oppty.
  8. It is and you are right. To a point. And that point was just reached. This is a chance for the Democrats to be viewed as the adults in the room. Rise above the Trump gutter politics and put re-opening the government as the highest priority above their own agenda.
  9. I am an independent and am absolutely of the opinion that the blame for the government being shut down now shifts to the Democrats. Trump just gave them an opening to resolve the issue. By digging in their heels Pelosi and Shumer are now to Trump what the Tea Party was to Obama. Intransigence from both sides resulting in gridlock. Who initiates it and how has been irrelevant over the past 15 or so years.
  10. PhantomJB

    2019 New Head Coach, GM & Coordinator Hires

    Not a fan of someone of Kubiak's caliber and track record being shunned for "philosophical differences" a guy who's never coached an offensive play in his life.
  11. PhantomJB

    Timeout before field goal

    This is absolutely not true...because the conditions are not exactly the same. There's a human factor involved that needs to be taken into account. Maybe he gains confidence from making the first kick...maybe he loses it from missing. Maybe he adjusts for the wind. Maybe the snap and hold are different.
  12. Trump is not going to shut his face and he's not going to cave...he is backed into a corner. If the Democrats try to extract too much they will go down with him.
  13. Dems need to offer Trump some type of face-saving way out...or they will lose all the political capital this is gifting them.
  14. PhantomJB

    Timeout before field goal

    So...the Steelers employed a legal strategy that forced the Chargers' kicker to kick it 3 times. How is it any different that the Eagles employ a legal strategy to force the Bears to kick it twice? It is very much apples to apples.
  15. PhantomJB

    Timeout before field goal

    I'm curious if you also take exception when teams intentionally jump offsides on field the Steelers did earlier in the year three times vs. the Chargers?