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  1. I don't think anyone's going to full-on attack Harris just yet...the common enemy is still Biden. An informal syndicate of underdogs including Harris, Booker and some of the fringe candidates with nothing to lose will continue focus their efforts to bring him down first...if Harris emerges from the pack as the new frontrunner then it will be party time on her past.
  2. It's a good question but unfortunately I wasn't able to get the exact details...right after ACA my prior insurance company exited my state claiming lack of competitiveness (after a one-year grace period ) and I had to switch to one of a shrinking list of providers...therefore also had to start from scratch in terms of mapping costs to benefits.
  3. Yes. I would also consider Med4All to be one of the better examples of a socialistic policy. I'm opposed to Med4All since it looks very similar to military health care, which is is fraught with fraud, waste and abuse. Doctors order every lab test possible on every patient possible just because it's free to them and it's safer for them to CYA. Unnecessary hospital equipment gets purchased only for purposes of satisfying a "use it or lose it" budgeting system. I'm all for services offered or administered solely by the government if they can prove in a competitive process that they are the best/low-cost provider of those services. Not just because many people think it is their right to have it and they want someone else to subsidize it.
  4. Would you consider Med4All to be a socialistic policy?
  5. Yes, but not at anywhere close to being at the same rate as post-ACA. Literally doubled one year after. Just hard for me to buy that it was coincidence but it's cool we can disagree as to the cause.
  6. Pre-ACA I was paying a healthcare premium and received benefits. Post-ACA I pay 3x the premium and receive one-half the benefits (due to higher deductible, loss of PPO, payout caps, etc.). Not sure whether that's socialism or redistribution of wealth but please please sign me up for more.
  7. It's cool. I've always thought of our national sports teams as ambassadors. I played ball in the military and we were frequently in similar game situations vs. Asian teams so maybe more sensitive than most (not that I was always the model citizen either). But if they can protest hopefully I can also boycott for my own reasons.
  8. For you and the other English language-challenged posters, classless is an adjective. It describes the manner in which the rout occurred. I said nothing about actually scoring 13 goals in the context of World Cup rules being inappropriate. - Rapinoe pirouetting after making it 9-0 - Morgan counting goals on her fingers at 10-0 - Players doing leg kicks on the sideline after leading by double digits They need to take some lessons from Coco and Serena's performances at Wimbledon. Now that's class.
  9. Absolutely none. After the classless 13-0 rout and Rapinoe anthem protest I boycotted the entire tournament and related stories.
  10. Back to the general discussion...perhaps the biggest challenge in managing the debt is no one seems to know at what point the house of cards will come tumbling down. We just keep pushing into increasingly rarified air. So what should be the guiding principle and/or metric used to manage the national debt going forward? Historical debt/GDP ratio targeted by a certain date? Balanced budget amendment? Amendment against ever raising the debt ceiling again? Moratorium against all new programs that can't prove themselves deficit neutral (or better?)
  11. yeah. If that's cool let's just move. Not to avoid the challenge just think it's more productive to call the past a draw. All good.
  12. The intended purpose of all your questions was to allocate blame and/or characterize one party as superior to the other in having a plan to address this issue. Perhaps I shouldn't have offered my opinion (which was strictly that). Far more important is that as a country we have an addiction and looming problem that could set us backward generations. I'm glad this thread was started since this topic needs to become a much bigger part of the 2020 election discussion.
  13. Let's agree to disagree. Obama could have easily worked out a deal if he thought it was important. It wasn't a priority for him.