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  1. Ultimately just something even a GOP Senator couldn't ignore? More tapes and transcripts of conversations/actions with those directly carrying out Trump's instructions. Taylor hearing it directly together with other high-ranking officials corroborating. With Nixon you couldn't ignore that some of those guys had direct ties to the Oval Office. IMO the release of aid also muddies the waters quite a bit.
  2. I really haven't been following it too closely but watched some of Ambassador Taylor live and then NBC News and PBS this evening. My take is that it's no different than the Mueller investigation. Common sense will tell you he's guilty of an offense. But without a smoking gun or stronger evidence (overheard conversation doesn't exactly cut it) this is going nowhere with the GOP Congressional members and won't move the needle either way on what the public thinks about Trump. People already have formed their opinions.
  3. Agreed. Also not on last or this week's injury report.
  4. He's gone up against some pretty tough CB's the last couple games (Hayward, Slay) but the stretch run could be productive. Renfrow getting a lot of FF board love but from what I've seen Williams seems to be the first WR option more often. Waller will get his.
  5. I can somewhat understand the limited carriers...but the lack of usage in the passing game is just mind-boggling. 0-1 catches in 5 out of 8 games this year after averaging 60+ recpts/yr the past couple years...McVay is lost.
  6. Packers get a game-changing call at home? Shocking. Signed, -Lions Fans
  7. Illegal Mexico border crossings down 70% since May. Looks like the agreement that wasn't really an agreement was pretty effective after all. May - 132,856 June - 94,902 July - 71,978 August - 50,684 September - 40,507
  8. Ridiculous. The Bengals got played because no one else was dumb enough to acquire him?
  9. I'm wondering if Boyd will see the biggest bump...with Green back he'll no longer be drawing CB1 coverage and great fit for the short/intermediate range throws that seem to be Finley's strength.
  10. Agree. The only logic I can think of for the switch is that they drafted Finley as a better fit for Taylor's system and Dalton just wasn't getting it or didn't have the mobility. Somewhat like Allen in Denver. As you say there is no shame going back to Dalton if things aren't working out after a few games so at least there's a floor there.
  11. The big uncertainty is not the amount of throws but their efficiency. Timing, placement, etc. I'd just rather be see Green catching throws from the same guy he's been with for eight years. Hope I'm wrong.
  12. The other problem is an unknown rookie QB
  13. PhantomJB

    Titans IDPs

    You are correct. Misread the report. Thanks.