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  1. Your pathetic opinion caught cement shoes by a 4:1 margin. Go away, now.
  2. What's sad and pathetic is that no candidate other than she has a stated plan to address the debt / deficit. But clearly being good at Jeopardy trumps such fiscal mundanities.
  3. Ridiculous. She took a hit and it stung for a couple news cycles (and no doubt it will come up again in the NV debate). But wasn't a kill shot by any means. Since then she got the endorsement from the Houston Chronicle and a few others plus the Super PAC...meaning no one immediately went running for the exits. And it's not like any of the other moderates are going to run away with this thing. All of them have just as many warts as she does...and Bernie's ceiling is capped all the way to the convention. Her biggest problem is resources to make it to the other side of Super Tuesday.
  4. And the post before that strongly implied that, because it is "not free," that it therefore somehow a fully paid for insurance policy. And yes, that is how Pete spins it when he claims "it is not free, it is something people will buy into." He always conveniently neglects to mention that taxpayers will be forced to buy into it at the same a bigger proportion.
  5. 11 million illegals "paying income taxes" (making roughly $36K / year) x 284 per month discount = $37.5 billion / year for Pete's "not free" insurance policy for illegals Here's the math. Pat is 30 years old and estimates her 2020 income will be 250% of poverty (about $31,225 per year) Suppose the second-lowest cost silver plan available to Pat in the Marketplace is $500 per month Under the ACA, with an income of $31,225 per year, Pat would have a cap of 8.29% of income for the second-lowest cost silver plan This means that Pat would have to pay no more than $216 per month (8.29% of $31,225, divided by 12 months) to enroll in the second-lowest cost silver plan The tax credit available to Pat would therefore be $284 per month ($500 premium minus $216 cap) Pat can then apply this $284 per month discount toward the purchase of any bronze, silver, gold, or platinum Marketplace plan available
  6. We've been through this. Assuming the average income for an illegal of $36K, their participation in the "insurance policy" will be heavily subsidized. Either by the government or other the pool of other ratepayers. Much closer to "free" for the illegals than not free. Just the opposite of how Pete tries to spin it...and par for the course for him on that front.
  7. Come on, man. Why spoil a perfectly good political promise with facts and reality?
  8. I will give you credit for posting sources, though. It is indeed interesting to gain insight into how some of you guys think.
  9. Lol. Environmental costs (i.e. greenhouse gas emissions) are omitted from fossil fuel costs. Which is what I wrote.
  10. Yes it is. That factor is included in the definition of LCOE (levelized cost of electricity), which takes into account the "capacity factor" (i.e. percentage of time they are up and running). LCOE also includes the cost of capital and fuel and transportation costs. The only thing not factored in to LCOE is the environmental costs. So all the comparative fossil fuel costs actually should be much higher. Try again. You're sinking fast but you can use your lifeline if you want...
  11. Read the article. You. Are. Wrong. In Lazard's LCOE analysis, unsubsidized wind power and utility-scale solar come in at lower price ranges than any other analyzed resource including gas, coal, and nuclear.
  12. Hmmmm, considering this recent article from Forbes Magazine (that bastion of wacky far-left liberal journalism) might want to update your thinking. Utility-scale renewable energy prices (wind and solar) are now significantly below those for coal and gas generation, and they're less than half the cost of nuclear. The latest numbers again confirm that building new clean energy generation is cheaper than running existing coal plants.
  13. It likely won't matter to those are looking at her full body of work...but it's just the type of sound bite that will likely go viral...on an issue already viewed as a a time when momentum is key. So we'll see.
  14. How right you are! I'd much rather get my info from a guy who spends as much time writing articles on "rock naming" and "edible desert plants" as he does on climate change... opposed to a report that is the culmination of 30 years of continuous work involving 13 federal departments and agencies (that is then ignored by the President). This report assessed information from several sources, including 1) technical input reports and scientific resources collected for the Third National Climate Assessment;1 2) the Climate Science Special Report2 and other U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) science assessments; 3) a literature database comprising over 1,000 original reports meeting IQA requirements, compiled by USGCRP staff and shared with authors; 4) a public request for information released by the U.S. Department of Commerce in 2016;3 5) expert awareness of the literature from authors; 6) information provided during Regional Engagement Workshops and other engagement events;4 and 7) chapter-specific submissions of technical resources and relevant literature to author teams.