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  1. Yeah, I'm not panicking. But I was expecting/hoping for a monster total yards from scrimmage and TD type of year. One game against a very good D but that O-line and playcalling looked atrocious. How are mutiple defenders in the backfield immediately as he takes the handoff on SO MANY plays?!
  2. How the hell is Cousins 2-4 with 1 int in an entire half of a NFL football game and they are trailing? Throw in a safety to boot.
  3. Deep league Flex options for PPR and 0.25 per carry and distance scoring bonus league. Sony Michel JK Dobbins Don't feel great about either but thinking of just rolling the dice with Dobbins.
  4. He was the 3rd QB taken in my snake and tied for 3rd most expensive in my auction. NOT a sleeper to the folks in my leagues. Overall I think his ADP was definitely top six.
  5. Yup. I had Ridley in my big money redraft last year. Feel like it was a year too soon. Missed out on him this year but I'm expecting big things.
  6. Oh yeah. Forgot to mention Metcalf. If he builds on his rookie year and makes a jump to low end WR1 status it could help make my season in 1 league.
  7. Antonio Gibson and Chase Young and Bryce Love (if he gets meaningful snaps)- as a life-long fan of the WFT. FF Wise: David Johnson- heavily invested in redrafts so relatively pleased with how he looked on TNF opener. Saquon- Giddy to see how he looks in what I think could be a huge, like 2400 yards from scrimmage huge, type year Kyler- Was targeting him in both my redrafts but didnt actually get him as he was more expensive than I thought in my auction and I ended up taking Mahomes early in my snake. Still very interested in seeing his development in year 2. Veteran QBs in New Places- Brady, Cam, Rivers- in that order, others I have no shares of but very curious to see what they look like 2nd year WRs- Preston Williams- picked him up off wire after going undrafted in 12 team auction. Very intrigued by his potential trajectory. And Parris Campbell- also intrigued. Rookies- Really interested to see what seems to be a deep and talented rookie class debut without the benefit of a traditional pre-season. CEH obviously got off to a huge start. I'm invested in Dobbins and a few WRs, some of who I own and some I don't. Bryan Edwards, Justin Jefferson, Lamb, Juedy, Ruggs, others. There are more but that's a start. I was so checked out of football and FF until like Tuesday of this week. Now I'm spening multiple hours a day googling random ish about 3rd string guys trying to find some depth. And it feels so good. 🤪
  8. Gotcha. Sarcasm went over my head. I'm a sucker for getting percieved value so I will often gamble when getting an injury discount. Honestly I paid zero attention this pre-season so I didn't really know that much about Sanders dealing with a hamsting issue. I passed him on my board just based on thinking Pederson plays a little too many games for my taste. But I actually was liking Sanders more and more post draft as I looked at some of his stat analysis. Now knowing its a hammy, I'm kind of reassured I passed at the moment. Tho he could very likely move past it and function as a RB1 for most of the year. I do remember studying up on Steven Jackson for like a month one year when he had a hammy in pre-season and being burned badly. Injuries are such a huge deal in FF and it can be a complete crap shoot. But I do think staying away from pre-season soft tissue seems like a good practice. It seemed like Sanders' issue was characterized as mild so I don't fault anyone for taking him in the 2nd. For yal's sake here's to it not lingering all year.
  9. He's saying spending a pick in the first 3 or 4 rounds... I'm not saying I won't ever do it again but I remember being burned more times than not taking guys with pre-season soft tissue injuries.
  10. Just put him into my second flex spot and like the matchup against my WFT. But would not be least bit surprised to see Clement have the better day for FF.
  11. I think, just maybe, there is somewhere in between making the call on Saturday of week 1 when a guy has been ruled out for the opener vs and waiting til week 13-14. Not sure where the bad logic is? And I preferred DJ to Sanders before the draft and still do. But that’s not the point. All good tho.
  12. Like I said, I’m a huge DJ guy. You don’t have to sell me on him. I basically did no research this year and went on gut. For whatever reason my gut said to pass on Sanders and take Carson. Grabbed DJ a round later in a 14 teamer. All I’m saying is it’s way too early for that kind of talk. Especially when it’s injury related. Any of these guys can literally go down at any time.
  13. Im a huge DJ guy and passed on Sanders for Carson in a PPR and .25 ppc league. WAY too early for any of these should haves tho...
  14. I'm guilty of emotional bias in favor of DJ since he helped me win a lot of $$$ with his performances don the stretch in 2015 and his monster 2016 season. He's one of those guys I feel like I hit on before the rest of my league was aware. Obviously he's been a major disappointment overall since 2016 for a variety of reasons but I grabbed him as my RB2 in both my redrafts. To me the only question mark is health. It was a bit troubling that he was getting his wrist looked at since that's bothered him before. And I do worry that his upright running style exposes him to more injury risk. As others have mentioned, his injury history seems a bit fluky. But its the NFL, guys get hurt. Looking at some data I came across he's just beyond prime RB age at 28 but with just over 1,000 career touches which is well less than half of when RBs peak from a usage standpoint based on that same data. Last night showed he still has something left in the tank and I think Houston's offense overall will soon look better than it did last night. If he can stay on the field I'm very confident in a top 10ish season based on volume alone. Again, the health is the big IF.