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  1. I hear ya. I probably won’t be able to either but it crosses my mind. No Hill, no Watkins, tough match up, short week. I dunno. If Hill doesn’t play I think we see just how important his presence is to this offense. Kelce gets his no matter what but I can see this being a game where Mahomes struggles.
  2. I don’t see any way gets in a full practice so this is the decision most of us will be making. I also have Mahomes and the other question becomes do you bench Showtime if Hill doesn’t play and you have a viable alternative. 😩
  3. I don’t know why or how I convinced myself he was value and in for a bounce back year. He’s trash and going to really hurt me in my 14 team shallow bench redraft. ?
  4. Picked up Corey Grant and rolling with him instead. Down 2 starting RBs in week 3.....awesome
  5. Desperation flex play- PPR Burton or Corey Davis?
  6. Two of three... Enuwa Galloday Pettis (strong gut play) TIA
  7. All I could think about last night was that I was debating Cooper and Cooks in my 14 teamer and went with
  8. I agree Carter has been pretty good. Those Titan QBs on the other hand... Can't believe I thought Mariota was startable until Wentz was ready.
  9. Very happy for that young man right now. What a ####### catch!!!
  10. I like them both. I have Mahomes in a 14 teamer with Trubisky on the wire. I would try to scoop him up if the benches werent so shallow. In my 12 team with deep benches both are rostered. Perception wise, its pretty easy to see why Mahomes is held in higher esteem. Yes, both have weapons but Kelce, Hill, Hunt are considered significantly better than Burton, AR15, and Howard- the first 2 who are new to the team. The Chiefs offense as a whole is seen as significantly better than the Bears. That said, I could easily see a scenario where Trubisky fairs as well or better than Mahomes. I expect them both to have good years that outperform their ADPs. But also realize they are 1st year starters who could fall flat on their faces as well.
  11. With Bosa out I'm starting him over Wilson vs Den this week. I feel like he has a higher ceiling albeit a much lower floor as well. But I'm gonna roll the dice and see if he's ready to live up to the hype in week 1.
  12. I watched the game and don't feel that way at all. He played a relatively low snap count, which his coach has stated (fwiw) was low due to working his way back from injury and should improve. The offense as whole also looked out of sync, which should improve particularly with the likelihood of Wentz and Jeffrey coming back soon. And Ajayi was not targeted once in the passing game, which will not be the case every week. The 2 TDs obviously could be a high for the year but again, don't feel at all like he just had his high game of the season. I feel like he is clearly the lead back FF wise on a team that should move the ball and have plenty of scoring opportunities. I don't love Ajayi and never have, but I feel more than fine with him as a RB2 in a 14 team league. He will have some duds and the snap/touch distribution will likely lead to frustration at times. But most RB2s have issues. Otherwise, they would be RB1s.