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  1. Gotta decide between Perriman or AJ Brown. Both have been on fire as of late. Tough choice but a good one to have.
  2. Half point ppr. I have to pick one from each. Miles Sanders, Austin Ekeler, or Boone AJ Brown or Breshad Perriman Hunter Henry or Tyler Higbee Ryan Tannehill or Kyler Murray Jimmy Garoppolo or Kyler Murray James White or Boone Thanks.
  3. Same boat, leaning Henry here. Hopefully they remember he can catch before the second half starts.
  4. Currently have Boone in over James White in one league. Sitting Boone for Carson and Miles Sanders in my other. Don't really have a back up if Cook or Mattison play and I bench White today.
  5. Was set to start him but then Breida ended up playing so I plugged him in instead last minute. Also benched Murray. Was not expecting much out of either obviously. Oh well! Least I started Drake out of desperation in my 14 team league. That helps mitigate the pain lol.
  6. Still somehow undefeated. Well, really it's because of the Pats D. 6th most fantasy points out of any position in my league. 6th! With Pats going against the Ravens, DJ and Breida hurt making me play Drake Thurs night against SF (as well as Murray), my undefeated streak might come to a close this week.
  7. Somehow still undefeated even after starting Murray and David Johnson. AND going against Marvin Jones JR. NE defense bailed me out yet again. Ridiculous. Not liking my chances going forward though as David Johnson is clearly hurt, Arizona's schedule gets brutal, and New England can't possibly keep this up all season.
  8. Got excited looking at the score since I'm starting Murray in 2 leagues and David Johnson in another. So of course Chase f'ing Edmonds has 2 tds already lmao.
  9. 12 team, 0.5 ppr, redraft QB: Murray RB: David Johnson, White, Breida, Drake, Gallman Jr (dropping) WR: Cooper, Lockett, Robinson, Samuel, Chark, Diontae Johnson TE: Kelce, Henry K: Elliott Def: Pats (lol) Most points in the league, solely due to the Pats. Still, a very good team with my only weakness being my RB2 and QB depth. Cooper injury will certainly test my undefeated record though.
  10. Half point ppr. Straight up who do you start? Gurley @ Ari Chubb vs Cin
  11. Just checked and I was apparently the only team in the entire contest to pick this combo of players: Alex Collins Kenyan Drake Lamar Miller Josh Gordon And I'm (somehow) still alive baby!
  12. I wanna go pick him up but would have to drop Brandon Marshall or Ted Ginn. Hmmmmmm.
  13. 14 team half point PPR. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex Being offered Lindsay and I give up Gordon. My RBs and WRs RB: Le'Veon Bell, Alex Collins, Theo Riddick, Marlon Mack WR: Mike Evans, Josh Gordon, Kenny Golladay, Pierre Garcon, Brandon Marshall, Ted Ginn My RB position is obviously hurting with Bell out for the foreseeable future. I do have some sort of depth at WR, but not much. The trade seems to make sense at first glance. Gordon has a ton of upside though, but risky as well. Thoughts? Pull the trigger or stand pat?
  14. Up by 50 going against Cam and Drake. Easy win? WRONG Better yet...have scored over 100 points in each of the past 5 games, in a 14 TEAM LEAGUE, and are 1-4 in that span. wooo