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  1. Half point ppr. Straight up who do you start? Gurley @ Ari Chubb vs Cin
  2. Just checked and I was apparently the only team in the entire contest to pick this combo of players: Alex Collins Kenyan Drake Lamar Miller Josh Gordon And I'm (somehow) still alive baby!
  3. I wanna go pick him up but would have to drop Brandon Marshall or Ted Ginn. Hmmmmmm.
  4. 14 team half point PPR. Start 2 RB, 2 WR, 1 Flex Being offered Lindsay and I give up Gordon. My RBs and WRs RB: Le'Veon Bell, Alex Collins, Theo Riddick, Marlon Mack WR: Mike Evans, Josh Gordon, Kenny Golladay, Pierre Garcon, Brandon Marshall, Ted Ginn My RB position is obviously hurting with Bell out for the foreseeable future. I do have some sort of depth at WR, but not much. The trade seems to make sense at first glance. Gordon has a ton of upside though, but risky as well. Thoughts? Pull the trigger or stand pat?
  5. Up by 50 going against Cam and Drake. Easy win? WRONG Better yet...have scored over 100 points in each of the past 5 games, in a 14 TEAM LEAGUE, and are 1-4 in that span. wooo
  6. Of course I'm somehow playing against this guy this week.
  7. Yeah Roddy will help you win a championship if your other draft picks are firing on all cilindars. Unfortunately my first two picks being Spiller and Chris Johnson that's not the case for me. Can't get much worse for your first three picks. BRB gotta go PTTS.
  8. x2 :wall:x3x4Glad I'm not the only one I guess...