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  1. I have a lot of guys inquiring about him for a trade.. not sure I want to. what are you guys seeing as far as offers and what would it take for you to pull the trigger?
  2. This is the best news because I had him in my back pocket after trading Tevin Coleman earlier this week after that news.. First Coleman, now Chubb.. this has been a hell of a week for my backfield.. Now I have to decide between him and Breida this week..
  3. Just traded Tevin and Cooks to the guy who lost Freeman for Hopkins. Seemed a little desperate but happy to unload Tevin because we've basically seen what he's been doing without Freeman there. It's a RBBC regardless. I'd try and sell high on Tevin.
  4. Pats leadership is just a littttttle different than the Browns leadership. Not the end all be all but has to count for something
  5. If he is still clean, someone will sign him. This saga is not over
  6. heartbreaking for sure. Thought he had finally turned a corner. If it wasn't a failed drug test and there's a change he could pass a drug test, someone may sign him. I just hope that he wasn't just having a bad day, is still clean, and doesn't relapse now over this bull####. I pray for him.
  7. I have the choice of keeping him or McKinnon, both losing last round pick. Everyone tells me McKinnon but the upside for this guys is just too good. I have to make the decision tomorrow night. I think his head is clear and brainwashed to never do drugs again
  8. Unless your other options are all top 15 WR, you really have to start him.. if you're starting a low floor boom or bust player over him you're crazy
  9. I've never been a Gordon bandwagger because I thought he had no hope of changing. I stand corrected-- this is a changed man. I have confidence in the guy this time
  10. I was watching his snapchat story and saw on Monday that he had landed at LaGuardia. I knewwwww he was there to go to NFL offices in NYC. It's what stopped me from dropping him in a 2 for 1 trade earlier this week. I honestly think he's a changed man. He's really saw the light and I think that is what makes him scary. Remember, he checked HIMSELF into rehab this time. He had his life changing experience and now he is "all in" on living his life to it's fullest. He's brainwashed himself in a positive way and that is a scary proposition. Watch out NFL secondaries. Whether or not this year definitely next year he will be a beast again.
  11. Way, way more.. I think people are underestimating his talent
  12. I was never on the spec "add gordon" train of years past but I literally just added him in every league I have.. this speculative report has yet to hit roto or other mainstream fantasy news sites yet it seems like.. the mere fact that he is getting out of rehab later today is worth at least waiting for some news. Remember, he checked himself into rehab.. and now he's getting out.. there's a lot to be said for that
  13. In his sophomore and Junior year at Arizona, he had 303 & 349 rushing attempts.. seems to be able to carry the load.. Let's just put it this way, Langford has NEVER had a 100 yard rushing game as a Bear and Howard has had quite a few in just a few starts.. Langford has proven not to be the answer, and in fact, may have been the problem to begin with. I guess it all depends on Carey's other abilities, to pass block and catch passes out of the backfield but I just can't see how Chicago would go back to the ultimate plodder, Jeremy Langford, if Howard is out. I may make a pre-emptive Carey pickup right now tbh
  14. Langford has never been and never will be a good RB. In the few weeks we saw Howard and Carey split carries, Carey looked much better than Langford has ever looked IMO..