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  1. Brate or Graham Sunday and moving forward? 1/2 PPR.
  2. Can only keep one TE rest of way: OJ Howard or Trey Burton 1/2 PPR
  3. While the whole Leveon situation is already very concerning for fans and owners, this article isn't concerning at all. Both the weight issue and theory that the Steelers may not tag him next year have been discussed to death. I'd bet that Bell will not put his fate into the Steelers hands even if he thought they probably won't tag him again next year. For reference, I own Bell in one league, Conner if 3 leagues and I'm holding all of them.
  4. Why would anyone trade for Henry? I get that Bell doesn't command a high price, but Henry isn't any better than a flex WR at this point. I'd rather have Breida than Henry and I wouldn't trade Bell for Breida.
  5. I'm having trouble with the Weekly Rankings page. I can see the different projections for Dodds, Bloom, Tremblay, Floor, and Upside, but I can't sort by them. It's weird, because when I click through the different rankings, the guys at the bottom of the list will move, but all of the top players remain static. And I can not sort by Strength of Schedule, but I can sort by SOS%. Is anyone else having this problem? Am I doing something wrong?
  6. How much does Mahomes move up your board with Bosa out? Waldman mentioned that LAC isn't that bad a matchup, but most experts seem to think Mahomes will be way outside the top 12 this week.
  7. Antonio Brown trying to smooth things over: We all we got, we all we need. Ready to roll whenever you get back with us, family @LeVeonBell
  8. I mainly want my first round pick to play, but I'm on the side of the players getting a bigger piece of the pie.
  9. Alshon's got a juicy week 15 matchup at home aganist the Packers and few other quality receiving options available in Chicago. I wonder where he'll be ranked among WRs assuming he's a full go? I think he's definitely worth an add if you're looking for upside.
  10. I was starting him with little confidence, now I'm starting him with some confidence.
  11. Is it crazy to start both Ingram and Hightower this week? Right now I'm starting Ingram and Britt, but thinking of swapping in Hightower.
  12. Dammit, I hate everything about Tolzien and the Indy passing game this week. People are referencing his 2 games from 3 years ago on an elite GB offense as a reason to be optimistic? This week is a MUST win for me. Hilton is good enough to pull a rabbit out of his hat, but I'll be rooting for him on my bench. I'm starting Thielen instead.