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  1. Thanks. Cut Powell loose 5 minutes ago.
  2. I don’t know your wr, rb situation but I hate to trade a stud rb
  3. Activating Ingram II from IR/SSPD spot. Which of these 3 RBs would you drop in PPR league- LMiller, BPowell or PLindsey? Keeping Howard, Collins also. Thanks for opinions
  4. I like Conner, Gio, JuJu and Evans just as you have it.
  5. In a PPR League was offered D Johnson for L Fournette. I'm a little frustrated with Fournette, as apparently he is with Johnson. Think I should take the trade?
  6. Not optimistic about either, but would go with Collins and hope he finally gets the majority of the chances in the backfield
  7. PPR, start 2 qbs, 3rbs, 3 wr/te, 1 def and 1 k. 10team league My team- qbs Dalton, Wentz,Wilson- rbs Collins,Fournette,LMiller,Ingram,Barber,Bernard,Yeldon-WRS ABrown,Kelce,Lockett,Hogan, Kupp,Enunwa-J'villeD and must drop somebody to add a kicker. Would like to improve WRS> Was offered ESanders+ my choice of BPowell,Funchess,SShepherd,Lindsey for LMiller. Should I accept trade and if so which +1 should I take? I'm leaning toward taking trade and Lindsey and dropping Hogan to add a kicker. Thanks for opinions
  8. I agree ride the stud rbs and start your best match up wrs each week.
  9. PPR league. Should I start Hopkins (going against Patrick Peterson) or Tate(vs Chicago)?
  10. Our league is a PPR start 2 qbs, 3 rbs, 3wrs, 1 def and 1 k. My team QBs (Brees,R Wilson, A Smith), RBs (McCoy,L Miller, B Powell, Woodhead, Duke Johnson, J Richards) WRs (M Thomas, D Hopkins, A Robinson, P Garcon, D Parker) Panthers and D Bailey He wants my Saints so how does Brees, Thomas and Woodhead or Johnson for Stafford, Zeke and Crabtree sound. He has O Beckham but I don't think he can be pried away.