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  1. Because 11 carries for 55 yards and a TD is not a good game and the BAL defense is crappy Keep starting him thinking he's better than Tate, like I give a crap. You're right, Crowell's worthless. Please keep throwing Crowell back to the waiver wire, and convincing others to do the same. I wish there were more people like you in my leagues
  2. Does your understanding that ten games is for four violations come from the same place as your understanding that he's having the four-violation penalty applied to him?I suspect that if one piece of that puzzle is wrong, they probably both are. If Gordon has only three violations, I think it's likely that he's having the three-game penalty applied to him, and that ten games is for three violations. I'm just guessing, though. You're right that it's odd that the "four violations" thing is being thrown around without further explanation (or retraction). Pretty much. The simplest explanation is that "four violations" was a misstatement
  3. The new policy is retroactive back to the beginning of the league year, which is March 11, 2014.That's not BS. That's perfectly sensible. In fact, it's quite favorable to the players. Think about how rules are changed in your own fantasy leagues. They're usually not retroactive at all. They usually don't take effect until next year. But when they do take effect during the current year, they'll only be enforced back to the beginning of the year. They're not going to go back and change results from the previous year. Gordon's positive test occurred during the previous year. His suspension was handed down this year. That's why they're not disturbing the test results, but are adjusting the length of the suspension. Right but my understanding is that 10 months is for 4 incidents under the new rules, and he only has 3 incidents even if we assume, for now, that the old rules applied to his last positive test.So why is the penalty for 4 incidents being applied to him?
  4. Wilson had a running game, with Lynch over 100 yards.Kap had no running game support, with Gore averaging 1ypc. Wilson was a supporting actor in the Lynch show. JSmith and the pass rush slowed down in the 2nd half when they had to read run first each time. No such threat excited for Kap, and the DL just teed off on him. Kap had to shoulder the load and was the entire offense. I don't see how any discerning NFL fan could compare the two based on last night's game. It's actually pretty easy to compare the two as both teams are built similarly. Wilson was actually under a lot more pressure the entire game yet still made better decisions.Seattle had an effective running game in the second half because they continued to pound the ball even when they couldn't net the yardage in the first. San Francisco probably could have had similar luck had they decided to run their backs instead of their QB. Wilson was the better regular season QB, the better post-season QB , and the better QB in head-to-head match- ups. He's just better right now. Kap always has next year to catch up though. Wilson was not significantly better in the post season or the head to head matchups. In SF, Kaep had more yards than Wilson, the same number of TD/Ints, and of course won the game. There is no way you can say Wilson was significantly better unless you just like Wilson a whole lot and are biased. In Seattle, where a QB can't call an audible due to crowd noise, Kaep had 283 yards, 1 TD and 2 Int, and Wilson had 215 yards, 1 TD. Wilson is obviously ahead on turnovers, but overall his performance was very Alex Smithian and not significantly better than Kaep's. Without Kaep, the Niners had no offense, period. The Niners are not even in that game without Kaep. Whereas Wilson has the luxury of being mediocre/below average and and just not turn the ball over. The joke here is how anyone outside of Seattle could have called Wilson the MVP.
  5. While this thread is bumped, here is a funny article showing where the local media is on Kaep. oh noooo, Kaep is not answering reporters' questions and forcing VD and a guy who wants to change his name to Hitner to get more media attention. Let's bench him now.
  6. It's Geep Chryst, who if Roman leaves for an HC job will probably take over as OC. So you don't want him to leave of you're a 49er fan. Wow, no, I don't. Not knowing anything else about him, he is a genius for his work on Kaepernick.
  7. The thing about Kaepernick that cannot be understated is how much better he is this year. WTH did his accuracy come from?? The offseason reports were middling, at best, then out of nowhere he beasts in the second preseason game, and hasn't slowed down since. Who developed and coached this guy? That is the coach that should get a huge contract - a QB whisperer.
  8. Harbaugh is the kind of coach that bends his offense to put his players in the best position to win. If the Niners were lucky enough to get Luck, Harbaugh would not be running the pistol, and we'd all be extolling the virtues of a pocket passer.
  9. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN49ers inactives, and 49ers officially say, "Kaepernick is expected to start." The most interesting part is that Tolzien is inactive. Niners obviously confident about Alex's health and preparation.
  10. Matt Maiocco ‏@MaioccoCSN 49ers inactives: Tolzien, Jenkins, James, Looney, Tukuafu, Robinson, I.Williams are inactive. Brandon Jacobs is active. Cam Inman ‏@CamInman #49ers announce inactives & "no lineup changes." Alex Smith is listed as the starter on depth-chart gamecard. But Kaep was in last lineup Cam Inman ‏@CamInman We're trying to get clarification from #49ers on what "no lineup changes" defines regarding QB situation. Developing ... I really give this about a 60/40 chance of Kap actually starting. Which is enough for me to have him active in all leagues.. so far.
  11. Or even worse, 5 mins after. Kap trots on to the field, hands the ball off to Gore for a play, and then Smith takes over. I really don't trust Harbaugh, and it's hard to feel 100% confident unless Smith is inactive. I hope it's Kap, though, as a fan I am really looking forward to watching more plays like the option on the Hunter TD. Just looks so slick.
  12. Not really. Nothing makes this move permanent- if Kaepernick sucks, Smith is still on the roster ready to resume his duties. Don't try to tell me that this will rattle his confidence, because that ship has long sailed- 49er fans have been calling for his head for years, every major football analyst was labeling him one of the biggest busts ever and comparing him to David Carr, and he played with something crazy like 7 offensive coordinators in his first 7 years. Last year, he finally had a great season and led his team to the NFCCG, and Harbaugh rewarded him by going hard after Peyton Manning and letting Smith test the free agency waters. And Smith responded to that vote of absolutely no confidence by coming back and having another extremely solid season. At this point, being benched so the coaching staff can evaluate his backup is nothing Alex Smith isn't used to. And if the coaching staff, after giving Kaepernick an extended audition, decide that their best chance to win lies with Alex Smith... well, Alex Smith will be right there to step back in and provide the Niners with their best chance to win. Evaluating Kaepernick is a no-risk, no-downside move. While it doesn't provide a downside, it provides plenty of upside. I think we all agree that the Niners offense is potentially more explosive with Kaep taking snaps. Moreover, Kaep was drafted high to be the quarterback of the future (#36 overall), so at some point the coaching staff has to see what they have in him. Smith's deal is essentially a 1-year contract, so if they don't evaluate Kaep in live action, the Niners are essentially flying blind this offseason- do they let Smith go and roll with Kaep, or do they need to keep Smith around for another couple of seasons? At some point, the decision needs to be made. This is the perfect point- they've built up enough of a lead that they aren't risking a playoff spot (although they are risking seeding), Kaep already has a lot of goodwill from the fan base after last week's performance, Smith is still nominally recovering from an injury, Kaep can take some live bullets from playoff-caliber teams so Harbaugh can decide which way to go in the actual playoffs. Plus, it gives his opponents one more thing they have to prepare for. High upside move, little to no downside (Kaep can be replaced at any time, and at the very worst all you're risking is seeding), it seems to me like this is the only smart play available.Also, it's not just one good game. Go back to the fourth preseason game and you will see the same ability to extend plays, play action, run the ball, accuracy, etc. Kaepernick is not the same player he was last year. I'm not sure if he'll excel, but starting in the middle-end of offseason, his accuracy was getting a lot of hype (until the mid/end of this offseason, the rap was grim re: all the Niners QBs so far as accuracy), and he and Johnson were the only QBs willing to push the ball deep.Calling it "just one good game" only proves you haven't followed the Niners for the last several months to be honest.
  13. The thing I like most about Kaep is his ability to extend plays. It is unreal watching him take these long strides away from DEs toward the sideline while looking downfield. None of this was visible last year, and then in the fourth preseason game this year against the Chargers he was suddenly untouchable. Obviously it doesn't translate into fantasy, but it is exciting to watch. But yeah, I picked him up in every league I play in two weeks ago just in case, but didn't start him against Chicago. Definitely starting him in NO, but keeping a late-starting QB on deck because Harbaugh is one of the most untrustworthy coaches out there. As likely as it is that Kaep will start, it is doubly likely that Harbaugh is playing mind games on NO to get a slightly more than trivial advantage in a regular season game.
  14. He's actually performed like a low-end RB2 in 1PPR. As I stated, he's ranked 22nd in average PPG. Saying a RB is a RBx isn't subjective.It is, depending on your choice to include or exclude early season outliers like Spiller, Kevin Smith, Andre Brown, and LeShoure.
  15. He was drafted as a low end RB1 and, at least in PPR, has performed like a low end RB1. A lot of people that didn't draft him think he has sucked worse than his statistical performance, but you won't get to trade with those people since they didn't draft him. Overall, he's not a buy low unless you think he'll start performing like a mid RB1.