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  1. Such a great fit for this team. Had a glaring need for speed at WR (and hopefully this will put an end to the Pat Peterson WR experiment) Ginn should be able to supply some help as deep threat while Brown's learning the ropes. JMO Better fit for Cards than will be for fantasy purposes.
  2. Housler was brutal last week. It's not exactly surprising to see these errors. I was stunned at the lack of work in training camp he had with the receivers (or Palmer for that matter). Most of his time he spent with the O-line. Part of the reason I didn't understand him being this big sleeper as being pegged in August. Housler does have impressive athleticism for someone his size, which you'll see now and again. Just zero consistency. His hands leave much to be desired and I've yet to see him come down with a tough catch. IMO He doesn't deserve to be taking snaps away from Roberts. Roberts is a far better receiver, can get open short and deep, has the quickness lacking in the Cards receiving core and better fit for Arians's offense. Rob Housler had one drop, one miscommunication with Carson Palmer and lined up wrong once in last week's loss to the Panthers. Housler has two catches for 36 yards on seven targets through three games so far. He's taking away snaps from Andre Roberts, but that won't last if he doesn't pick his game up. "I'm very disappointed in my production so far," Housler said. "It's something you go out and just keep working on every day." Despite significant athleticism, there's only Dynasty stash appeal here.
  3. PPR: Jumped off the wagon for the season. . Just didn't think the upside was there (if he even suits up again this year -- which I have my doubts about that in a lost season) as a 2 down between the 20's guy. He's had 5 weeks to show something with zero competition and wound up splitting snaps with a guy that doesn't belong in the league anymore (Jacobs) and another who probably doesn't make the roster if A.Brown doesn't get hurt (Scott).
  4. Saw that blurb on Rotoworld. I don't think their will ever be a sustained breakout from him. I've looked to sell in every PPR league I have him in (re-draft and dynasty). There's now another mouth to feed in Housler (for redraft) starting this week. Nice stat by Rotoworld, but it only illustrates my problem with him. I don't see him as an efficient WR (and especially if ever asked to carry burden of being a #1). And as the stat indicates, he's had 4 shots already (with no Housler and a banged up Fitz) and scored none. Is he going to see those 2 shots/game going forward. Part of me says not likely. The one big issue I saw in camp (and in games) is that he really struggles to get consistent separation. The guy is just slow out of his breaks. Fitz being hurt/dinged hurts Floyd IMHO. Floyd's body control is elite and has solid hands, but I have my questions if he'll ever be more than a jump ball type receiver. I would make resigning Roberts a priority personally. The guy is polished and gets separation short, over the middle and deep. It's a two way street though and who knows what Roberts can get/will ask for next contract.
  5. Ryan Williams out for the 3rd preseason game. Only way he's got a prayer of making the 53 is if Mendenhall, Taylor or Smith goes down IMO. I'm sure someone will give him a shot, but very fair to wonder if he's done.
  6. Goes along with what I've seen throughout camp. I'd be very very surprised if Housler was a breakout guy with Fitz/Floyd/Roberts healthy. Not to say he isn't a solid receiving option. I just don't view him as superior to the 3 aforementioned. (And I don't see him as the primary (pretty much lone) benefactor like Brandon Myers was in catch up mode). Rotoworld's #17 ranking is probably fair. Even with many TE injuries, not someone I'd want to hang my hat on for fantasy. Cardinals TE Rob Housler dropped his lone target in Saturday's preseason game against the Cowboys, and has zero catches through two exhibition tilts. Housler created buzz all offseason, but has had a quiet camp. We're still extremely high on his talent, but coach Bruce Arians has a checkered history with tight ends. Housler is Rotoworld's No. 17 tight end. Source: Arizona RepublicAug 19 - 10:12 AM
  7. Athletically I agree 100% with the Deion comparison. Not to mention he's got 25+ pounds on Deion. It's just insane watching how gifted this guy is. Gotten better each year he's been here. Completely another level (or two or three) athletically from everyone else on the Cardinals. Scary to think how much this guy is going to get paid. Would be stunned if it weren't richest deal for a DB in NFL history. Cardinals GM Steve Keim compares RCB Patrick Peterson to Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders. "I've never been a part of a team with a more valuable defensive player," Keim raved. "Then you consider the guy can really help you in three phases of the game — defense, special teams and now as a receiver. He is one of a kind." Peterson has been taking regular snaps on offense this summer. Peterson's game doesn't quite yet match his reputation on defense, but that could change this season. Source: Sports Illustrated
  8. How'd that O line look? Short practice on that day, but the pass blocking is giving Carson time. Imagine they'll still have some woes during the season (facing SF/Sea/STL). Run blocking leaves much to be desired & there's not high caliber talent in their backfield (they'll get what's blocked but not much more). Wouldn't draft any of their backs (Mendenhall) more than a RB3.
  9. Meant to add to my prior notes: It's not too far fetched that if Ryan Williams doesn't suit up soon he's not going to make the team. If he doesn't (and still makes the team), it's probably because one of Mendenhall/Alphonso Smith/Stephan Taylor went down to injury. As a Virginia Tech alum, I think Arians really wanted to see that Ryan Williams. Sadly I think that guy is long gone. Peterson looked like a natural tracking 2 long TD passes today. You'd have thought Palmer overthrew him on both occasions but Peterson would turn on the jets and get to them. A fantsay note on Housler: I don't forsee him making a being a 'big breakout' candidate in 2013. I think he's going to be on the sideline (or called in to block) more than people will like. Could he improve on 2012 #s? Sure. Even if Miller/Pitta/Hernandez down, I'd be very surprised if he were a TE1.
  10. cards practice notes (they just finished up a short practice) mendenhall starter. alphonso smith running 2nd and stephan Taylor running 3rd. all 3 saw 1st team snaps. appear they were limiting mendenhall. i really wouldnt chase this position (not that i probably needed to tell you that) Patrick Peterson is the best deep threat at receiver on this team and it isn't close. arian's comment that he could be a top 5 wr isn't insane. his closing speed is just unreal. i don't play IDP but peterson is w/o question is going to see time on offense (reverses/reverse passes/and deep throws). honey got toasted deep in slot corner coverage but he's unquestionably going to be a versatile big time player if he stays clean. offense is work in progress. glaring lack of speed (which is why peterson will see some limited snaps) *posting on phone so forgive the grammatical errors
  11. Went out to the Cardinals camp opener today. Nothing real exciting to report. Carson is a definite work in progress here. Definitely didn't look comfortable and confident in the offense. Cringe worthy when he didn't get 1st read and had to move out of the pocket. Physically he's still got plenty of juice in the arm. Probably already known by most, but Mendenhall was 1, Ryan Williams was 2 and Stephan Taylor looked to be 3. Taylor looked much more explosive than I thought he'd be. Name to keep an eye on given Mendenhall's a 1 year deal and Williams hasn't shown much on the football field in 3 years. Floyd is the definite guy opposite Fitzgerald. Guy has tremendous body control and is a huge target. Wasn't a huge fan of his selection last year, but he's gonna have a real solid year if Palmer stays upright. Only paid a little attention to Housler. I think he and Roberts could end with similar stats. I'd put the Cardinals pecking order at receiver as: 1) Fitz 2) Floyd 3a) Housler 3b) Roberts Roberts is a solid NFL receiver, but Fitz/Floyd are at another level talent wise. More praise for Fitz/Floyd than it is a slight on Roberts. Roberts has made great strides since his rookie year in camp where the guy couldn't catch a cold. Possible he could start elsewhere. I think he can be a fine slot/change of pace WR for the Cards. I actually think he's a more refined WR than anything Carson was throwing to in Oakland last season. Won't be able to make it back out there til Aug 2, but should be out there daily afterafter. Imagine will get to see more 11-on-11 than we did today.
  12. Surprised it took until now to happen, but Cards bringing in Dansby for a visit tomorrow.