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  1. They started arresting groups out after curfew in Minneapolis tonight.
  2. The local news is reporting no protesters were hurt by the truck driver
  4. Semi drove right into a crowded interstate in Minneapolis. It looked like most (everyone?) got out of the way. Truck stopped before it got too far into the crowd
  5. From what I’ve heard, generally rioting/looting isn’t covered by insurance
  6. Double the temperature and cut the drying time in half. Works for baking food too
  7. As best I understand it, Floyd left the Cup Foods store, crossed the street, and got in his vehicle, but didn’t drive away. Store employees called the police to report the forgery and that Floyd was still in his vehicle. Police went into the store, spoke with store employees, then crossed the street and got Floyd out of his vehicle and handcuffed him. Small resistance from Floyd in getting out of the vehicle, but not much. An officer sat Floyd on the sidewalk and spoke with him before leading him back across the street and in front of the Cup Foods store where a police car was parked. No struggle. Floyd then fell down on the sidewalk on the driver side of the police car, seemingly falling on his own. Police got him back up. At this point two more police cars arrive within a short time of one another, the last with Chauvin and Thao. Police, including Chauvin and Thao, lead Floyd to the passenger side of the vehicle and have trouble getting him in the car for a minute or so. Video footage of this is partially blocked and from what I’ve seen, and it’s not clear how much of a struggle occurred or what caused Floyd to fall again. Chauvin then pins Floyd to the ground with a knee to his neck with two other officers holding down his body and legs. Floyd dies after begging officers to let him breathe and while bystanders plead with officers to let him up
  8. I'm glad my sister and I left the city yesterday. Hopefully we can return before too long
  9. I’m pretty bad at working through the reasoning for these types of questions. Voted 1/3 and 1/2. Probably not correct
  10. Hopefully the arrest will slow down the destruction. I think I will still leave for the weekend to see how it plays out