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  1. Traded a 2nd and conditional 5th for him and got a 3rd and conditional 5th back. Moving backwards but they weren't going to be able to resign him anyway so I'll take it. Danielle Hunter had surgery, ending any chance he would return this season. Looks like the rebuild is on.
  2. Say you can only get rid of one of Zimmer or Spielman. Who goes first? I'm thinking it has to be Zimmer. I've supported him a long time, but it's getting harder to do so. The situation feels similar to Thibodeau with the Wolves where you have a stubborn coach who refuses to adapt to a changing league or tailor schemes and play style to fit his roster. I think for the most part, over the years Spielman has done a good job of getting players that fit the way Zimmer wants to play, when there's any deviation from that the team suffers significantly like we're seeing now. Talent wise this is better than a 1 win team. That's on the coach.
  3. Los Angeles Lakers advance to NBA Finals, beating Denver Nuggets 117-107 in Game 5 of the Western Conference finals.
  4. At least they gave us some entertainment today. I was expecting a blowout loss and didn’t plan on watching. I ended up tuning in for the 2nd half and saw some entertaining football for the first time this season
  5. I can’t even watch. How did they get so bad, so fast? Nothing is working
  6. I can’t see this team doing anything. Tank for Trevor, I guess.
  7. This Vikings team is just not fun to watch. Looks like it’s going to be a rough season
  8. Can you take the test in a self driving car?
  9. It's tough to understand foreign movies if you don't speak the language and don't read the captioning
  10. Yep, gyms with available showers is a huge plus for me.
  11. Yeah I didn’t know what type of cancer he had either