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  1. sports_fan

    Rate your opinions

    How good are your opinions?
  2. Thank goodness for extra strength gas-x
  3. Auto mechanic has be number one. There's a small percentage of people who can handle the situation well by knowing enough to do the work themselves, but just not having the time or right set up to do it. Everyone else is just an easy target to be taken advantage of. Not having a well functioning car is way too big of a hassle for me to be worried about getting a good deal. Provided the cost isn't astronomical, I will pay basically whatever they ask in order to have a working car
  4. sports_fan

    Thoughts on this video?

    Yeah, looked to be roughly the size of a fat guy
  5. sports_fan

    Thoughts on this video?

    Never really understood the obsession with parking spots. Is walking that hard?
  6. sports_fan

    Board Upgrade - First after upgrade

    I'm glad the old emoticons are still available. One of the few things I still like about this board. The new ones are uh..interesting.
  7. sports_fan

    SNF - Chiefs @ Patriots (Semi-)Official Thread

    Heck of a throw on the run
  8. sports_fan

    *** Minnesota Vikings: #2018

    The #Vikings fear CB Mike Hughes, their promising first-round draft pick, suffered a torn ACL in today's win over #Cardinals, per league sources. MRI tomorrow. Holding out hope
  9. sports_fan

    Cardinals vs Vikings - Week 6

    Need to put this game away already
  10. sports_fan

    Cardinals vs Vikings - Week 6

    Hunter is a beast
  11. sports_fan

    Cardinals vs Vikings - Week 6

    Cardinals oline is rough. Makes the Vikes unit look decent in comparison...
  12. sports_fan

    Cardinals vs Vikings - Week 6

    Going for it on 4th and goal?