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  1. Yahoo Sources: Toronto Raptors star Kawhi Leonard declining $21.3 million player option to become unrestricted free agent with the Finals MVP seriously considering re-signing. (link:…
  2. It will depend on their disguise. If they wear baseball caps pulled down low and dark sunglasses, I could see some of them getting in
  3. I intend to read them all at some point. I generally enjoy reading the book a movie or show is based on after watching it. The book adds additional details and allows me to revisit the story. When I do it the other way around (read the book first), I tend to be disappointed in the movie/show for the things that were left out. Movie/show first and book last seems to maximize my enjoyment of both.
  4. would be better. Football in most countries in the world refers to a different sport. is inconsiderate of our foreign subscribers
  5. 1-5 cancelled Quinoa La Croix Rolled Ice Cream Almond Butter Waffle Sandwich
  6. Probably quite a few I'm forgetting. The Matrix Jiro Dreams of Sushi Once Blade Runner Lord of the Rings Hoop Dreams Goodwill Hunting Shawshank Redemption Star Wars Run Lola Run Dollars Trilogy The Devil Wears Prada Short Term 12 Whiplash Rush 12 Angry Men To Sir, with Love About Time Blue is the Warmest Color Jurassic Park Forbidden Planet Rocky The Social Network Warrior Before Sunrise/Before Sunset/Before Midnight The Breakfast Club Gladiator The Sandlot Raiders of the Lost Ark Pulp Fiction
  7. Your prize is a one way ticket out of the country. We ran out of tickets to the places you listed, so we're sending you to Ethiopia