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  1. Likely not. That’s why I’d say in deeper leagues only. That being said, anecdotally Treadwell got targeted a decent amount last year. Imagine if someone who could catch got those targets instead.
  2. Personally I think 0. Dallas holds all the leverage with Zeke still being under contract. He either plays or accrues massive fines each day.
  3. Saw this thread was trending and thought Guice got hurt again. Was just arguing instead. Pleasant surprise!
  4. There have been rumors that Treadwell May get cut. Even if he doesn’t Beebe has a chance to feast on single coverage with Diggs and Thielen around. Worth a flyer in deeper leagues.
  5. 12 Team, 2QB, PPR, TE Premium Team A: Sammy Watkins, Dallas Goedert, 2.05 Team B 1.04, 2021 3rd
  6. 12 team 2QB $200 cap PPR Team A: Andrew Luck ($26), 2.09 Team B Russell Wilson ($27), Christian Kirk ($1)
  7. I traded David Johnson and got Fournette and Yeldon back. Fournette obviously the injury issue but If he’s healthy I’m confident in how he will do. I can’t say the same for DJ.
  8. I had the 3rd pick in a 10 team .5 PPR. Gurley and Bell went 1-2 so I took Zeke at #3. I have DJ in another league so I diversified and picked Zeke. I was able to get Green back in round 2 and took Mixon in round 3. Had I not taken Mixon in round 3 RB got rough in a hurry. One thought about something I should’ve done is take Gronk over Green. This is only a 2WR with a flex league so they are devalued in comparison to the 3 WR leagues.
  9. 12 Team PPR- Dynasty Contract League $200 Cap Team A: Carlos Hyde ($17) Nelson Agholor ($2) Team B: 2019 1st Round Pick Team B’s pick will likely be top 5 next year.
  10. Mahomes and Kizer are still available. I think it's a coin flip if either are available at 2.04. It's hard to determine the gap between the 3. All of the obvious choices are gone and I think the QBs start to go.
  11. Here is a 2QB trade for those of you In those leagues. 12 team PPR Team A Gives: 1.10 (Deshaun Watson) Team B Gives: 2.04, 3.02, 2019 3rd.
  12. 12 Team PPR I give: 1.02, 4.02 i get: 1.04, 2.04 I could not decide between Mixon, CMC, and Cook so figured I'd trade down. Mixon went 2 and CMC 3 so I went Cook at 4 and picked up a 2nd rounder in the process.
  13. Fortunate that my league owners "get it". The guys in contention probably won't be thrilled about it, but they will understand why the move was made. I'm happy with the returns I got, but only time will tell if I got anything of value for my older guys.
  14. 10 team non ppr Team A Gets:Sammy Watkins, Laquon Treadwell Team B Gets: Brandon Marshall and Jamaal Charles Team A is in last place with lowest points. Team B is defending champ but currently in 5th (has a really good team though). I am involved with this one and am the side getting Watkins and Treadwell. Injury bug bit hard this year.