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    If Hilton plays...Hilton or Gronk?

    Who is your other TE? I say Hilton plays only if he feels he can go hard, so IF he plays, I still say Hilton.
  2. I have had Chicago all season. I picked up Jacksonville this week so my opponent could not. Would you play Jacksonville (vs Washington) over Chicago(vs Green Bay) this week? Jacksonville seems hard to trust after Tennessee last week and do they really have anything to play for at this point.. I’m wondering if they have quit already? Greenbay is always tricky with A Rogers but I am wondering if they have anything to play for either. thoughts?
  3. thatguy25

    Flex help

    Ingram. McGuire May be getting the touches but he has a horrible matchup and Jets offense is putrid already.
  4. thatguy25

    If Hilton plays...Hilton or Gronk?

    I have Hilton in my league and I would go Hilton. He is the highest rated WR since week 11. He put up 200 yards last week and was questionable then too. I know Dallas has a better d than what he faced last week. You must have some really good “other” options if you are in a position to be able to consider benching one of these guys. I will ask this.. are you favored to win? If you need the floor, maybe go Gronk, but if you need ceiling points (underdog) I would go hilton.
  5. thatguy25

    Shark Move of Too Risky to Start LJackson?

    I agree with the notion of Floor with Luck if you are up and Watson if you need ceiling please see mine
  6. thatguy25

    Took a zero with Allen - Alter lineup?

    I too like your lineup as is. please see mine
  7. thatguy25

    Cam or Dak??

    Cam. I like Dak but he is way too dependent on Cooper. please help with mine
  8. thatguy25

    CAM vs NOR or BRADY @ PIT

    I would go Cam. please help with mine
  9. thatguy25

    L.Fitz or Pettis?

    Tough one.. times likes this I like to think of who got me guess is you picked up Pettis in the last couple weeks. I have a slight lean to Fitzgerald in this one. please see mine
  10. thatguy25

    Choose two RBs

    .5 pt ppr, 1 pt per 10 yards, 6 pts per TD pick two Elijah McQuire vs Houston Doug Martin vs Cincy Gus Edwards vs TB Kenneth dixon vs TB Thanks!
  11. thatguy25

    Which defense?

  12. thatguy25

    Fanatasy playoffs

    Ravens and KC see mine, please
  13. thatguy25

    Which defense?

    Chicago at home vs Minnesota or Arizona at home vs Oakland thanks
  14. thatguy25

    wr/flex help

    I agree with Murray and Gordon. please see mine:
  15. thatguy25

    Peterson or Mack

    I would lean Mack as well (and that is coming from a big Sooner fan, lol) please see mine