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    Trade Devonta & Collins for Mixon or Cook?

    If you can get Mixon, do it. I would not do the trade if I were the other owner. I despise Freeman.
  2. thatguy25

    Goff or Winston

    6pt pr TD (Pass, rush, reception) 1pt per 25yards, no bonus points need some help on deciding in Goff at Denver where there is a high probability of snow or Winston at ATL (dome) and porous d I also have Brandin Cooks and it looks like he and Cupp will play if all goes well today (Friday). What say the FBG world?
  3. thatguy25

    keeper league trade

    Hello, 12 team league, .5 pt ppr, 6 pt td, 1pt per 10 yards receiving/rushing two person keeper league, I draft 11th in snake draft I won the league last year and now have Kareem Hunt, Melvin Gordon and Deandre Hopkins to chose from as keepers. With that, I don't see any way that whoever I don't keep will fall to me at 11th pick. I'm thinking of offering Hunt and Gordon for David Johnson and then keeping Johnson and Hopkins. The David Johnson owner really only has one option as a keeper. The other option is to find another owner with only one keeper option, trade either Hunt or Gordon for that owners first rd pick. Thoughts? Would you keep both Gordon and Hunt and give up Hopkins? Good problem to have, but still a problem for sure. Thanks
  4. thatguy25

    Flex and Nuk

    Thanks everyone!
  5. thatguy25

    Flex and Nuk

    Anyone, Bueller? :-)
  6. thatguy25

    TE Help

    I’d go JAMES. I have Olsen as well but can’t play him until n DT week IF he shows anything today please see mine
  7. thatguy25

    Gio or Evans (.5 PPR)

    Gio for me, please see mine
  8. thatguy25

    need a WR and Flex start.. link help

    Davis and Gordon please see mine, thanks
  9. thatguy25

    Mike Evans or Chris Hogan?

    Well nevermind. Hogan not expected to play now.
  10. thatguy25

    WR dilemna

    I’d say Cooks and Westbrook please see mine
  11. thatguy25

    Brees or Rodgers

    Brees for me. please see mine
  12. thatguy25

    Need help 14-0 team...Rogers or Dak

    If Dak got you here, go with him. Oakland is a good matchup for Dak. Please see mine
  13. thatguy25

    Mike Evans or Chris Hogan?

    I like Hogan. please see mine, thanks
  14. thatguy25

    Starting RB Help - Will Help in Return

    I like Williams and Ertz, please see mine.