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  1. Mack being that hurt is unfortunate... that OL played the whole season together and to break up that chemistry in the final game will have an impact. especially with Branch playing at the level he has for NE.
  2. rookie MLB for Atlanta. 8-2 tackles/assists, 2 sacks, 2 turnovers and key drive ending play in the 4th. I think they will be using him to blitz up the middle to pressure Brady with some cover of RBs out of the backfield.
  3. Falcons 27 Patriots 24 MVP Deion Jones
  4. Krupnik - Polish honey liquor
  5. Green has been used as a decoy in the past, so I would be highly skeptical for anything better than a 3-30 stat line on a first game back from injury. As it wouldn't be the first time Marvin Lewis thinks he was tricking his opponents by using Green as a decoy. Week 15 is vs Pittsburgh who kept a healthy Green in check week 2. So I would expect the same with a less than 100% Green. Week 16 vs Houston though would make a tough benching if he played in Week 15 and didn't aggravate the injury. In a way that is my bigger concern, say Green is cleared to play and practices all week, then aggravates the injury early in the game and is out. I feel his first game back has the highest chance of aggravating the injury and/or being used as a decoy, which puts too much risk on starting him. If he comes through that first week good, then the next week I'd be putting him back in my lineup. Unless you have no other depth that will have an average floor compared to the risk of a goose egg for Green, then the high ceiling start for Green and just take the risk of starting him then go for it. Probably looking at your opponents possible lineup against will determine if you need to swing for the fences or could play it save to win.
  6. the concept of voter ID is not the issue. how to get your voting ID is the problem of that article you referenced. some of which is unwarranted because some level of accountability is needed from individuals to make sure they are citizens. however, it should be free, and if it was a lot of that article's issues go away. if states require $ to get a voter ID card either directly or by nature of the proof they are requiring to determine citizenship, then we are in agreement. one should not need to jump through hoops to get an official voter ID, but enough proof should be required to confirm the person getting a voter ID is a US citizen. so both the government and individual have to meet halfway and checks would need to be in place so everyone only gets one voter ID. how US citizenship is determined seems to be the core issue
  7. Not sure how anyone can say having a voter ID can disproportionately negatively effect anyone. They would be free and everyone would get one. Pretty simple. Anyone who drives gets a drivers license and no one is up in arms about requiring that. People buying alcohol typically need ID and no one questions that. Having voting rights be on par with those items seems pretty common sense to me.
  8. Not talking "politically correct" <> being racist However, the opposite seems to be the underlying thread nowadays. If Trump said something that wasn't politically correct, boom, he is racist. The word really is being misused and much of it is because the media/entertainment industry is doubling down on bad mouthing Trump. Obama was elected by a lot of whites voting for him. Many switched over and voted for Trump this time over Clinton. How that can be deemed racist is crazy talk. Overall as a country this media and democrat driven divide between whites and blacks can't end well if they continue on with it. Trump said he will be working toward creating living wage jobs and did not specify for just white people. They will be for all ethnic, religious and political Americans. Heck, he hasn't even taken office yet and it's a media shet storm trying to worry about this and worry about that and make accusations everywhere to try and keep everyone divided instead of trying to bring everyone together and give the guy a chance. All the campaigning rhetoric was just that. The Clinton campaign dished out their fair share and in this election Trump did what other republican candidates haven't, in dishing it right back and upping the ante. He fought fire with fire. It turned out a success and now he is moving forward and in speeches so far and moving away from all the campaign rhetoric.
  9. Tesla was definitely on to alternative cheap energy but the government swooped in and buried it because no money+control is possible from it...
  10. Asiata to outscore Meredith by 10pts...
  11. Julio came back in, but wasn't targeted the rest of the game... so who knows what will be announced with his injury during the week. Maybe GB's coverage which him gimpy was enough to shut him down.
  12. Never too early. In re-drafts, sometimes you can draft players with very good week 1-4 schedules that are hot to start, but typically have harder schedules later, so you trade those guys away for the studs which are under performing due to tougher schedules early, but their bonus match ups late. Sometimes it is hard to figure out which defenses will be the great matchups due to injuries during the year, but the bottom 5-10 usually don't improve a ton in one year, so are typical targets. But in the end, a week before everyone else in your league starts thinking playoff matchups is definitely the latest to be looking at them! You have to be the first team to strike at the "playoff matchup" trade, since once those trades start, everyone notices and it's hard to make more of them as the price of those playoff matchup players gets too expensive.
  13. I have a feeling this is the week Higbee finds the endzone vs Det. 5 weeks of part time and blocking, he will get a some targets and possible endzone catch. 3-30-1
  14. When the "decoy" game comes up during the fantasy playoffs, it is most definitely frustrating. I agree with the above how the coaching staff over think themselves in Cincy and Dalton doesn't or isn't allowed to stray from that week's game plan when Green is the "decoy" of the week....