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  1. I have a feeling this is the week Higbee finds the endzone vs Det. 5 weeks of part time and blocking, he will get a some targets and possible endzone catch. 3-30-1
  2. When the "decoy" game comes up during the fantasy playoffs, it is most definitely frustrating. I agree with the above how the coaching staff over think themselves in Cincy and Dalton doesn't or isn't allowed to stray from that week's game plan when Green is the "decoy" of the week....
  3. Great defensive battle. The game was still definitely in play all the way till Von Miller's sack/fumble with CAR only down 6 at the time. Cam was launching a long ball there and Von Miller just got there in time which really dashed CAR chances. Before that play a TD by CAR flips the superbowl to a 'can Manning lead Denver to a FG to win it" vs a dominate CAR D. Ealy could have been MVP with his play if CAR won and Miller didn't get that 4th quarter sack/fumble. Cam did seem a bit out of it early, but it's the first time at the superbowl extra adrenaline and he was getting pounded by Denver's D right out of the gate. Brady was a battered man in that AFC championship game too. One of the keys there though is NE's WR's/TE are >>>> CAR WR's/TE. If no one is open, it doesn't matter too much who the QB is. And with the Denver pass rush, there wasn't a lot of time to get open. NE WR's also are the more quick/shifty type which can get open on the shorter routes so Brady could deliver his passes just as he was getting hit, CAR's WRs are more the long speed type that take longer to get open and the pocket would be collapsed by then.
  4. looking like the often seen road game, west coast jet lag, slow start scenario for Atl. hopefully they come out of the locker room more ready to play. rain early made it sloppy too.
  5. Ugh... so he did get hurt during the game. worst part of FF... injuries. (well, right after staring wrong players that is! lol)
  6. Albeit, he has not shown up on the injury report with any P,Q,D,O. What/when did he get dinged?
  7. Did anyone notice a change in his responsiblilities? Is is playing deep safety or something as of late as the past 2 games had abismal stat lines.
  8. a bot does. when an entity is putting in thousands of lineups, it will mix and match many combinations. With QB being a more finite position than the skill players, it is easier to get combinations. Tie that in with looking at it from the salary cap analysis, mixing in a slew of similar lineups, swapping in a number of different low cost high risk/high reward players makes sense. It's only money to throw down a few more thousand entries... for the big spenders, you gotta spend a bunch of $ to make a bunch of money....
  9. I agree Bree's shoulder injury has something to play in it. They showed a shot of how he moved his arm back when healthy in previous years compared to his throwing motion this past week and he isn't going back hardly as far so doesn't have the ability to throw it deep right now. With cooks being a speed guy, he needs those 2/3 long targets a game to hit on to get over 100+ yrds/game with possibly a long TD in half of them. With his size, he isn't being used in the redzone as much as the taller WRs/TEs....
  10. sorry for you. we had a springer and never had a shedding issue.
  11. Raven D is still pretty solid and matched up well vs Den. Denver D got a lot of pressure on Flacco. Some missed throws occurred and definite week 1 "players aren't yet in football shape" due to lack of preseason reps. I'd figure both teams will still be 9+ wins. Biggest worry I'd have is for Bal as they lost Suggs for the season which will take a good bite out of their aggressive defensive style.
  12. A commissioner can change a players position in MFL. So if your league doesn't like where he was put you should be able to tweak that. As long as all the positions are set before a draft then everyone knows ahead of time and can rank the players accordingly. A bit more trouble for dynasty leagues unless you lock in a position for X years or something.