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  1. Good eval. Thanks. I guess I get dazzled easily by upside & potential. I think Wallace is the real deal in this offense. Washington has strong potential... But I'm losing Reed who is just a beast
  2. I like Burton for certain. I agree, targets will be there & he's a great athlete. The eagles organization lives this guy too. They have high confidence in him. See mine:
  3. CMike & Ware. Riddick us intriguing, but definitely start Ware. See mine please:
  4. I would certainly try to keep Murray. That offense is in use infancy with receivers that can stretch the field, leaving the box soft with a top 5 O line that is obviously grinned for the running game. See mine:
  5. Ware, definitely Ware. No reason not to trust him on one if the best running trans in the league. See mine:
  6. Yikes, did I do something wrong or is everyone on apps now?
  7. 12 team, .5PPR. Giving: Charles Sims, John Brown & Jordan Reed Getting: Dwayne Washington, Mike Wallace, Josh Gordon & Zach Ertz Obviously I'd have to fill in at TE for a couple weeks. Rest of my team: QB - Drew Brees, RBs - Zeke Elliot, L Murray, DeAndre Washington, Asiatta WRs - Jordy Nelson, Fitzgerald, Crabtree, Dorsett, Doctson