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  1. Superflex PPR 12 team Team 1 trades: RG III, 2017 3rd rounder Team 2 trades: Jimmy Graham
  2. That seems like a delusional value to place on a guy who might not be starter worthy for another 2-3 yearsI have Adams as well and I'm not selling for anything less than a 1st round pick. The talent is there. The opportunity will be there. You're taking the same risk by drafting players in the 1st round, except they don't get to catch passes from one of the greatest QBs of this generation.
  3. Even if Shaun Hill isn't a great QB, it seems like he loves to target Bailey. Starting him in my flex this week if Rashad Jennings can't suit up. Got my fingers crossed...
  4. It's winning if you GOT Beckham and Evans. I certainly hope that's what you meant.
  5. 0. Why would the Saints cut him when they could get value from him in a trade?
  6. As someone who owns Ingram in a dynasty league, he looked good yesterday -- he grinded out tough yards and made some good cuts. Despite that, I still thought Robinson looked like the best back on the Saints last night. He has some great vision and a really nice burst.
  7. Bottom line is that both Edelman and Amendola serve the same purpose in the offense. But one is signed for the next few years and the other is a FA. Whoever the Patriots keep will flourish next year so long as he and Brady are healthy, however it makes no sense to keep both considering they have the same skillset. I doubt the Patriots resign Edelman this offseason. He's going to get paid by another team.
  8. I foresee Edelman leaving NE for bigger bucks this offseason. Amendola's already signed for the next few years. He can easily replicate Edelman's stats albeit with a much more worrisome injury history.
  9. In light of Reggie Wayne's injury and given his age, can we propel T.Y. Hilton into the Top 15 for dynasty WRs? He has the talent, but I like his situation even more as both he and Luck are in their 2nd years. The only thing I would be worried about would be Hilton's small frame -- perhaps his durability may be challenged later down the line. But I'm a believer!
  10. I thought he ran well, showed good burst and perhaps even more importantly, correctly picked up his assignments on blitzes and pass protected well. Daniel Thomas also pass protected well from what I saw, however the talent discrepancy between him and Miller is obvious. Thomas looked sluggish all game -- there was one run where he was heading towards the sidelines when he should have cut inside and he ended up running into his own offensive lineman and fell down. By the way, I own both Miller and Thomas. It's clear that the Dolphins have a better shot of winning with Miller getting the majority of the touches, but the question is whether the coaches agree. There have been many instances of RBs sharing touches when one was clearly better than the other; let's hope the situation in Miami won't transform into such. Miller is the far better back.
  11. I own Miller as well, but that quote is from 2 weeks ago. The latest Sherman quote has Miller and Thomas "neck and neck" in the RB competition, which isn't something you want to hear. I'm not worried that Thomas will beat out Miller -- I'm confident that the latter will get more touches. But I'm just worried that Thomas is going to eat away at Miller's opportunities. Miller owners drafted him with the assumption that he would get 3-4 touches for every 1 touch that Thomas got. His perceived lack of competition in Miami was one of the appeals for drafting him so early. I'm afraid it might get down to 2 touches for every Thomas touch.
  12. No need to get all douchey about it. I drafted Miller back when there was absolutely no talk of a potential RBBC with Thomas -- hindsight is 20/20. Miller has the talent to be a top 10 RB, all he needs are the touches. Let's see how his dress rehearsal goes in week 3.
  13. Miller/Thomas owner here, and I'm extremely worried about the whole situation. I drafted Miller to be my RB2 (like many of you, I'm guessing). This whole RBBC talk is extremely disconcerting, especially since it's pretty clear that Miller is the more talented back. I hope it doesn't morph into a 67/33 sort of timeshare, that would be brutal for those who drafted Miller so high.
  14.,0,6652778.story Any other Miller owners worried?