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  1. Watching highlights on youtube doesn't make me an expert. But basically what I've seen: Gets behind the defense a lot, which I don't know that he'll do at the next level. Love his size and strength. He looks nice in the redzone. In the right situation, I like him.
  2. Really interesting guy for next season In 12 games coming off an ACL injury and suspension: 74 catches, 850 yards, 6 TD's Extrapolates to ~99 catches, 1133 yards, 8 TD's Playoff lines: 9 for 151 vs SD 7 for 96 vs KC 10 for 141 vs the Rams He'll be 33 starting next season, but he's in ridiculous shape and you would expect him to be even more confident in that knee. Where do you guys see him rankings wise?
  3. 8 for 120 in the biggest game, a game in which Goff crapped the bed. Loving the guy more and more for next season. Gotta hope/think the Rams can right the ship
  4. He benefited from being on a great offense with the Chiefs the season before. Obviously took a huge step back in an anemic redskins offense. No great receiving options. Best RB was 50 year old Adrian Peterson. Even if he's 100% healthy and the injury never happened, it's hard to love the guy going into next season. With the injury...
  5. If he's not on the Raiders, it's hard to like him at all. If he's on the Raiders--I'm not sure I like him anyways.
  6. Thoughts for next season? I feel like ACL injuries just aren't what they used to be thanks to advances in surgery/recovery/etc. But he's always hurt. I feel like when he's out there, he's a legit WR2. Being opposite Hopkins, having a great QB, great talent. It's all there. But I have a hard time spending even a middle round pick for a guy that hasn't broken 700 yards in his first 3 years.
  7. Thoughts on him for next season? For all the hype this year--I don't really like him at all going into next season. Mariotta isn't going to be the QB who has an elite WR1. Mariotta also can't stay healthy. You're about having to bank on the Titans backup QB for games if you're drafting him. I've got him around WR29/30, and that feels insane. But the situation just isn't fantasy friendly for a WR.
  8. Does he bounce back next season? I loved the guy coming into 2018, but injuries ruined his season. He's 30 and been dealing with nagging injuries off and on. He's obviously a great bounce back candidate, but at what point do you start looking at him? I feel like he'll be a WR3 in drafts next season, with the upside to be a WR2. I worry Lockett continues to blossom and eat into his share.
  9. Where does everyone see him going into next season? I feel like he'll have pretty goo positive regression. The volume was there as previously mentioned in this thread. Just didn't turn it into production. And yet he still barely missed 1,000 yards. I've got him around WR20 going into next season. I feel like he could be solid value after a disappointing season. Baker seems legit, I feel like the offense will continue to improve--and as they say rising tides lift all ships
  10. Curious what the shark pool predicts from him next season. He has broken 900 yards once in his career. I've seen him projected in the teens of WR rankings up to the early 20's. He missed 3 games this season. Missed virtually all of the season before. He'll be the #1 WR on the Bears. I feel like Trusbisky is already pretty good and going to keep getting better. That said, I feel like he'll always be 800 and 6. Is the upside for more there, sure. But I feel like he's low on my totem pole of upside until you get into the mid-late 20's of WR rankings. I've currently got him at WR28 or WR29.
  11. I just don't see how anyone trusts David Johnson as their 1st round pick. The Cardinals offense has been very bad. Honestly, Johnson is a guy that PPR would elevate moreso for me. You're going to be able to get him late 2nd or 3rd IMHO. Julio's been on a touchdown tear, but he's had double digit Touchdowns once in his career. Adams just had his 3rd straight Double digit TD season. Adams finally put it all together and is 26 years old. He had 150 less yards, but 6 more TD's. Hill--I get the argument for him over Adams, and I won't tell that you're wrong. But to me, Adams is more reliable/Consistent. Adams had 100 yards or a TD in all but one game. Hill missed the mark 8 times. He gets his points in huge clumps. I worry that Hill is doing a lot of his damage by blowing the tops off of defenses, and they'll adjust for that next season.
  12. What the heck happened this season? 140 Targets. That's tied with Michael Thomas, ahead of Diggs, Mike Evans, , Hill, Wood. Yet still only 76 catches. 54% He caught 69% last season.
  13. Holy one handed catch batman. Finished the night with 9 catches for 192 yards. America is on notice.
  14. I'm curious as to where he goes next season. I've got him at RB13 at the moment. I can't imagine anyone touching him in the 1st, and I won't be surprised if he makes it to the 3rd. As frustrating as this year has been, if he makes it to the 3rd round, he's interesting.
  15. They need to. He's not special. He isn't lifting them to wins. He could maybe be the QB on a more loaded team. The Dolphins aren't the team that the QB can just make a few plays.