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  1. 12 Team .5 PPR Team A gets Ito Smith Team B gets 2019 2nd round pick (Team A is in 11th/12)
  2. jm192

    Current IR stashes

    Every league is different, so don't shoot me if these are rostered in yours: 1. Hunter Henry 2. Chris Warren 3. D'onta Foreman
  3. I edited it. That site also get the pick.
  4. Team A Gives: Doctson/Ronald Jones/Kenyan Drake/2019 2nd Team B gives: Marlon Mack
  5. Is he a buy low at this point in keeper/dynasty? I feel like he can be had for a song and dance.
  6. I think everyone is a sell high candidate for the right price. If you're in a dynasty league/keeper league, he's much more interesting. I had a friend inquire about him today and thought I was going to work my way into Melvin Gordon. Then it turned into Chubb/OBJ for Gordon.
  7. I picked him up in 3-4 leagues out of desperation last week after the last minute Gronk announcement. I dropped him this week, because Gronk would be back. LOL. He's been chilling on the FA in my dynasty league. Hoping to get him off waivers.
  8. jm192

    Week 10 Questions For Bloom

    0.5 PPR flex Pick 1 please: Ito Smith Doug Martin Alfred Morris
  9. 0.5 Ppr dynasty Start RB RB WR WR WR Flex I gave Bell got Keenan Allen I’m in 1st presently. Other RBs: Gurley/Collins/Ito Smith/Doug Martin/Alfred Morris Other WR’s: Landry/Boyd/J Brown/Ridley
  10. jm192

    Le'Veon Bell

    Had Bell in a dynasty on Yahoo. A guy offered Allen a few days ago, offer was still there. Took it after the Schefter news broke.
  11. If Flacco misses time, I have to imagine Brown takes a hit.
  12. jm192

    Le'Veon Bell

    I was offered Keenan Allen in a 0.5 PPR Dynasty league. Allen seems like a solid replacement if you're assuming Bell doesn't play. But then he likely plays next year. I'd love to hear thoughts from other Bell owners Other RBs: Gurley/Collins/Ito Smith WRs: Landry/John Brown/Boyd/Calvin Ridley
  13. jm192

    Le'Veon Bell

    What are people doing with him at this point? I feel like the outcomes are literally anything. Could sit out. Could sign and split carries. Could sign and they run him into the ground to preserve Conner. Is it worth moving him for a more sure thing? Or do you hold out another week since you've already come this far with it.
  14. 0.5 PPR Dynasty league. RB's: Gurley, Bell, Alex Collins, Ito Smith, Doug Martin WR's: Landry, John Brown, Boyd, Calvin Ridley Was offered Allen straight up for Bell. I'm currently 8-1 and in 1st place. Do you take the sure thing in Allen? Hold out and see what Bell's role is once/if he's back? Leave a link and I'm happy to answer yours as well.
  15. 4 for 45. Only 2 rushes. Gruden doesn't seem to want to hand the ball to him often. Game got out of hand or he could have had more catches. PPR he was fine though. I started him in a PPR league at flex and, I've done worse than 8.5 points. I don't expect much more week to week. He'll have some 6-8 catch games. I don't know how often the Raiders will have a chance to play with a lead.