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  1. His next 5 weeks are pretty nice Miami x 2 Washington Philly Cleveland I'm adding him where I need QB help if he's on waivers. I traded Rivers for him straight up in 1. Figure I can rely on the matchups for 5 weeks and figure out the rest along the way.
  2. In the event Josh Allen is on waivers, he has a really nice 5 week stretch. Dolphins twice Redskins Eagles Browns
  3. Henry. Titans have had issues vs the TE. Vikings gonna be tough for the Lions Please see mine:
  4. I'm flexing Frank Gore vs Miami. If my grandmother was playing the Dolphins next week, I'd start her. They're a terrible football team, and I want pieces of whoever is playing them. Bills should put up 20+, whicih could mean a few short TD's. Also they'll be running late, which should mean plenty of carries for Gore. Even if Signletary is back, he hasn't had a huge workload in any of his healthy games--I doubt he comes in and gets 15 touches this week. Please see mine:
  5. I'm going Bell in a full PPR. Hilton and Woods close enough that it's a wash. Please see mine:
  6. jm192

    Trade help

    The problem here isn't the value that you're offering, but a matter of philosophy. Most people would rather stream defenses and play matchups than downgrade a starter for them. Carson is a really nice RB2 that you're getting to play as your flex. You might try Locket and Damien Williams for Hopkins. Upgrade your WR's a bit. Please see mine
  7. I want no part of that Vikings defense. I have a hard time seeing Kerryon getting loose Freeman/Edelman for me. Please see mine:
  8. Redraft: 0.5 PPR. Currently in 3rd place, and confident I'll make the playoffs. Got an offer of Mixon/Jalen Richard for James White/Jordan Howard. After a trade earlier in the season, James White is my RB2. My Flex spot has been Jordan Howard/Terry Mclaurin. So I'm not totally screwed at Flex if I lose Howard. I guess mainly it comes down to: am I buying low here and getting a bounce back from Mixon? Or is the O-line and defense of the Bengals such a disaster that it's just not happening this year?
  9. Forgot the Steelers were on bye next week. Conner's gonna have plenty of time to get healthy
  10. In redraft: Was offered Mixon/Jalen Richard/San Diego for James White/Jordan Howard/Jacksonville. It's 0.5 PPR. I've kind of gone back and forth on it, but at the moment thinking I'm going to do it. If it were full ppr, no way.
  11. I think most perceive Mixon as worth more than a late 1st. Mixon showed how good he can be last year. Between the bad o-line and playing from behind--things haven't worked for him. But you're not writing him off at age 23 when he was really good last year.
  12. Snell looking good. Samuels out for another 3 weeks at least, Conner dinged uo.
  13. The post was from the week prior with Conner's ankle issue or whatever it was. Agree with you that with Samuels out, Snell becomes the handcuff--and one I'm interested in having.
  14. I watched Snell for 3 years at Kentucky. I don't think he's a fantasy mainstay--but this time of year, finding a backup that falls into a significant role can give excellent returns. Bad QB situation, sure. But great offensive line. I wouldn't add him in your team 10 12 man rosters on the Yahoo Public leagues. But deeper rosters--he's worth a stash