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  1. When I think young QB that like to run and isn't a great passer--I think the tight end is going to get a lot of volume. Andrews made some big plays last year, showing off his athletic ability. But mainly, he's cheap. If the "hype" is wrong, what are you using on him? A 10th rounder? 12th?
  2. On the flip side: Barber is one of the most inefficient backs in the league, and yet they still won't give Jones the ball. What does that say? And that's the coaching staff that drafted him. Now you have a coaching change. The kid better light the world on fire in the pre-season. Otherwise, Barber is in light to get another 250 touches. Regardless of effeciency, that kind of volume at his ADP=value.
  3. What's he going to say though? I'm doomed forever. He's had set back after set back. I'm avoiding like the plague. Peterson moving up my board.
  4. I honestly didn't realize he averaged nearly 280 yards per game. When I was watching Eagles/checking thier box scores, seemed like he was struggling.
  5. He’s been my main target in mocks with Goff as my backup target
  6. Really interesting if for no either reason he has chemistry with Haskins coming in. He's a polished kid and someone I'll take in the later rounds of rookie drafts
  7. He's probably going at a fair value if you believe in him. He's there with Landry/Mike Williams/Calvin Ridley/Boyd. I think Landry's upside is limited enough that I can get behind Moore over him. On the flip side, I think Williams/Landry have pretty high upside and in a world of 3 guys that have never broken 1,000 yards--the 10 TD's weigh pretty heavily for me. Boyd having 1,000 yards and 7 TD's in a system where he was missing Green/Dalton--I think I prefer him at this point.
  8. I too am surprised at the lack of love. He had 1000 yards and seven touchdowns in 14 games. This was with Green and Dalton missing time. With everyone back and at his age—seems like a safe bet to repeat.
  9. Here's my problem with it. How bad is Ronald Jones that they continued to put up with Barber's pi$$ poor performance? And now Ronald Jones is again his main competition.
  10. Especially with Cohen acknowledging that his role isn't expected to change. Even in a bad year on a team where he was a bad fit, Jordan Howard had 270 touches. I think Montgomery will start early in the season, perhaps even game 1. And the volume is going to be big.
  11. I really like Coleman. He finished RB18 in PPR on ~200 touches. It felt like the Falcons would never commit to the run. Their defense was devastated with injuries, so maybe that's most of that. I think it's reasonable that the RB1 can get 12-15 touches and the others get 8-10. I think coming off an ACL, McKinnon is behind the 8 ball. Even in that 1B role, Coleman has been useful in fantasy the last several years. He's being drafted as an RB3 in a lot of the mocks I've done--and I think he's safe to finish as an RB3 with RB2 upside.
  12. This. Unless Ronald Jones shows a lot in the pre-season--and I worry he won't--Barber gets another busy season. For a guy that's going so late in drafts, he's a really cheap 250 touches. If he improves at all, he'll give you solid return on investment.
  13. I don't read a lot into it. I think the picks fell how they fell. I don't think being picked at 36th means they like Deebo better than Pettis. I think they wanted a wide receiver because they're thin at the position and that's where their pick was. Pettis showed a lot last year despite being in a suboptimal situation. All the off-season fluff pieces suggest he's made big strides, and the 49ers expect him to be much improved. I've seen enough rookie receivers do nothing to trust a 2nd year who showed me something over a rookie.
  14. I mean, regardless, his competition for catches hasn't really changed. Kittle was there during his best stretch. Early reports suggest Pettis will likely be the #1 receiver. He didn't have his starting QB.