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  1. Did someone earlier say Antifa uses a deadpool logo?
  2. I think Dobbins will be very good. But I think his upside is capped by a couple of factors. 1. Jackson. Jackson will have designed runs. This will cut into his overall carries. Jackson will also steal some goal line TD's. 2. Baltimore likes to use a rotation of backs. Ingram in a Pro-bowl season had less than 230 touches. Ingram will be a major factor this year. He could be for the next couple of years. They've got Hill. I think he's pretty reasonable at 3, maybe 2? CEH in that KC offense seems like a slam dunk. Taylor is an amazing talent going into a good situation. RB's playing with Rivers have caught a ton of passes. But we may only see a year or 2 of Rivers. What's the future in Indy? But even under Brisett, Mack has had success. Taylor>Mack.
  3. The murder of George Floyd and the resulting riots have shaken the entire country. It's hard to ignore it. It's more news than politics. I think 0.1% of the time is pretty reasonable.
  4. I'm in KY, there was a video in Louisville of police showing up to a gathering in a park and smashing jugs of water they were using for hydration. It's scary times. Then you see in some cities where the police chiefs have told the protestors they're with them and they laid their arms down. Just terrifying to think what if the police in your city goes nuts?
  5. Antifa doesn't represent all white people. I would respectfully ask that you stop making this white vs black. Can we not just agree we all hate and condemn racism? 95% of the country is rushing to support the black community--and you're like man, those 5% tho. F#%$ white people!
  6. Do you think the white posters here are contributing? People keep talking about the great divide and then you post this. I don't believe anyone here is contributing. And I don't believe this helps the divide. Also there are plenty of videos of black people looting and attacking people. I think it's predominantly white people. But your post is awfully divisive when there's even Twitter evidence to the contrary.
  7. The video of the guy in Dallas getting beaten badly there were definitely black idiots.
  8. I think Antifa has to be addressed. I think it's an excellent move. Get 'em. The Problem is, Trump still hasn't, and I guess won't send the message that the focus is on fighting Racism in America. He needs to give a speech and send the message that this has to stop. He called on Congress to solve prescription drugs. Why hasn't he called on Congress to put their energies and efforts into this. Why don't you bring black leaders and police leaders together at the white house? You have to address the cause before you can address all this other outrage. And until we're prepared to say that this is a major problem--all anyone hears is that "you're more worried about Antifa than the race problem."
  9. I agree with your premise. There are so many levels of failure. Governors, Mayors, etc. Trump is so hated in the PSF, he’s what gets talked about. But it’s gone nation-wide. It’s not a Minneapolis thing anymore. A speech saying we love you, and we’re not going to sleep until every racist cop is off the streets helps this situation. People want validation for their feelings and support. Tweeting about gunfire—that just reaffirms those feelings that the system is against you.
  10. Honestly, as a conservative, I’d be much more impressed if he came out and spoke against Racism and vowed to fix the system. I think that goes farther than “I’m sending in the big guns”
  11. I put them in another post but at the rate the thread moves, it’s probably pages back. In his tweets on the situation, he never says “Racism, “Equality,” or “Civil rights.” You can do that by accident a few times. At some point you have to intentionally avoid using the R word. And it makes me wonder if he’s making sure to hold onto that hate-filled part of his base by choosing his words carefully.
  12. No, they’re not lol. America nearly 250 years old the black community still being treated as less than.
  13. I honestly wonder at this point. We’ve had several racism/Civil rights issue, and he never says buzz words. Can’t be by accident every time.
  14. Oh be better than this. We’re discussing racism. It existed during Obama/Biden. It will exist after Trump.
  15. There was an opportunity here to show his support of the black community. I don’t think he said “Racism, “equality,” or “civil rights” once. Really piss poor job, and just confirms the mindset that the system doesn’t care about you.