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  1. I will say I am concerned about Trump's inability to put together a phrase. And it's a small thing. As far as condemning white supremacy? He said sure each time Wallace asked if he would do it. I think his intent is to say it. Then he goes to say it and says "proud boys stand down?" But it's such an easy political point to take away. And he continues to fail to end that talk. And that's...something.
  2. He's the entire party, but since he's not elected yet, he hasn't taken those steps. You can't have it both ways.
  3. It's another cute way to dodge the question. As a Republican that has wavered back and forth the last few months, I do worry that a vote for Biden is a license to stack the courts. I guess to your point, it doesn't matter what Biden says today because he can say no today and start the process on inauguration day.
  4. I don't think Biden performed "well." If you like how he performed, I'm really sorry for you. Like if this is what you actually like? You're "happy" with it because Trump acted like a baffoon. But Biden multiple times was asked a question and gave a completely different answer. "I was asking sir about masks." "Will you pack the courts?" "Whatever answer I give doesn't matter. The American people need to go vote" Rah rah rah! Go vote! Who cares if I pack the court? Maybe I will, maybe I won't. But go vote!
  5. I think not doing it once "proves" that Biden's age or "dementia" or whatever is being hidden. He got through it without looking mentally incompetent. He proved what he needed to. And this was such an epic disaster, I don't think cancelling the rest will cost him a single vote.
  6. Maybe. There's two sides to the coin. Despite being completely out of control, Trump seemed Strong and assertive. Biden in contrast seemed meek. Biden seemed calm and Presidential. Trump seemed impulsive and out of control. I'm not convinced that Biden wins, let alone easily. But I do agree with your premise that few if any minds were changed, and that's a win for Biden.
  7. Kind of like Biden refusing to answer any questions on packing the courts. I also thought it was a bad look for Biden to say "I am the Democratic party," and then follow it up by making excuses as to why he hadn't called up mayors and urge them to put an end to the violence. You can't be the Democratic party and then make excuses.
  8. No. I don't think Biden "bails," but I bet he refuses to sit through that $hit show again.
  9. Anyone getting any new cards? The freedom flex seems really good with the 3% on dining and 3% back on drug stores on top of the rotating 5% categories.
  10. No knock warrants probably just need to go. They increase the likelihood of a physical/violent confrontation. It's more dangerous for the people being investigated. It's more dangerous for police.