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  1. Speaking of open garages - I walked by a neighbor's garage and noticed the door was open. Inside were the 2 daughters each sitting at a separate computer desk. It's like having them to sit in the garage with the door open is the closest the parents could get to making them play outside.
  2. We got a rescue dog a couple days ago. Looks like a Basenji but there's something else mixed in for sure. Little ball of fun so far.
  3. I recently watched The Last Jedi and it was unbelievably bad from the plot to the writing to the acting. It took me 3 tries to get through the whole thing. And Solo is supposed to be even worse? What the hell is happening to Star Wars?!?
  4. There are 250 names on that list including something like 14 cia directors, but I'm sure Infowars knows better than they do.
  5. Here is a list of people who agree with those guys:
  6. I read that people knew what she was up to so the tapes might not be as juicy as hoped.
  7. I heard preseason was soft so threw in a single tourney entry after listening to 1 preseason podcast. I doubled up with 2 zeros in my lineup. Wow.
  8. This morning I figured out where the dripping sound in the basement was coming from. The drain tube from one of our split ac units was routed above the edge of the finished basement ceiling, and not connected to anything. They ran the pipe right up to the back side of a floor joist so you can't see that it isn't connected to anything. That means the ac drains onto a structural beam and then drips down onto the drywall ceiling and down inside the wall. WTF MAN?!?! Who does that?!?!
  9. I'm sitting here trying to imagine what would have happened if Obama tried that line. Hannity's head would have literally exploded, at the very least.
  10. It's true that he does not always specifically target African Americans. However, the wikipedia page chronicling his racist acts is 13,000 words long:
  11. Because on an individual level there are more important factors than an extra $7 in your paycheck. If Trump showed up in my neighborhood handing out stacks of cash he probably wouldn't pick up many votes.
  12. Or as that time the GOP slipped through a 40% corporate tax cut.
  13. It's a bold strategy, Cotton. Let's see if it pays off for em'.
  14. I was promised that everything was going to be OK.