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  1. Took a quick video of a Trump ad playing over Times Square right now. edit: It looks terrible but I think you can still read the text. Found it on youtube:
  2. Well then let's hear why we should be supporting these pardons.
  3. Pumping radioactive ooze back into the swamp in an election year. Can't imagine what he'll do if reelected.
  4. Outlook not so good: The percentage of voters who think he deserves re-election is up NINE percent to 50%.
  5. The sir stories are great.
  6. I don't have squeegee kids around me but do see guys providing full service mobile car wash in your parking space. Squeegee kids, evolved!
  7. I know he's gotten mad at Fox before, but is this the first time he's implied that Fox News is failing? I can't keep up.
  8. 5-4 split says this is not the real reasoning and everyone knows it.
  9. Trump unveils Space Force logo nearly identical to Starfleet Command logo. I'm dying over here.
  10. Seriously, how is this possible? Physically painful to read.
  11. I can tell you from professional experience that unbiased reporting is religion at Reuters. If you think it has a left lean it might be you who is biased.
  12. 40% approve of Trump's job performance and 34% approve of him as a person (including 76% of republicans). I'd imagine that once you subtract the uninformed you're left with tens of millions who think those negatives you listed are actually positives. Kind of terrifying.
  13. Trump has such difficulty reading the constitution out loud he claims it's like a foreign language. This is where we're at now.
  14. But he's keeping out brown folks, making the rich richer, triggering the libs, and sticking up for the oppressed white christian male, so who cares?
  15. Anatomy of a Trump rally: 67 percent of claims are false or lacking evidence. Does he do it on purpose or can he simply not remember facts? Do you think he could turn it off if he wanted to?