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  1. mrip541

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    Cruz's childhood nickname was Felito, his real name is Raphael, and his dad thinks Ted is an insult to his Cuban heritage.
  2. mrip541

    The Trump Years

    Me: I'm sure it can't be that bad. Narrator: It was that bad.
  3. Weekly grand jury sure sounds like a nothingburger. My money says something big is coming.
  4. mrip541

    ***Official*** Beto O'Rourke Thread

    I'm not an expert but it kind of looks like for Beto to win he'd need substantial parts of TX to vanish into the abyss. I wish he'd give some of that money to candidates in closer races.
  5. mrip541

    ***New York***

    I just read that 1 in 10 public school kids in NYC are homeless or live in temporary housing. How is that even possible?
  6. mrip541

    Blacks Support Trump

    He claimed he needed to free a murderer serving six consecutive life sentences because he's that guy in an alternate universe. Seriously. He actually said that.
  7. mrip541

    2018 Elections Thread

    Michael Cohen re-registers as a democrat ahead of midterms.
  8. mrip541

    Music Modernization Act

    If they somehow managed to make it worse for artists I'll be truly impressed, but not surprised.
  9. mrip541

    Blacks Support Trump

    As someone who lives in a majority black community, I guarantee you that doesn't happen.
  10. mrip541

    The Trump Years

    Considering the crazy stuff Trump's been saying at these rallies this is probably good for the GOP.
  11. mrip541

    The Trump Years

    Ignore after 2 posts might be a new record for me.
  12. mrip541

    The Trump Years

    Is that true?
  13. mrip541

    The Trump Years

    Travel Channel just had a bit about how astronauts took a corned beef sandwich into space and how it was a big scandal. Ah, the good ol' days.
  14. I had my annual checkup where my doc looked at bloodwork from a year ago and mentioned I had low vitamin D. That one sentence switched the visit from an annual checkup to a sick visit (new diagnosis) and cost something like an extra $200.