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  2. Perhaps we should instead be focusing on changing the social and economic conditions that lead people to do this kind of thing. Just a thought.
  4. Not if you use naughty words.
  5. I used to live at Court and Schermerhorn. Can't imagine living there now. We're also considering ditching the city and after being here for 11 years it's pretty strange to imagine living anywhere else but we're struggling to find reasons to stay.
  6. What the actual hell is wrong with this guy?! It's unbelievable.
  7. She was called out for being a bad person and she reacted by making a racist false criminal allegation while knowing she was being recorded. I don't feel bad for her at all. I do feel bad for the dog.
  8. Last year my dog was terrified to leave the house for 2 weeks after the 4th. Had to carry her out a few times.
  9. My understanding was that the polls showed a late Trump surge with the final polls being very close to the real outcome, which was Clinton taking the popular vote by 2.1%, so within the expected margin of error.
  10. Are his numbers in battleground states actually improving? I haven't been keeping track but a glance at rcp doesn't seem to show movement.
  11. So the argument is that Trump could actually shoot someone on 5th ave and not be charged? I don't see how you justify this one.
  12. Video quality through my A9G's native apps (Netflix, Hulu, Prime) is amazing but Arc doesn't work properly and using optical introduces audio lag. Video quality from my PS4 is noticeably worse as is the motion. My Roku doesn't do Dolby Vision. I think I've narrowed it down to the Apple TV 4k and the Nvidia Shield but I can't decide. If your top priority was video quality what would you buy?
  13. I truly hope so but I'm sitting here seeing his approval trend up, the battleground states in play, vegas still saying he's favored, GOP voters super pumped to vote even if they have to get covid 19 in the process... I'm very likely missing something but my confidence is not high.