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  1. Easily Mims. Would expect their values to head in opposite directions next year. Ekeler returns from injury, and Mims likely gets a generational QB talent in Lawrence.
  2. Interesting. It's been the opposite for me. Have tried buying Sanders but his owners want top-3 RB prices.
  3. Not if you're a contender. He will continue to produce while CMc is out. And even once he's back, Davis will be one of the better handcuffs. Chances of hitting on a rookie in the 3rd aren't great. If not a contender and like to load up on picks, Davis and a 4th for a 2nd would be okay.
  4. With shaky WR situation, could see them going to much more 2 TE sets. Hilton has been dropping too many passes, Pittman is struggling as most rookie WR's do, and Campbell is out for season with injury. Don't cut bait with Cox just because Doyle is back. They will keep throwing to Cox until he gives them a reason not to.
  5. For rookies like McFarland and Dillon, the biggest risk is whether incumbents Conner and A Jones get new contracts. Would imagine Conner is more likely than Jones to accept a below-market deal. Is a Pittsburgh kid who was embraced by city during his cancer battle. Seeing his Instagram posts where he bought his Dad a truck and his Mom a house, hard to imagine him leaving the Steelers unless they really lowball him. Has deep roots in Pittsburgh. While I like McFarland's talent, his fantasy ceiling seems to be Gio Bernard : a career backup who puts up good numbers in spot starts when starter is injured.
  6. Can you elaborate on your concerns about Bryan Edwards mental issues ? From all I've heard his intangibles are stellar, this is first I'm hearing otherwise.
  7. How the heck could Dobbins be 2nd, when he didn't do anything other than be measured/weighed ? He was injured so didn't participate in any drills.
  8. Wow, and he claimed that he was in a biracial marriage married to a black woman.
  9. Denver game has forecast of nice weather ? Thought they were supposed to get 14 inches of snow.
  10. I favor Scarborough ROS since K Johnson will be out much longer than Mack. And seems like Indy will use more of a RBBC with both guys, whereas McKissic doesn't seem like much of a threat for carries. Plus Hines gets the receptions for Colts which really makes Wilkins/Williams touchdown dependent.
  11. Would like Godwin a lot more this week if Lattimore was playing, as he would have shadowed Evans. But Godwin will still be solid ROS. Only thing missing has been touchdowns. Has gotten at least 8 targets for last 6 games. And love his playoff schedule : Week 15 Detroit (28th ranked pass defense) and Week 16 Houston (26th ranked pass defense).
  12. At least with Walton you had a floor of 2 points and a ceiling of 4. With Ballage's terrible ball security, you'd be better off starting a player on a bye week. Rather than risk getting negative points from him, if your league scoring includes negatives for fumbling.
  13. Yeah I'd have Reagor and Dobbins in over Tyler Johnson and Higgins. Just don't see it with Tyler Johnson. But he has a lot of fans so maybe I'm missing something. Higgins doesn't seem to have enough speed. Bryan Edwards gets dinged for lack of speed but I'm expecting him to run a faster 40 than Higgins.