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  1. At least with Walton you had a floor of 2 points and a ceiling of 4. With Ballage's terrible ball security, you'd be better off starting a player on a bye week. Rather than risk getting negative points from him, if your league scoring includes negatives for fumbling.
  2. Yeah I'd have Reagor and Dobbins in over Tyler Johnson and Higgins. Just don't see it with Tyler Johnson. But he has a lot of fans so maybe I'm missing something. Higgins doesn't seem to have enough speed. Bryan Edwards gets dinged for lack of speed but I'm expecting him to run a faster 40 than Higgins.
  3. Feels like this could be the week they get Ingram more involved in the passing game with screens. NE figures to take away the TE's in the middle of the field. And Balt had the bye week to devise a creative gameplan. Expecting 100 total yards and a touchdown from him. Maybe it's wishful thinking, but he should also have fresh legs as they haven't been giving him a ton of touches.
  4. Hard to have confidence in Washington's medical staff. Love Guice's talent and he's a hard worker. But won't be shocked if he sustains another injury this season. That O-line is terrible and won't be getting Trent Williams back.
  5. Most Canadians are too nice to thrive on a cut-throat reality show. He definitely falls into that category. Was willing to just go with the flow.
  6. Should still be able to get another piece with Godwin for OBJ. Even if it's just a pick bump, like OBJ and your 2nd for Godwin and his 1st.
  7. Wasn't Mercury. His jail stint was after his playing career was over. Maybe Bam Morris ?
  8. Higbee missed a game with an injury, which slants the snap % for these guys.
  9. Isn't Kyle Long expected back this week ? That should help the running game. Montgomery seems to be way too slow when he stops and tries to change direction.
  10. I think so. Best comparison I can think of is Mayfield. Or maybe Stafford but with a less powerful arm. If guys like Dalton can be a starter for several years, then Burrow can certainly be a mid-tier starter.
  11. Yeah Zay Jones is really crushing it. When he's behind Duke Williams and is relegated to special teams play, think it's safe to dismiss your cherry-picked stats from a 5 week stretch at end of season as an indicator that he's on his way to stardom. He'll be playing in the Arena league soon enough.