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  1. You can devise much fairer systems. Just make OT a full period. Or keep the current sudden-death setup but each team at least gets one possession.
  2. Knew the Rams would win, as soon as that PI wasn't called. I've been conditioned as a fan, a call that bad in that kind of spot will always decide the game
  3. oh my god stop taking Brees out of the game in the red zone
  4. Just me or was that a generous spot on that Mahomes slide?
  5. Started Watson over Roethlisberger. Nice but probably too little too late after he basically cost me my last two games.
  6. I'm looking at the same two guys. I'm leaning towards the Judge. Despite this last game, I still hate to go near Tampa's run game, usually so anemic. And Tevin's only been OK so far, so maybe Smith could even get a bigger share of the snaps as time passes.
  7. That would have been smart, and it would have been equally smart for Gronk to stop at the 1 yard line. Then you just gave the Pats a chip shot
  8. Yeah, let's not forget that there was a season that Gurley sucked. Was that offense more of a hot mess than the Giants' right now?
  9. garbage ### penalty. This is the worst thing I've ever seen in football
  10. That's two games below 20 yards for Conner
  11. Ended up with great career numbers, but those who lived through those injury-plagued seasons in his prime can never forget the trauma. Also see: Bruce, Isaac
  12. So when they were talking about Touchdown Eddie Brown they said that somebody or other selected him and Kurt Warner as the two best arena football players of all time. I heard that right, didn't I? I looked up Kurt Warner's arena stats, he only played three seasons and he didn't have nothin' on my man Tommy Grady