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  1. I'm Dodds for life. Been following him for so many years now (MrFootball yo) and he's steered me right way, way more than he's steered me wrong.
  2. Their careers have oddly been in lockstep, both quite impressive by rookie standards but never really advanced from there, getting worse if anything.
  3. He predicted that the Jets would Jets. They always find a way to Jets.
  4. Definitely below. Lamar Jackson pushed the (theoretical) cutoff up a ton
  5. Dude... that was such textbook talking out both sides of his mouth, I thought that I must have heard him wrong the first time. Thank you for verifying that.
  6. You can devise much fairer systems. Just make OT a full period. Or keep the current sudden-death setup but each team at least gets one possession.
  7. Knew the Rams would win, as soon as that PI wasn't called. I've been conditioned as a fan, a call that bad in that kind of spot will always decide the game
  8. oh my god stop taking Brees out of the game in the red zone
  9. Just me or was that a generous spot on that Mahomes slide?
  10. Started Watson over Roethlisberger. Nice but probably too little too late after he basically cost me my last two games.
  11. I'm looking at the same two guys. I'm leaning towards the Judge. Despite this last game, I still hate to go near Tampa's run game, usually so anemic. And Tevin's only been OK so far, so maybe Smith could even get a bigger share of the snaps as time passes.