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  1. For those of you that have already drafted where has he been going? I have the 8th pick in a 12 team ppr league and have been giving some thought to taking Gurley in the 2nd.
  2. I'd be picking him up as my rb2 in a start 2 rb ppr league. I have Conner/Bell, Dion as my other backs. I was thinking down the road.
  3. Are they expecting Cook to return week 7? have an opportunity to pick him up as my rb2.
  4. Is Dalvin Cook a buy low target? I may be able to get him for a combo of McCoy and Crowell.
  5. I just did a deal with goodwin. not sure why the other guy would want him I got Golladay and Crowell for T. Coleman and Goodwin in a 12 team ppr league
  6. took Bell 2nd overall in a 12 team ppr redraft and picked up Connor in the 12th. No regrets. He'll report and be the stud that he is.
  7. I had the 2nd pick in my main 12 team ppr league and predraft I was hoping to go rb-wr at the 2-3 swing. The scoring in this league makes qb's a little more valuable than some of the others in here. Usuall there are 3-4 qb's taken in the first 2 rounds. firts round had 11 rb's go along with AB. Then the top Wrs were going like crazy. by the time it got back to me at the 2-3 swing 13 rb's 8 wr's and Rodgers were off the board. None of this followed any of the normal drafting of the others in the league. All of the mock drafting I did proved almost useless.
  8. 10 team ppr yesterday. first 4 were Gurley, Bell, Zeke, Kamara DJ K.Allen Gronk Diggs I like this start
  9. I took him at 5.05 in my 10 team redraft PPR draft. Too much value to pass up.
  10. What pick do you have? I've done some mocks and the first 3 picks usually look something like this Bell Thomas/Adams/Green McCoy I think I like that start.
  11. Where has McCoy been going in some of your drafts? I have the 2nd pick in a 12 team ppr league and I have a feeling he'll be there for me for my 3rd pick. If he's there that may be too much value to pass up. Any more on the possible suspension?
  12. Buy low on Ajayi? It has to get better right?