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  1. It was after the Reid talk. I’m going bpa but I think some WR’s will slip due to the league always drafting RB heavy (i.e Vaughn will definitely go top 8).
  2. 10 team PPR Damien Williams(new owner picks 1.1) for the 2.05.
  3. That’s how I’m valuing him 1.9-2.2 but no dice at that price range.
  4. Can I get a price check on Ertz (non TE Premium). Looking to move him and I’m getting offers in the mid 2nd for him.
  5. I’m about to pull the trigger. PPR league, everything else standard. I’m giving up Nuk and L. Bell for Jacobs and Andrews.
  6. Does anyone have the cutoff number for Championship weekend the last couple of years?
  7. Congrats to the Vikings fans! The Vikings were the better team (players and coaches). Saints need a #2 WR so bad. Double teamed MT13 and Drew had to hold the ball leading to heavy pressure. Sanders was there for the taking but the 49ers were more aggressive and the Saints paid for it IMO.
  8. I know this might not be popular but in our H2H 10 team Dynasty league the high point total for the season is guaranteed a playoff spot. I’ve seen too many times where a team catches the team they are playing that particular week with no byes and that trend continues during the season. Doing this prevents extremely bad luck with scheduling.
  9. Man, Cowboys fans sure are complaining about the refs. As SM22 said, the referees suck pretty damn bad across the board.
  10. Because Teddy holds the ball way too long and doesn’t take shots downfield.