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  1. It's on the front page, but here is a link if you need it.
  2. Were going to see a much more open offense, being a Oregon Native I like the hire. Herlfrich has great offense mind, just not a good recruiter, hence his down fall post Chip Kelly at Oregon. Plus Nagy calling the plays helps out, would be a little worried if he was our full time play caller with no NFL experience.
  3. Cooper will drop and could be a player you get good value for with Gruden taking over, and what sounds like Crabtree being dropped. I will be grabbing him next year in the 3rd/4th I'm guessing.
  4. This league get's return yards and TD's so Cohen it is, thanks.
  5. PPR RB: Barber TB vrs Cohen Chi Cohen plays tomorrow, and no word in Barber will start
  6. Exactly, just like FA this past season, our bears are seen as a franchise you don't want to play/coach for. Honestly we're barely a step up from the Browns with our front office and ownership problems. Its getting harder and harder to stay a bears fan, got excited with our draft past spring but watching what Fox does and what our ownership continues to do.... ### #### it!
  7. My vote also, but this may be a homer pick. Was huge fan predraft and he'll playing time this year.
  8. Malik McDowell (SEA) is currently list as DE on MFL, for those DT required league like one of mine. Hurts his sleeper value
  9. Found this for a predraft ranking: 1. Adoree Jackson 2. Jabrill Peppers 3. Desmond King 4. TJ Logan 5. Justin Evans
  10. Thought Adoree Jackson Tenn CB was supposed to the best return man in this draft
  11. I have 3 drafts starting this weekend, with one them being finished in one day. 10 Team IDP/PPR/TE Heavy (Will be all done on Sunday) 12 team IDP/PPR 10 team IDP/PPR
  12. Never knew where MFL got there destinations. That makes sense since they use rotoworld. Thanks
  13. Any one know if Campbell will be designated a DE or DT be the Jag's? FBallguys had him listed as a DT in blurb about him playing a lot of DE. Only reason I ask is my main IDP requires starting a DT, and some other people may be in similar leagues as myself.
  14. Biggs reported, he sensed the Jefffrey was intent on leaving Chicago, Rapoport reported he also took the one year deal over multyi year offers from other teams like the Vikings.
  15. Well then, there goes that theory. Hopefully this draft goes well.