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  1. Leave nothing to chance. Give it to the Bears' brain trust to ensure Viking wins.
  2. Look, just keep the play calling terrible until after the Vikings have played both games. We don't need the Bears putting up a fight.
  3. Yeah. Weren't there 2 fumbled kicks that turned into 2 TDs in the first half? Not sure this was a QB clinic tonight on either side of the ball.
  4. I thnik I know the HOU playbook on 4th. Incomplete pass to Fuller...
  5. Just logged in to ask the same. I don't think he has seen a target since mid 2nd.
  6. PPR - Forte, Fozzy, Draughn, or Artis-Paine - Who starts and who is most likely to score? Is Moncrief a drop with injury and only 1 week left, if I advance?
  7. Cam was a mistake in the draft (was not sold). I tried to sell him the week before Big Ben got hurt with no takers. Since then we has carried me and allowed me to focus WW efforts elsewhere. OBJ and Gronk have given the solid base that was expected. Perhaps they should count but Cam is for sure the surprise. Week 14 was OBJ, of course.
  8. would have said sit martin sorry i missed ya I did sit Martin after flip flopping a dozen times. Thanks anyway. If I make it through to next week I am just emailing you my credentials so you log into my account and just take over.
  9. Start 2 of Gurley, Martin, David Johnson. Non-PPR with bonus points at 100 yds. I want to get Johnson in there but ...
  10. Who gets the red zone/goal line carries? Fozzy got 3 RZ carries last week (same as Stewart). i would have thought Tolbert but he had 0 last week. I didn't see the game but I think they play conservative with Cam and use a RB at the goal line.
  11. If you are playing a game (even for pride) or can keep the player next year then you should still get a shot at the players. If you have been eliminated or can't keep the player then it is a total low-class move and should be in the rules to prevent. I got burned by a couple of toilet bowl teams this week. But they are playing for something. The OP sounds like it is not against the rules and the transaction needs to stand. In the off-season introduce a rule.
  12. OBJ needs to save me tonight. 12/14/2014 was very good for him. Just dial that one up again and all is forgiven with the fantasy Gods.
  13. Given that you have no rule, I think a coin flip is the only option unless the 2 teams work something out. You need a decision by Tuesday morning though. I'd prefer decimal scoring. But higher seed is an interesting thought. My league uses bench points, which I hate even though I have won the only instance it was used with me. I agree on the 2 week playoff. Only use that when playoffs are formatted for it.
  14. FOMO in full effect this week. Starting: RB: Forte, Rawls WR/TE: OBJ FLEX1: Draughn FLEX2: Eifert Have: D.Parker, Gronk, ASJ The siren song of ASJ versus NO keeps calling to me as does putting in Parker in a way to wait for Gronk. But Eifert is a red zone focus and could get 2 TDs pretty easily. Would you change anything? Thanks for all the advice this year Sig!
  15. It's important they keep winning ugly. Apparently the "Worst 11-0 Team Ever" article had them motivated this week. I imagine they've locked up the "Worst 12-0" title & will be aiming to the worst ever 13-0, et al. They talk about getting JStew rest but he's yet to see a 25th carry. It's not like they're grinding him into the dirt. Three straight at 21 attempts, last eight between 20 and 24. You think Rivera is anxious to dump a winning formula? For what, to coast into a bye? Didn't work out so great for teams that let off the gas too early in years past. Agreed. Losing has a way of taking hold. The gap between Carolina and other teams is not as great as it might seem. They are winning on pure determination. That is a good model to win in the playoffs. Not to mention it is a lot of fun to watch. I hope they become the worst undefeated team in history.