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  1. I expected a shootout in this game. Surprised at the score.
  2. Need to decide today between Damien Williams or Jaylen Samuels. Standard scoring.
  3. Personally, I think he comes back and plays as a backup to Conner, keeping him rested. That will mean neither is a stud for the remainder of the season unless the other is out. I have ZERO intel to base that on. Just my feeling.
  4. Watkins, Fuller or Coutee in Standard or drop one for Njoku, Gabriel, R.Anderson, OJ Howard? I am leaning Watkins but like that CLE passing schedule.
  5. Following a big Thursday from Brady and White I managed to field the worst possible combination of players. Lutz will make the failure complete...
  6. I can't watch and came to see if he was injured.
  7. Yikes I have to pick between Marvin Jones, watkins, Lockett, and coutee for my last spot. That is with Fuller already in. Nervous about all and have Jones for now. Who would you start?
  8. I also think he posted that he was leaving. I was disappointed because I always liked his takes.
  9. I have him in a keeper and nobody has even come sniffing. I don't see anything that reduces his value from where it is now unless he doesn't play at all (unlikely). The closer to week 10 the more value he has. If I am out of it when he comes back (or just before) then I can trade him for a cheaper keeper next year. If I am not, by some miracle, then he boosts my team. For now, he is a dead roster spot on my team but I have not seen anything on the waiver that is worth more than his potential at the end of year.
  10. Morris looks dynamic so far! #nohedoesnt
  11. Perhaps it would have made sense to trade Zeke when Rodger was injured to reduce risk to your team. Especially as the issue with Zeke dragged out. Good luck.
  12. Sounds like he was pulled from game in Q4 but cleared right after the game.