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  1. Well, I might say it was more fractured during the Civil War... But, yeah Trump is pretty much trying to institute McCarthyism.
  2. I think that this is best solution. Retroactively change any wins to losses. Possible catches are: - There isn't a balanced schedule (they play some teams more than others) where some teams would get more free wins - You are using a site where you can't retroactively change the win/loss If the above prevent a freeze then you have to go with a site to determine starters. If you don't want to use FBG (because you or others have don't have subs) then a consolidated site like https://www.fantasypros.com could be used. You will face issues with the teams possibly getting less competitive as the season goes on. Tough to figure out add/drops as players get injured or stop producing. Those teams may be easier to beat at the end of the season. I'm not a fan of playing against the league average because then you are playing several other teams (including yourself) and if you can do that then you should be able to freeze the rosters and give them all losses. A good point was made that it is the owners' right to quit. This is what a commish gets to deal with unfortunately. Another good point was made that this is not a freedom of speech issue with the NFL. Freedom of speech does not extend to the workplace. My understanding is that employers can fire you but you can't be sent to jail for expressing your opinion.
  3. Just go with WR/TE as a position. I have enjoyed it a lot more since making the change. I really only see the point if you are playing a league where a LOT of positions to balance things out.
  4. ROS: Drop John Brown for Gates (as a WR)? Both have some great matchups coming.
  5. Start 1: PPR J.Stew, D.Adams, John Brown, Rishard Matthews, Ty Montgomery
  6. Anyone have any info? Thanks!
  7. Who to pick up for later in season? Lewis or Rawls? Ppr
  8. Need upside at QB stream if AJ Green continues to disappoint, safe play if AJ scores. A.Smith (current), avail include Brock O, McCown, Taylor, Cutler Can you give your upside and safe plays?
  9. Flex in standard: Asiata, John Brown, Eifert (if answering before kickoff) Asiata in now
  10. Pick 2 in .5 PPR: Matt Jones, Black unicorn or J.Rodgers. Is the unicorn lost in the crowd?
  11. JStew or John Brown. Std scoring but rec yds worth more than rush.
  12. Are Steve Smith/John Brown worth holding ROS (as flex play) versus waiver players like Hogan, Mike Thomas, J Stewart, D Lewis, Sproles? Considering upside. Any other possible season changers to look for that might be there?
  13. Can Hogan be a season changer? Is now the time to pick up?
  14. Best chance for 100 yds rushing? West or McCoy