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  1. Pick 2 in .5 PPR: Matt Jones, Black unicorn or J.Rodgers. Is the unicorn lost in the crowd?
  2. JStew or John Brown. Std scoring but rec yds worth more than rush.
  3. Are Steve Smith/John Brown worth holding ROS (as flex play) versus waiver players like Hogan, Mike Thomas, J Stewart, D Lewis, Sproles? Considering upside. Any other possible season changers to look for that might be there?
  4. Can Hogan be a season changer? Is now the time to pick up?
  5. Best chance for 100 yds rushing? West or McCoy
  6. What kind of functional update? It looks the same to me.
  7. Update. I now have a league in there twice and can't delete it. Ugh. More erratic behavior.
  8. Ugh. I went to my.footballguys.com (the New site) and told it to Import MyFBG Leagues and it said all of my leagues had not been brought into the new MFG (despite being listed right on the screen). I told it to bring them in and they had a duplicate of every team. Some linked (old) and some not (new). I deleted all linked teams. Linked the new ones. Checked the rosters in the new (painful) MFG and they were right. Went back to the old (usable) MFG. Rosters still out of date. I clicked the Sync All Leagues, it did and everything was up to date. I am on Win7 with Chrome. My advice is to go reimport from MyFBG, relink (which worked for me), and then delete the old leagues from my.footballguys.com. Wow, systemic is a good way to describe what we are seeing. I was hoping that FBG would just stop messing with this but apparently they feel the need to continually F with their customers. I expect to see another half-hearted email later this week or sometime in the future. It feels like FBG is prepping for some major CBS Sports type move where they alienate most of us. It is frustrating given the number of years I have subscribed and how much I enjoy the content. I am hoping that they just hired / used some unqualified web developer and decided that they didn't need to test it. I am in software and get it but this is a major mess up. What I am seeing on the new site is only worthy of free usage, not paid. It is untested and unreliable. It doesn't work on my desktop, it doesn't work on my phone. It doesn't work. As a business person I also understand that they can't just extend everyone's subscription and take an entire year of revenue as a loss but I expect they will see a noticeable decline in subscriptions next year. My 3 year sub is running out, the new 3 year doesn't make sense, and I will need to evaluate if I want to deal with this again.
  9. Since you like puns is he a Walshed out kicker?
  10. Leave nothing to chance. Give it to the Bears' brain trust to ensure Viking wins.
  11. Look, just keep the play calling terrible until after the Vikings have played both games. We don't need the Bears putting up a fight.
  12. Yeah. Weren't there 2 fumbled kicks that turned into 2 TDs in the first half? Not sure this was a QB clinic tonight on either side of the ball.
  13. I thnik I know the HOU playbook on 4th. Incomplete pass to Fuller...
  14. Just logged in to ask the same. I don't think he has seen a target since mid 2nd.
  15. PPR - Forte, Fozzy, Draughn, or Artis-Paine - Who starts and who is most likely to score? Is Moncrief a drop with injury and only 1 week left, if I advance?