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  1. Half way through The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and it’s awesome. The Two Storms episode we just watched was amazing with the camera work and shifting timelines and dialogue. Very highly recommend.
  2. Interesting segment on Maddow show tonight. Since Republicans haven’t named any members to the house intelligence committee yet (one of the only committees they haven’t named members for), Schiff can’t conduct any business yet. Like sending Meuller official transcripts of witness testimony, for example. 🤔
  3. Isn’t this how the Left Behind books and/or Revelations started? Next everyone will have to get the Trump logo tattooed on their forehead to prove how much of a patriot they are. Maybe i I need to start a new thread . . .
  4. Did any Republicans vote against the Trump/Senate bill?
  5. When the #whereismitch search takes a dark and urgent turn
  6. Great post, thanks for taking the time to putting this together. This is might explain why people voted for Trump originally, but what has he done in the past two years to work towards any of these problems? Has he made any effort to make any of these issues better to keep people supporting him now? Its the continued support despite all the negative things Trump has done that brings the reaction that many have to the maga gear.
  7. Might need it’s own thread, but MLK quotes tweeted out by the FBI, CIA, NRA, and Steve King we’re pretty amazing today too.
  8. Wouldn’t that make it Mexica? (I’m drunk)
  9. Thanks for the reply. I agree with all this. Why is it on the Democrats to compromise if this is the case, especially considering the results of the recent election?
  10. 1) if it was such an important part of his campaign, why didn’t he push for it in his first 2 years when republicans controlled both houses. 2) Many house democrats recently ran against the wall and Trumps immigration policies and won with a greater portion of the electorate than Trump did. Why should they abondon their campaign promises so Trump can kind of keep his?
  11. Interesting @RonaldKlain Looking ahead here: Under Title II of the National Emergencies Act, Congress can vote on rejecting the President's declaration of an emergency, and that vote cannot be subjected to a filibuster in the Senate. (50 USC 1622 (c))
  12. I’m sure Trump will just trot out a few people tomorrow with family members killed by illegal immigrants and spew some “hide your wife, hide your kids” rhetoric. Oh and blame the Democrats for everything.
  13. Yo Mama

    Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Thread

    Agreed - I just think the Kardashian comparison has a huge amount of negative connotations that have nothing to do with AOC and that I don’t think you’d use with any other congressperson.