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  1. Time to jump on the Doobie train! I’m an unashamed Michael McDonald fan and this was up there for me with their earlier stuff. I like a lot of the songs on this album (particularly Here to Love You and Open Your Eyes) bur my song choices will be explained below. Yo Mama selects: 38.22 - The Doobie Brothers - Minute by Minute (1978) What a Fool Believes - One of my all time favorites, and by far the league leader for songs I will 100% sing along to much too loudly while knowing less than 25% of the words. “What a fool belieeeeeves ... a baabaa faafaa naanaa!” Minute by Minute - Pretty sure this was the song on constant loop on the Smart-Tech TVs in Forty Year Old Virgin. Paul Rudd will now hate our playlist if he’s following along.
  2. On this note, what are people’s thoughts on playlist songs. Do y’all prefer lesser known songs on the playlist to the more popular ones? I’ve been building my own playlist with my songs, so I’ve been picking more of the well known songs if those are my favorites (especially if they haven’t been in my listening rotation for a while). Do you prefer to have deeper cuts on the master playlist to hear more new stuff (or things you don’t typically hear on the radio)?
  3. Funny, I was actually leaning towards Night by Night and Parker’s Band, but decided to stick with the popular ones since they were always my favorite. So much goodness on this album.
  4. Can’t live on my island without a bit more Steely Dan. This is another one of my favorites of theirs with their usual great vibes on top of some great variety across the album. Yo Mama selects: 37.19 - Steely Dan - Pretzel Logic (1974) 1 - Rikki Don’t Lose That Number 2 - Night by Night 3 - Any Major Dude Will Tell You 4 - Barrytown 5 - East St. Louis Toodle-Oo 🎶 6 - Parker’s Band 😎 7 - Through with Buzz 8 - Pretzel Logic 9 - With a Gun 10 - Charlie Freak 11 - Monkey in Your Soul
  5. Sticking with my stroll through the eighties and taking another one of my favorites that I used to play the hell out of. When I was listening to this one again on my walk yesterday, I had to remind myself half way through that I didn’t need to flip the cassette to the other side on my Walkman (I had one of the old ones without the cool auto-reverse tech). Yo Mama selects: 36.22 - The Cure - The Head on the Door (1985) 1 - In Between Days 2 - Kyoto Song 3 - The Blood 4 - Six Different Ways 5 - Push 6 - The Baby Screams 7 - Close to Me 😎 8 - A Night Like This 9 - Screw 10 - Sinking
  6. Going back to another post-30 double dip for an album that should have gone long ago. This is stacked with so many classics and was a backdrop to my early high school years. Yo Mama selects: 35.19 - U2 - War (1983) 1 - Sunday Bloody Sunday 2 - Seconds 3 - New Year’s Day 4 - Like a Song ... 5 - Drowning Man 6 - The Refugee 7 - Two Hearts Beat as One 8 - Red Light 9 - Surrender 10 - 40
  7. I was originally thinking of going with eponymous albums or albums with the band name partially in it, but was scared off by the 40 drafters. I’m glad I chickened out because I would have gone on tilt with Rage and Van Halen taken between my 1st and 2nd round picks (Who’s Next would have been my 1st rounder). Plus I really like my island playlist so far without using a draft shtick.
  8. This was one of my favorite albums from the early eighties. I love the whole album for its great vibe, but I’ll be taking the biggest hits from it since they never get old for me. Yo Mama selects: 34.22 - Joe Jackson - Night and Day (1982) I’m too lazy to type up the whole track listing tonight, but here are my songs: Steppin’ Out Breaking Us In Two
  9. Dang, for some reason I had mentally crossed this off my list because I thought it was already taken. Alas.
  10. So this is an album I would have taken in my first 10 rounds if was just on Spotify. This was probably in my top 3 most-played hip hop albums (along with Low End Theory and Paul’s Boutique). It’s just a masterpiece of sampling and production. I had so much fun listening to this again on YouTube - such a shame it’s not on Spotify. I won’t put any of the crappy remixes out there on the playlist. We’ll all just have to enjoy the YouTube links. Yo Mama selects: 33.19 - De La Soul - 3 Feet High and Rising (1989) 1 - Intro 2 - The Magic Number 3 - Change in Speak 4 - Cool Breeze on the Rocks 5 - Can U Keep a Secret 6 - Jenifa Taught Me (Derwin's Revenge) 7 - Ghetto Thang 8 - Transmitting Live from Mars 9 - Eye Know 10 - Take It Off 11 - A Little Bit of Soap 12 - Tread Water 13 - Potholes in My Lawn 14 - Say No Go 15 - Do as De La Does 16 - Plug Tunin' (Last Chance to Comprehend) 17 - De La Orgee 18 - Buddy 19 - Description 20 - Me Myself and I 21 - This Is a Recording 4 Living in a Fulltime Era (L.I.F.E.) 22 - I Can Do Anything (Delacratic) 23 - D.A.I.S.Y. Age 24 - Plug Tunin' Such a hard time picking songs, but it won’t go on the playlist anyway (sob).
  11. I felt so badass when my dad somehow allowed me to buy this record. I don’t think he’d heard yet that Another One Bites the Dust was really backwards for It’s Fun to Smoke Marijuana. Just to keep @Mrs. Rannous from taking all the Queen albums, Yo Mama selects: 32.22 - Queen - The Game (1980) 1 - Play the Game 2 - Dragon Attack 3 - Another One Bites the Dust 4 - Need Your Loving Tonight 5 - Crazy Little Thing Called Love 6 - Rock It (Prime Jive) 7 - Don’t Try Suicide 8 - Sail Away Sweet Sister 9 - Coming Soon 10 - Save Me