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  1. COVERS All Along the Watchtower - The Jimi Hendrix Experience One of my all time favorites
  2. Let’s try this again. 10.01 - American Idol - Reality Not going to do my full write up again, but here are some highlights for this ratings behemoth and cultural phenomenon: - For 8 consecutive years, it had the highest rated show in US tv ratings - Despite airing 3 times a week, it’s 5th season averaged over 30 million viewers - Rival networks were forced to rearrange their lineups to avoid Idol - There were more votes for some Idol contests that in most presidential elections - Nominated for 9 outstanding reality program emmys and won 6 people’s choice awards for favorite reality show - Gave us 345 Billboard chart toppers - Gave almost as much game/infamy to the worst performers as to the contenders - Brought us Kelly Clarkson, Carrie Underwood, Jennifer Hudson, Fantasia, Daughtry, Congressman Clay Aiken, Ruben Studdar, Adam Lambert, Jordin Sparks, Ryan Seacrest, Simon Cowell, the guy with crazy hair powered by an army of voter-bots, and the Little Sweet guy from the Diet Dr Pepper commercials. Legendary
  3. Crap I just did a huge write up for my American idol pick and it didn’t post (and isn’t in my editor). Paging Tucker Carlson.
  4. Sweet - meeting ended early. Time for my writeups. 9.16 - Carmela Soprano - 1991-2020 Leading Woman Drama In a show and role where this character could have easily faded behind the huge gravity of the male lead, Edie Falco shone as Carmela. 6 Emmy nominations with 3 wins 2 golden globe wins and 3 screen actors guild wins
  5. I’m about to run into a meeting, so I’ll make my picks then do my writeups in a bit. 9.16 - Carmela Soprano - 91-20 Female Lead Drama 10.01 - American Idol - Reality Back to @Doug B after @KarmaPolice skip
  6. @Zow timed out (workin for a livin) @rickroll is up
  7. Argh, I was hoping to take that as my western this round.
  8. I thought it was just because I have 20 tabs open in my browser for this draft
  9. Yeah there are a few that will more than likely be drafted.
  10. Love this category: COVERS 5.03 - Mad World - Gary Jules and Michael Andrews Haunting cover of a classic Tears for Fears song from the Donnie Darko soundtrack.