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  1. Hard to explain without giving up too many spoilers. Basically a strange guy emerges in town and bad/crazy stuff follows him wherever he goes. Set in the same locations as many King stories with references to those storylines.
  2. I also liked the second season of Castle Rock on Hulu. The first season was good too, but I really enjoyed the most recent season. Fun show with lots of Stephen King characters / references. 2nd season built around a young version of Kathy Bates character in Misery.
  3. My wife and I just watched the whole season of Messiah this week. We really enjoyed it.
  4. Gonna have to specify which ally here, there are so many. . . Ukraine? The Kurds? Yemen? Hong Kong? South Korea?
  5. That’s an excellent example of what Republicans will be saying to try and distance themselves from this mess: “Trump was never a real republican”. Problem is is the whole GOP leadership and majority of the republican base (95% I think is what Trump likes to claim) have supported, made excuses for, turned a blind eye to, and/or lied for him from day 0. Hard to walk away from that. I say this as a former Republican who can’t see myself voting for that party ever again.
  6. All that dirty Russian campaign money probably hangs over a lot of these guys. In for a penny, in for a pound.
  7. Apologies if this was pointed out in this thread or the whistleblower thread earlier. The funniest possible outcome in this in this whole mess: Pence gets caught up in the inquiry thanks to Trump’s “you should hear his phone calls to Ukraine”. How many heads would explode watching President Pelosi take over. Unless there is a different line of succession for impeachment.
  8. It’s not that hard when you have no shame. In his rally last night (mind you, related to a special election needed due to Republican voter fraud), he spent time repeating the lie about millions of “illegals” voting in California. Of course his followers ate it all up as gospel.
  9. Trump is the most popular US president in the UK ever! Sad Trombone
  10. I like this new tactic some congresspeople have started using asking the most transparent president who doesn’t do cover ups for information. Maddow tweeted a bunch out last night. Pramila Jayapal