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  1. Trump is the most popular US president in the UK ever! Sad Trombone
  2. I like this new tactic some congresspeople have started using asking the most transparent president who doesn’t do cover ups for information. Maddow tweeted a bunch out last night. Pramila Jayapal
  3. Does this have any impact on your wish that the Democrats don’t pursue impeachment?
  4. In my Mueller Report, Obama was unanimously elected to a third term and I won the lottery. Even if you cherry pick some quotes from the report that says otherwise, I feel my interpretation is correct, so you need to respect my side of things in this echo chamber of “truth”.
  5. Same people: ”Obama did nothing to stop the Russians!” ”Obama spied on Trump - unfair!”
  6. Got my Tae Keon Do black belt with my kids a couple years ago. I can do a mean cartwheel. Bring it on nazis!
  7. She’s like Seinfeld’s girlfriend who looks completely different depending on the lighting.
  8. My favorite comment: “That’s Melanib”
  9. Half way through The Haunting of Hill House on Netflix and it’s awesome. The Two Storms episode we just watched was amazing with the camera work and shifting timelines and dialogue. Very highly recommend.