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  1. True freshman WR Malcolm Mitchell (6-1 184) at UGA is better than either of those guys. Watch for him vs Mich St. Jan 2. He was an elite prospect at DB before switching to WR his senior year, where he was dominant. Along with true soph LB Alec Ogletree, he's at the top of the (long) NFL prospect list at UGA.Come on now. Take the Red & Black glasses off. Look what Rogers (6'-3", 215 lbs) did mostly with Matt Simms (who is downright awful) and a true freshman QB this year playing double covered (due to Hunter's injury) all year. That would be 67 receptions for 1,040, 9 TDs, avg. 15.5 yards per catch. All this versus one of the toughest schedules in the country in a largely slanted defensive league (SEC). Justin Hunter is even better than Rogers, although different.
  2. Justin Hunter & Da'Rick Rogers, Tennessee. Hunter is an A.J. Green / Randy Moss type receiver. Hunter will be coming back in 2012 from an ACL tear so I'm curious to see how he looks compared to pre-injury. He was down right sick in 2010 and early 2011, pretty much unstoppable. Da'Rick is more Anquan Boldin / Greg Little type. Da'Rick is one of those frustrating players that drops the easiest balls, but then makes some insane catches and is very physical after the catch. He dominated Honey Badger this year in Neyland after the punk talked smack all week about how he would hold DR catch less. Don't roast me. I am not saying these two are as good or will have the same careers as those pros I compared them to, just giving you some insight to their game.
  3. One of the reasons he was / is so under the radar is that he was victim at Tennessee of lots of coaching, specifically coordinator turn over. He played with several QBs, three head coaches, and 4 different OCs. Kind of similar to Arian Foster, though Foster is a bit older.
  4. One of his best... Amazing D-Mo TD (Tennessee)
  5. Dynasty draft 2011: Greg Little... 1.08, D-Mo (got by this guy) 3.03. I am a very happy long term owner, but didn't start him last night and man, that stings.