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  1. That's rough. prior to start of season i would've have been absolutely stoked to have your roster. You were absolutely crushed by injuries.
  2. 12 team PPR Auden Tate in London vs Rams OR Robbie Anderson At Jax? let me know your thoughts. Thanks everyone.
  3. You dont sit studs. Dez is in the lineup every week for me.
  4. I definitely start Powell over him this week, not so sure about Farrow though as there seems to be a Hillman narrative gaining steam.
  5. Has anyone actually seen Weebs and MNM in the same room? Folks we might have a Tyler Durden situation on our hands here...
  6. BobbyLayneI read that about Bostic as well, but as stated above by @Leroy Hoard mentioned there really hasnt been too much news since he visited dr andrews. So, they never IRed Levy I guess? Hasnt he been out since week 1. Detriot could be getting healthy here, watch out!
  7. Any word on Abdullah coming back. I think him coming back, which will allow Riddick to return to strictly pass receiving will be a significant boost to the O.
  8. Ware owner in two leagues, I think at this point it is undeniable that he looks sluggish out there. I know hes not the same type of RB, but BUFF RBs ran all over Oak last week. You have to consider benching him at this point if you have other options. If he is in your lineup anything you get is windfall.
  9. Dural and Dupree from LSU have to be up there, though im not sure either is a better prospect. Sutton from SMU as well.