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  1. i own him in a couple leagues and will be benching him til further notice. he’s only had one double digit full ppr game in his last five contests. and has failed to top 28 yds in 3 of those games. he will probably have one or two more good games but predicting them maybe more frustrating than anything
  2. made a buy low/sell high video
  3. week 7 waivers
  4. buy low sell high rbs and wrs
  5. buy low & sell high candidates
  6. made a lil waiver wire vid
  7. ajayi has a fractured back which is scaring the piss outta me boys rishard is outta town and i love my guy taywan. what say you?
  8. yeah i’m trying to decide which one to trade. i feel like after this week michels value is gonna be through the roof or untradeable
  9. rest of season michel or drake, who we got? i’m feeling michel with the burkhead news but i was in love with drake coming in this season
  10. Full house theme. I know I know I'm stupid it's stupid carry on
  11. Thanks sounds like you really enjoyed yourself
  12. made a waiver wire vid. i know a lot of these guys are prolly gone in deeper leagues but figured i’d share