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  1. I’m good with what the majority decides.
  2. Absolutely agree with the Thursday games angle. They are more of a nuisance than a "hey, another night with football!" thing for me more and more. I still play, have multiple teams and check the progress of my games via mobile, but I put a lot less time into research and decisions and focus on watching one game now instead of wildly flipping channels. It's not the end-all be-all it used to be... but I don't think I'd want to go cold turkey.
  3. So Stafford DOES have broken bones in his back. I'd say put him on IR, tank the rest of the season to play for a better pick, and retool for 2020... but that still means Quinn is making the pick and Patricia is coaching.
  5. The battle for draft order positioning. Come on Lions - let's lose and catch the Cards.
  6. Lamar Jackson is headed for postgame X-rays.
  7. L. McCoy is officially out for the rest of today.
  8. Ware in as well second play of first series for KC.
  9. Hill in to start the first Chiefs series of the second half.
  10. Hill (heel) is questionable to return. Ware is getting X-rays on his shoulder. Questionable. Per sideline report.
  11. And now a kicker too. Bills K Steven Hauschka walking gingerly to the locker room with trainers.
  12. This just in: Every active player today limping to the sideline, holding their shoulders and looking woozy. Blue tents at maximum capacity. Seriously, can't keep up today!
  13. Heading to the locker room with a trainer.