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  1. Yeah looks like ESPN moved him to LB this week, no dual designation. Lets dig up the next crop...
  2. ESPN came back online with the 2016 League Offices, and Barron is listed as a S ... in my experience after ESPN sets the position, they'll only add to a player's designation (IE a player would be "DE, LB")
  3. Chuck - I think what you've laid out is correct during the regular season. I think the main waiver day for a new week goes off your setting of the Number of Waiver Days (1 or 2 are the only options) now instead of letting you select the actual days and times when waivers would run. My concern above was regarding how it is handled during the preseason.
  4. For the initial run of bids, it looks like when you choose the 'Waiver Period' value of either 1 or 2 (all it provides you), that is saying how long from when players 'unlock' (hit waivers) it will run. So with a value of 1 day the first waiver run will execute Tuesday morning at 3AM ET. a value of 2 days and it will execute Weds morning at 3AM ET. And then any dropped players will follow that schedule, but all other free agents are FCFS. The addition of FCFS free agents after bid execution is great... What bothers me about the method change is how this might be handled in the preseason. My longtime keeper league drafts during the HoF preseason game and then runs FAAB on Weds & Thurs of each preseason week. It gave everyone a chance to digest what had happened in the previous week's Thurs through Monday preseason games and make any roster moves and was itself enjoyable, a game within the game type thing that made preseason itself relevant. However, because the whole life thing, most people aren't going to be glued to preseason football on summer weekend evenings. My fear with the new FAAB system is that after your draft, there will be an initial 'waiver' period but then all players will be FCFS free agents until Regular Season Week 1 games begin. That would be an unfortunate competitive imbalance situation if a person on the east coast could have nothing to do on a mid-August Saturday night and commit the time to watch San Francisco's 8PM PT kickoff and see Hyde go down and immediately be able to pick up his replacement. tldr; hope ESPN lock's players during preseason games for leagues that have drafted, but they probably won't because ESPN.
  5. Well, he's DE and LB eligible on ESPN. Picked him up as a speculative add to see how they use him with this whole move to OLB thing. Anyone have any thoughts on what we might see? Is he such a liability in run/pass defense that he'll only be on in pass rushing downs. Dream scenario he is running OLB and then kicking in to DE on third downs?
  6. Is Buster Skrine still in the starting lineup? 2TT last game, but vs the Chiefs (WRs need to catch the ball to be tackled I suppose).
  7. Interested as well. Will Gore be 28 and change heading into the 2011 season? Is this the off-season to send him on his way before his perceived value free-falls due to age (I know I saw a lot of people were making that move last off-season, and for some reason the most common trade people seemed to mention was Gore for JStew)?
  8. Just wanted to toss out there a line to see what people are thinking of Brandon Marshall at MIA thus far through the season. After seeing his name pop up in one of Bloom's Thursday articles it got me thinking. I've always thought of him as a cornerstone (I don't take off for knuckleheadedness...), and I think he's looked good this year racking up targets, receptions, and yards. On the flip side, if this is going to define his role with the Phins (IE: lack of TDs), would now be the time to send him on his way while people still might perceive him as what he used to be? And if so, what would be a fair value to look for? Like a VJax level player or look at a Jeremy Maclin level. I've worked myself into a mental stalemate today over this...
  9. Love the information and discussion in this thread so much. Great and thoughtful insight on lots of topics. I did want to bring up one, and as a big KC fan my view is going to be skewed here: Jamaal Charles vs Ahmad Bradshaw JC at DR.net is sitting at #7, will AB is at #18. I look at the situation between KC and NYG running game and think they are similar (Charles=Bradshaw and Jones=Jacobs). The difference being NYG goes to the air more (takes rushing opportunities away but creates more running lanes when they do rush?). I see throughout the board Bradshaw being referred to as 'border line stud' a lot, but a lot of people saying beware Thomas Jones when talking about Charles. As I watched what was happening in KC, I believe that Jones was brought in to take a somewhat equal load for around the first half of the season, and then JC will begin to see the majority (to try to replicate the second half success he saw in 2009) to take advantage of the 'worn down defenses' in the second half of the season. And if they do that, it is probably something they would do from season to season (if it works), and hopefully reduce the wear and tear on Charles giving him longevity in his production. For Bradshaw, what is the story here, I'm not as tuned in as with KC. Also, what is the contract status with him and Jacobs in NY?
  10. Ah so your saying if I were to tick the Wednesday box and set the time to say 11PM-EST then players would be on waiver and available for bidding from the time their game the previous week starts until 11PM-EST on Weds. Then as you said all players will either (A) become Free Agents available for pick up without bidding (FCFS) or (B) lock until their next game, after which they'll be eligible for bidding. ESPN just neglects to mention what the case is, and there is no option to set it.Taking that a step farther, if I wanted to have a second bidding period I could also tick the Saturday Box and the remaining players would again be available for bidding and process at 11PM-EST on Saturday (The only issue with this, is how do the thursday and Saturday night games affect things). ESPN has about two sentences in their documentation just basically explaining what blind bidding is, but doesn't tell any of the particulars. Having this issue as well (I'm not the commish but trying to figure out how he needs to set it for the league). What I want is exactly what you do: have players be placed on waivers as soon as their game starts on Sunday, to remain on waivers until a certain time period (lets use your example of Wednesday at 11pm) during which owners will make their blind bids. After 11 on Wed, all bids are processed, those who are claimed are distributed to the new owners and their budget is reduced. THEN I want all other players to be Free Agents from that point on until their respective game time on Sunday. At this point do we still not have a clue as to whether A or B in your bolded sentence would take place? That's a major issue IMO. I believe there is a workaround...set it to run twice, once on Wednesday at 11pm and then again on Sunday at 11am (for example), with the minimum bid set to 0 (so in essence its a free agent pickup). The problem with this is still that it won't be instantaneous, and an owner will have to submit his claim, wait for it to run, get back on the computer to make the roster change, etc. It makes last minute lineup swaps fairly difficult in the event of a late breaking injury. Thoughts? Well I think we're SOL (stuck on a lake?) when it comes to Free Agents available for free pickup. I emailed ESPN and they told me when using the bidding there are never any free agents.I still want to know if a player plays Sunday is he available for bidding on the Monday 11AM bid processing or does he have to wait until the NFL advances a "week" (the Monday night game gets played) before he is eligible for bidding. Hoping to make Wednesday the big day for bidding on the players (IE the main running back went down and everyone wants to pickup his backup), but still have Monday available in case a person needs to get a different player for the Monday night game (from the pool of players who have yet to play).
  11. I emailed ESPN help on this one, but got back an answer nowhere near the question I asked. I'm going to use the ESPN default schedule for bid processing (every day but tuesday), but was curious about the processing that would be done on Monday afternoon before the Monday night game. Will the players that played on Sunday be available for bidding or will it only be players that have not played that week yet. Reason being, if say a starting RB goes down sunday afternoon, everyone is going to want to bid on the backup RB. I'd rather have the Weds bidding session be the one that determines that so everyone has a chance to get their bid in. However, i would also like to keep a monday bid processing open so that if a person needs to change out a player involving the two teams that haven't played for that week, they can. Basically, will the players be on some sort of waiver after they play, where they can't be bid on until the new "week" of the NFL starts.
  12. ESPN's bid tie-breaker (you don't get a choice) is the reverse order of the standings, updated each week.Do you know what the next tie breaker is? Looking to use this year instead of having someone process our bids which gets to be a pain for the person doing it, especially if they have a bad team.That's it, just reverse order of the method ESPN uses to tabulate your standings. It will give you the FAAB tiebreaker order there on the available players screen.
  13. It's more than just the one carry. The guy looks like he can take it to the house on any given play. He's the type of guy that could produce decent numbers with very limited touches.His history appears to say otherwise. Look, everyone looks good in carefully selected highlights against poor opposition. You don't get to the NFL without having talent. But I'm pretty sure he's no more than a backup talent. We'll see.For what its worth he'll probably gash the KC run D this Saturday, especially if the second teamers come in when he's still out there. He won't be under anyone's radar any longer (whether he's the real deal or not)...
  14. ESPN's bid tie-breaker (you don't get a choice) is the reverse order of the standings, updated each week.
  15. Is there a decent chance that he could be seeing the field outside of return duties? Perhaps in nickle packages? Or is it just another wait for training camp situation currently.