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  1. I’ve been watching Those Who Can’t on Hulu (I guess it was on TruTv previously). Raunchy comedy about high school teachers. The four lead characters....3 dudes and a chick...are strikingly similar to the Always Sunny group.
  2. She pleaded not guilty of sex trafficking. Being held without bail.
  3. He was set to test a Ganassi Indycar next week. And also stated he was open to do a full season of indycar road and street races. For the first time I heard him say his wife might let him try the Indianapolis 500 as he feels the new windscreen has greatly improved the safety. Get well soon JJ.
  4. I like the Tedeschi Trucks Band version.
  5. @Ditkaless Wonders Last Visited March 26. I know he’s talked about some health issues. Hope he’s ok.
  6. I had an appointment with my urologist last week via the AnywhereCare app. So he couldn’t stick his finger up my butt. I don’t know which one of us more disappointment.
  7. My mom (85 yo) lives about an hour from me. We’ve been talking about doing something like that with her. We probably will when there’s a nice weather day when we can sit outside. I always went and picked her up and went to church and out to lunch every Sunday but haven’t since this stuff started ☹️
  8. I got $476 empty nester +75K income bought a nice vacuum from a local vendor and gave the rest to my daughter that needs it more than I do
  9. Yes they are bad. There has been a lot of patching done and a noticeable improvement since the Covid shutdown started.
  10. They are a lot of road repairs in Indianapolis A project on I70 was planned for this summer that would have been performed under normal conditions by keeping some lanes open and was going to take 5 months to complete. It was decided to shut the highway down and do the will be completed in 30 days at a savings of more than $10 Million and it’s much safer for the workers
  11. I just added Legend and Death of Stalin to My List. I’m on S4 of The Sopranos on Amazon Prime TV now. Was planning to watch Mad Men next. So many good shows I haven’t seen so much time to watch them.
  12. I get a haircut every 4 weeks, as of today It's been 5 weeks since my last cut. I've asked my gf to do it with my beard trimmer but I'm scared about what the outcome might be and have been putting it off.