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  1. Note to self- Consider benching DK against the Cardinals Week 11.
  2. I’m pretty sure he was sitting on the bench next to Hyde after Hyde scored that td.
  3. I’m not sure he’s out snapping Carson and I don’t like it
  4. Oh man....I’m starting Mahomes no debate about that. I have Tyreek too and could put McLaurin on for him but I’m pretty sure I won’t.
  5. From ESPN: “The Boilermakers confirmed on Friday that star receiver Rondale Moore, who opted back in for this season with an announcement on ESPN's College Football Live on Sept. 24, won't play against the Hawkeyes. Purdue officials didn't give a specific reason for why Moore won't play. A source said Moore is likely to return next week when Purdue visits Wisconsin.”
  6. M.Thomas - maybe if I was weak at WR and had depth at RB, otherwise no. CMC - I’m not up on his injury and excepted return, if he’s due back soon I’d make the trade but I can’t see a CMC FF GM doing the deal. Barkley for Jones - no way. I’m keeping the Packer l’m not trading for a Giant.
  7. I thought S3 was a little weak....but those last two episodes were very very good.
  8. Technically I needed 24.5 points and that’s EXACTLY what I got. I didn’t think I was going to have sweat that one down to wire. Now I guess I sweat until the stat changes come out and hope I don’t lose 0.1 points.
  9. Need 25 points from Mahomes + Tyreek. I’m Feeling confident but ya never know.
  10. Yuk. 🤢 I’m loaded at WR and haven’t had to use McLaurin much this season. But with Metcalf on bye I gotta play him this week.
  11. Local news just reported the Colts facilities will be reopening.
  12. Forced to start him with Waller on bye. Expectations are very low.
  13. I like Thursday Night Football
  14. Berta was very funny...”Okay, I haven't sampled anything from the other side of the buffet since I traveled with the Grateful Dead, but golly Moses, she's a muffin.”