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  1. The guy who led into turn 1 on lap 1 wins by 20 seconds. Top 3 clear of the entire field by nearly a full minute. Just 6 cars on the lead lap. man I don’t know how you F1 fans stand all that excitement 😀 Indycar at COTA next week - I don’t know what to expect but there will most likely to be a lot more than 3 or 4 cars with a chance to win.
  2. I hated to see her go but I loved watching her walk away.
  3. You scored a 20. You're as smart as Derek Carr, he scored a 20.
  4. Nathaniel Taylor - Rollo.
  5. That's how I felt about it the first time I saw it. The second time and every time I've watched since that I've found it very funny.
  6. Make another trip back to Bloomington'll hear it several times a day.
  7. Are you asking that question based on his performance in one game? I won't make excuses for his shooting / shot selection last night because it was terrible but he is deserving of consideration for B10 POY.
  8. My grandson will be turn 1 in May. I'm going with Grandpa now, that's what i called both of mine. They were awesome role models/heroes. But as said earlier he may choose something else to call me and that will be fine I'm sure. When my daughter was little we told her my dad was grandpa, as she learned to talk she would point at him and say "Pa". He was Pa to all his grand kids for the rest of his life.
  9. Frank’s baseline BAC = .23 lol
  10. 2 homes with parents prior to college an apartment then a condo after college bought a house when i got married rented a house when i got divorced purchased my current home. 7
  11. I bought a Patrick is Mahomie tshirt to wear to next year’s draft where I’ll receive my trophy.
  12. Fiona spiraling downward again. Since she’s leaving the show she probably doesn’t pull out this time. Kev funny as ever. “Soccer? Don’t ruin this day for me.” Frank’s depravity has no limit.