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  1. I need 14.8 points from A.Jones. He's been good for atleast that many points every week since Week 1.
  2. That’s awesome OSU has their rights to Armstrong as a native son and professor but he’ll always be a Purdue guy to me 😀
  3. Remember a few years ago when the Chiefs went an entire season without a TD pass to a wide receiver?
  4. I can see benching him due to the current situation but no way do I consider cutting him.
  5. If he can lead us to the FF Championship Game Week 16 it's at Chicago. So glad that game will be played December 22nd at Soldier Field and not in a dome.
  6. I’m not starting him...will probably regret the decision.
  7. The Colts will definitely be without S Malik Hooker and most likely without LB Darius Leonard. It could be a big day for Waller.
  8. For our local live draft we use the big paper draft board with the pre-printed player stickers. When I went up to pick Waller (in the 12th) there was no sticker for him...I had to get a sharpie and write him in on a blank sticker. Cool story huh?
  9. Warner and the Rams Greatest Show on Turf? But they probably had more running plays and short passing routes for Faulk than the Chiefs do for their RBs.
  10. I thought this running joke would get old hasn’t. the Scary Terry nickname I could do without however
  11. Like Yogi said the game ninety percent mental and the other half is physical.
  12. <<<< Brown County High School graduate here. Definitely no mountains but the hills are abundant. I worked at Ski World (although I think it was called Nashville Alps at the time) a winter or two during college. I haven’t gone to the new Music venue yet but I’ve heard a lot of good things about it. I never thought my home area would ever be mentioned in an FFA post 😄. Mom still lives there, I was down there yesterday.
  13. I heard Bernie Kosar on Sirius NFL radio the other night talking about Mayfield. He said last season Mayfield faced mainly Man defenses. This year with the addition of OBJ so far the defenses have been in Zone coverage which requires a QB to wait a little while longer for the plays to develop. Bernie said Baker will adjust and be fine as he sees more Zone coverage. I’m no expert but it sounds plausible to me.