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  1. He is wrong a lot. Despite the soft schedule the Patriots had, leading the league in points allowed is still impressive as heck. Pittsburgh's D was thought to have improved, but that was blown to shreds tonight.
  2. You must have missed many points, in many threads, because I give Brady props a lot, and I think most Steelers fans would say I am generally critical of Ben (largely because I think he is a tier 2 QB, not elite). The play I gave props to Brady's line was when he had forever to throw; was that not incredible blocking?? Holding Rodgers responsible for today at all is foolish. It was 17-0 and he had had the ball twice: once where he kicked missed a very makable FG, and the second possession saw him marching right down the field only for the FB to fumble inside the Atlanta 10. It is hard to win any playoff game when your defense is allowing a score on nearly every possession. I agree that GB's offense would benefit if they had more timing plays - I have been saying that for a while - but I think that is more on McCarthy; it is his job to design the offense and call plays.
  3. Of course. The D was great that year, and so was Rodgers. What is the problem?
  4. In 7 playoff losses with Aaron Rodgers as the starting QB, the Packers D has allowed an average of 36 points PER GAME. I defy any QB to win playoff games on a regular basis when your defense is giving up that many points.
  5. NE makes tough catches; Pittsburgh does not.
  6. My guess is they outsmarted themselves by thinking they'd run it twice, to make NE burn their last two timeouts, thinking they'd at least have 3rd goal from the 1 or 2, but that disaster on 2nd down and then the 3rd down epic fail makes them look really foolish.
  7. And you throw a quick out to a WR on 3rd and goal from the 5, where he wouldn't have scored if he caught it?
  8. At least you have your excuse locked and loaded.
  9. I stand corrected. Nice TD. Edit: maybe not. Not getting the TD yet could help the Steelers, since NE will have less time when they get the ball or one or two less timeouts. This is assuming Pittsburgh can punch it in from the 1.
  10. Sure, but the Steelers O tonight has been a lot better with Williams in the game than Bell. Granted, who knows how that works out over the course of 60 minutes.
  11. This has 3rd down stop, FG attempt and NE driving for a score before the half written all over it.
  12. It's not the Patriots fault those three can't stay healthy or off weed long enough to stay on the field for 60 minutes against them.
  13. Yep. Brady will always find the open man if you give him time to throw. You have to get to him and knock him on his ### like the Broncos did a year ago.