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  1. Funny, I think it is more of the opposite. His teams too often (often against bad teams or against teams they think they are inferiors) come into games looking not ready or unprepared to play, and to me, that is all on coaching. It is the coach's job to get prepare a team and get them ready to play, and when they come out looking as listless and bored as they did last Sunday for example, that means the coaching staff did a poor job in that regard. Same thing happened in the games this season against Indy, GB, Chicago, etc.
  2. I think Tomlin's biggest flaw is his lack of attention to detail. His teams never look like they are all about the details. The offense often makes big plays and scores in almost a schoolyard kind of way, whether it be LeVeon Bell making one of those crazy runs, Brown making catches no one else can make or Ben moving around and finding a way to find an open receiver. Shoot, even the Super Bowl Tomlin won (with Cowher's team), they were losing at the end to a 9-7 Cardinals team before Holmes made a great individual play to get them down inside the 10 and then the Ben to Holmes winner (two classic schoolyard plays). Neither of those plays happened by design. It was players making plays. I am not saying Tomlin is a bad coach, but he is nothing special, and his W/L record is inflated beyond belief thanks to inheriting a Super Bowl team with an all-world defense and then having just ridiculous amounts of talent on offense in the 10s. I never walk away from a Steelers game thinking they won because he outcoached the other guy.
  3. Jimmy Johnson was on Cowherd a while back and said that in his coaching days, no one was allowed to call a timeout except him. Not another coach, not the QB, no one. It's astonishing to me how often teams blow through timeouts like they don't mean anything.
  4. If I am a Steelers fan, how happy am I with a head coach who in the last 7 years, has only 3 playoff wins (2 of which were against backup QB's), and has lost playoff games to both Tim Tebow and Blake Bortles. At some point, you have to move on. Yes, his regular season winning percentage is really good, but how can it not be with the team he inherited (which inflated it early on) and then having the best RB and WR the last few years (along with the HOF QB he inherited)? The Steelers have high standards, and Tomlin's teams are simply not meeting those standards. Will he be held accountable?
  5. I am fine with the PI rules. NFL officials simply need to get better at calling PI, both ways. I agree about the XP. That is stupid to make a team kick the XP at the end of the game like that when it doesn't have any impact on the outcome. Yeah, let's mute the celebration of a great play by making everyone get out of the way so they can kick or kneel down on the XP. Stupid.
  6. Oh, and I agree, but it just seems to be odd to be calling for his immediately after a 45-42 playoff loss. Despite the 2 turnovers, no way is the offense in any way responsible for that loss.
  7. I can't believe that happened. Marcus Williams now goes down as the biggest dope in the postseason since Rahim Moore. I have no idea what he was doing there, but if he feels bad, he should. He just cost his team a postseason win.
  8. 45-42 and it's the OC's fault?
  9. I'll be shocked if he goes, but today is all on Tomlin. The defense is his forte and they got torched by an offense QB'd by Blake Bortles. You completely wasted a tremendous performance by your three studs on offense. I am Ben Roethlisberger, why would I come back to that team if Tomlin stays? It is obvious he cannot get this team over the hump.
  10. It defies logic. Even though I agree with not taking the timeouts until after the 2MW, Tomlin totally bungled the rest of the last 2+ minutes.
  11. As awesome as A Brown is, that play just proves what a stat whore he is. The smart play was to get OOB, but he had to get those extra 5 yards.
  12. If you call it at 2:12, then you commit to using the other right after. If 3rd down is at like 2:06, you give the Jags a chance to pass (since the clock will stop at 2:00 anyway). By taking them after, you make the Jags run it to ensure the Steelers use their TOs to get clock stoppages. FG was made, so it is probably all for nothing anyway.
  13. Smart to save the timeouts till after the 2-minute warning when the time is that close.
  14. Should have kicked deep. You have 2 timeouts and the 2-minute warning.
  15. That was awesome.