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  1. If it's just an 80's station, I could see Owner of a Lonely Heart getting played a lot and being the only Yes song played (even though they had other hits that decade). Classic rock stations are trickier now, as they used to play 70's rock and then some late 60's and some early 80's, but it seems like most classic rock stations now include 80's rock and even some 90's rock, so the pool of songs to choose from is much more massive than it used to be, and with only so much time and so many bands, most are going to get their normal pool of songs narrowed down to just a few. Bands like Floyd, Zeppelin, Queen, the Who and the Stones will probably always have 10+ songs that get played regularly, but just about everyone else is gonna be narrowed to just a few. If you hear a Kansas song, it is gonna be Dust in the Wind or Carry On Wayward Son 90% of the time (with Point of Know Return the other 9.999%). If you hear a Blue Oyster Cult song, it is gonna be Don't Fear the Reaper or Burnin' for You (or maybe Godzilla). If you hear a Yes song, it is probably gonna be Owner of a Lonely Heart or Roundabout now more often than not (with Long Distance Rundaround or I've Seen All Good People still slipping in there somewhat often).
  2. That seems odd, as I know that Roundabout is still a major classic rock biggie, and I’ve Seen All Good People and Long Distance Runaround still get many plays as well. Heck, my 59-year old cousin just last night was telling me he talked his daughter (who’s early 20’s) into going to see the Yes featuring ARW show a few years ago and when it was over she commented on how she was surprised that she recognized so many songs.
  3. I am sure the Astros will have a system in place where they will know the beanball is coming.
  4. They got away with it in the sense that their cheating helped them win a championship that won't be taken away from them. It's like if a bunch of bank robbers were eventually busted, but told, "We won't send you to jail and you get to keep the money," yeah, they were exposed, but they still got away with it.
  5. I would be good with long suspensions for players who were directly involved, as well as hitting the franchise really hard in regards to postseason play for the next few years, but I think stripping them of the championship would open up too big a can of worms. What's next, the Yankees get stripped of their championships that they won when Pettitte and Clemens were allegedly 'roiding? Do the A's get stripped of the '89 title because of Canseco? Baseball has too big a history of cheating to start down that slippery slope, IMO.
  6. Not that I am advocating a lawsuit, but wouldn't the burden be on Garrett to prove that Rudolph said it?
  7. I’m going to go out on a limb and say that the Astros are only sorry because they got caught. If they had never been caught, they’d probably still be laughing it up about what they got away with. That said, I do like the fact that the Yankees were victimized by this.
  8. Nothing screams heartfelt apology like doing it on Instagram.
  9. I like Don't Stand So Close to Me, but unlike a lot of people, I preferred their music on the last two albums when they moved away from their original punk and new wave roots and got a little more arty.
  10. I’m not a Dylan fan, so I’m not familiar with that. Roger Waters used some slurs on The Wall (not the n-word, but a few that are not nice) as well, in the context of the Pink character.
  11. Agreed. I like this song, despite not being a big Costello fan, but I am shocked that he gets a pass for dropping the n-word like that.
  12. Once Upon a Time... was basically a love letter to Hollywood, and he still didn't get the Oscar for Best Director. He is destined to never get one at this point.