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  1. Very true, and for me chemistry was a big thing, which Monsoon had tons of with both Ventura and Bobby Heenan, so so he was awesome no matter who he was with. In the NWA/WCW days, Ross never really had an interesting color commentator except Ventura towards the end of his run there, and like you said, they had zero chemistry. Gordon Solie was good for knowing everything just like that, but it was like a librarian talking, spitting out facts with zero charisma or charm to it at all. Having said all of that, Ross did have one of the best title-winning calls ever, when Steamboat beat Flair in '89. "Can he hold him? YES HE CAN! RICKY THE DRAGON STEAMBOAT, HAS WON THE WORLD TITLE!"
  2. Sorry, but Ross often got on my nerves. I can't count how many matches in the late 80s/early 90s in the NWA/WCW that he was annoying because he was always taking cheap shots at the WWF and acting all high and mighty about WCW, because "we wrestle." Monsoon, on the other hand, always sounded like a great guy who was having a good time calling the matches, and he ALWAYS had great chemistry with whomever he was working; Ross cannot say the same thing.
  3. Jack Buck and Vin Scully - baseball Al Michaels - pro football Doc Emrick - hockey Hubie Brown - pro basketball Gorilla Monsoon - wrestling (far better than Jim Ross)
  4. It's the Dolphins. They are a joke.
  5. I think some coaches get stuck on their pre-game strategy of "this guy needs this many touches," and ignore the flow of the game and if one guy is doing well. Those coaches are usually on losing teams like the Dolphins.
  6. And then you run it on 1st down and waste 20 seconds.
  7. Decent tune, better than the first tone, but still nothing noteworthy at all. And while the Load albums were very hit or miss, regarding the Bob Rock era, I stand by The Black Album being an excellent record. Not as great as MoP or RtL, but still pretty great.
  8. Go back and watch the TD pass to Demaryius and you have to like what you see there. He dropped back, immediately sensed a bit of pressure, did a quick, subtle little side step to his left, and then launched it down field. That awareness to sense and avoid even a slight bit of pressure is a good sign.
  9. How bad was Trump last night? Clinton wasn't very good, yet came off very well because of how bad he was.
  10. Amazing moment last night, for sure. Get classy, MOP (which would be a first).
  11. It's Quarterbacking 101 to know you can't run past the line of scrimmage and throw the ball, so he doesn't get a pass for that, but he has been very good so far as a pro QB. And when you consider all of the off the field stuff that was talked about before he was drafted, the fact that we haven't heard anything about him since he was drafted is a good sign so far.
  12. He's on pace for nearly 1,500 yards. Clearly he's not catching the ball, right?
  13. Adam Humphries. Quietly becoming a good PPR guy in TB.
  14. Yep, that was all on Cousins.