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  1. Marquise Lee - he quietly put up good numbers down the stretch last year, and is one to watch this summer, especially if Robinson and/or Hurns struggle again.
  2. Not only is his weight a concern, but those who watch a lot of tape say he is not good at beating the jam at the line of scrimmage. Not a fan at all at his ADP this year.
  3. Those times do not exist anymore. Meanings of words can change. Saying someone or something isn't liberal, or conservative, based off an outdated definition from last century doesn't make a whole lotta sense, if you ask me.
  4. It's amazing that anyone still listens to or watches that guy. The fact that screaming his head off like a lunatic is a shtick that he embraces is a sad indictment of where sports talk has gone.
  5. I rarely think to watch this show, but whenever I do, it's hysterical. Joe is definitely the most entertaining of the four (and they are all great).
  6. Who each channel goes with in prime time tells the tale. Fox goes with almost all conservatives. CNN and MSNBC go with almost all liberals. Anderson Cooper comes off as the most even-keeled of them all. He leans left, but is always fair and never comes off like a hyperbole-spouting partisan, which is more than I can say for Maddow, Hannity, Carlson, Lemon, O'Donnell, etc. I am not sure how anyone can say with a straight face that MSNBC doesn't lean heavily left when their prime time hosts are Chris Matthews, Chris Hayes, Rachel Maddow and Lawrence O'Donnell, all of whom come off as very liberal. What's next, Sean Hannity isn't a conservative?
  7. Not well, but it's not like you will ever admit it. As much grief as I sometimes give Tim, at least he wants actual discussion. All you want to do is genuflect to whatever the hard left tells you and then to mock anyone who disagrees with you.
  8. They took the bar! The whole ####### bar!
  9. To make a left turn for a moment, it is this way with the media as well when it comes to music. I think most people for a long time do not give two wits what the media thinks of music. Let's face it, music critics are probably the worst people ever when it comes to media. Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Rush, Styx, Kansas, etc. Some of the biggest and most successful rock acts of the 70s were hated by critics (although critics changed their tune on many once they realized how popular they became and how stupid they looked dogging them), and the people rejected what they thought and listened anyway. And that is how it is becoming now with the MSM in regards to politics...and they have only themselves to blame. Sure, many are still tuning it to listen, hence the high ratings, but how many people actually trust what the media tells them as a whole?
  10. You are probably right, but as is often the case, it's not what you say it, but how you say it. Trump has diarrhea of the mouth and doesn't know any other way, so it is always going to come out poorly, but on the flip side, a more calming and soft-spoken approach to criticizing the media will never make waves, because the shock value will not be there, and shock value is what gets headlines and ratings nowadays. It's a tough spot in which to be.
  11. And this is where I think the president should have thick skin. To their credit, despite the beatings they took from the press, Bill Clinton and W. generally did a good job of not letting the media get to them and tuning it out. Meanwhile, Obama #####ed about Fox more times than I can remember (regardless of whether they deserved it or not, the president should be above that), and Trump has taken it up about 499 notches with his bashing of the press (which they definitely deserve, but he should not be the messenger, and the way he is presenting the message is dangerous).
  12. It's the vitriol they seem to do with it that is concerning. They did the same with Bush in the 00s. And this is not exclusive to the left-leaning media. The right-leaning media has been just as bad with the Clintons for 25 years and Obama for the last 9. The media always seems to have a cause, that often goes far beyond simply "reporting the facts."
  13. I used to think they were, but they have really taken a hit in the last year or so. I know it's a running joke among some, but they really did come off like the Clinton News Network for most of 2016. It is hard to take a network seriously anymore when they go in that hard on a candidate. That is when my opinion of them dropped to the same level as Fox and MSNBC, relatively speaking, although I still like Anderson Cooper a lot and will sometimes tune him in (although I watch a lot less political stuff on TV than I used to, because I am sick of all of the dividing and nonsense).
  14. Hannity is the worst. I will often watch some of Morning Joe in the morning when eating breakfast and getting ready for work. Good show. Russia is a real story IF Trump was in on it, which is still unclear. If he was not and Russia merely tried to influence the election, I would submit that this is the not the first time and will not be the last time another country tried to manipulate the results of an election in this country. I have made it clear many times that I am a centrist, not a liberal or a conservative (I have views that make those on either side think I am one or the other). Trump going so hard after the media is dangerous, yes, even if I agree that they are as awful as he says they are, his fake news rhetoric aside. And I think that is the main reason the media is going so hard after him now; they are pissed he has called them out in such a forceful and vindictive way and they are doing everything they can now to take him down.