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  1. Given that he used to work under Andy Reid, you can tell where he gets those tendencies.
  2. Lost in all of the Dallas chatter always is how subpar their receiving corps is.
  3. After an awful start, the defense has been very good. They have allowed 12.5 points per game in the last six games. Sounds very good to me.
  4. I remember when it looked like Carr was gonna be an elite QB for many years. I know he is banged up, but he looks like a shell of what he did last year.
  5. I usually take the stance that Andy Reid's play-calling works, since history is on side, but his calls in the 1st half of this game have made no sense. It's like he is afraid to give the ball to this stud rookie RB.
  6. Amazing how many teams waste challenges/timeouts on reviews of plays that really have no chance of being overturned.
  7. Looks like Ronald Darby is Winston's go-to guy whenever he needs an alibi.
  8. This seems like an odd take. He only did it once, so that makes it better? Note: I don't like Franken, but don't think he should have to resign over this.
  9. A hypocritical politician?? It can't be.
  10. Apparently not.
  11. Were you?
  12. Because his knee was down before the ball hit the goal line (and I own Bell in one league).
  13. Clear homer.