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  1. I'd love to see someone now argue against Belichick being the GOAT. To me, it's not close. Five Super Bowl titles in 17 seasons in New England, two other Super Bowl appearances, and four other appearances in the CCG. And what Hall of Famers has he had on his title-winning teams ? Brady, probably Vinatieri, and that's probably it. Contrast that to the Dallas team of the early 90s and the 49er and Steeler dynasties, all of whom had more Hall of Famers that you could shake a stick at.
  2. Iod001, you left out one more thing that is needed out of WRs in New England: unselfishness. You go there knowing that some weeks you might get 8 targets and then maybe none the following week; it all depends on the game plan and winning, not jacking up any one player's stats.
  3. It's not a criticism. It's simply a statement that I believe the Patriots have had better weapons around Brady than some think, like you, who often talks like Brady has spent a career throwing to scrubs, always referencing clowns like Reche Caldwell, Kenbrell Tompkins and Aaron Dobson, as if those guys were his main targets for years at a time. It's pretty easy to talk about Tom Brady's greatness without repeatedly trashing the guys he throws to as if they are all scrubs. When it comes to WRs, they are the one position where their production is completely dependent on another guy, and while the Patriots seem to suck at drafting WRs, Belichick is a genius at seeing WRs either underused or not being used properly on other teams and thinking, "We can plug that guy into our system and he will help us win." Chris Hogan is a good example. Also, I do not believe it was me who said it was a top 10 receiving corps in the NFL, although that could be a fun debate.
  4. Obama should be middle of the pack, but history will be kind to him because he was sandwiched in between W and Trump. Good to see Reagan that high up there, as he should be.
  5. I think some people confuse best athlete and best athlete at their job. For example, I doubt Wayne Gretzky was the fastest skater or most skilled, but he was by far the best hockey player ever because of everything he brought to the table, which included the neck up. In the case of Brady, I am sure if they did a skills competition for running and jumping, he wouldn't finish at the top, but who cares? He plays QB, and for that position, he has done it about as well as anyone ever has. I saw someone on TV making the argument that Deion Sanders was a better athlete because he could run faster. There was another person confusing best athlete with best athlete at their job. Personally, I still put Jerry Rice comfortably at number 1 on my all-time NFL list, with Brady, Peyton, Lawrence Taylor and Montana rounding out the top 5.
  6. My guess would be that once he saw how badly the shot missed, he trusted what was likely his original thought, and then whistled the foul. Bottom line: if you make contact with a shooter's elbow, it's an easy call.
  7. Well, even though it was more of a love tap than anything, you can't touch a ref, so he's lucky he only got 10 games. Only getting 6 for assaulting someone in the face with your stick is a joke, but that's the NHL for ya.
  8. I always love the "Brady throws to dog crap" shtick that some Patriots fans cling to. Him having a lot of good weapons this past season doesn't take away from his greatness, FFS. Yeah, James White only averaged 35 receiving yards a game...which was 3rd in the NFL among RBs in 2016. Chris Hogan tied for 1st in 2016 in yards per catch. Malcolm Mitchell looks good, if you watch games and use the eye test, instead of just looking at his overall totals, which ignores the fact that he didn't really got targets until November (35 of his 48 targets came in November and December). Amendola can't stay healthy, and is usually usurped by Edelman (who is the same kind of WR only better). And neither is as good as Welker was (a guy I always thought wasn't as good as his numbers). The Patriots spread it around a ton, which is why individual players rarely put up big numbers, outside of a healthy Gronk (and Moss and Welker back when the Patriots didn't have a lot of depth at the skill positions), but they have a lot of talent out their on offense. That was on display in the playoffs. And again, that doesn't take anything away from Brady's greatness.
  9. In that long article, which was a good read, the part about him not picking up the tab for the Seals did not surprise me. Woods has always been high on the list of celebrities/athletes known for being cheap tippers, as has Michael Jordan, so it doesn't shock me that they are buddies. Jordan is probably the one who advised him long ago to do it.
  10. Heh, I never thought of that, but that's a good point. Then again, that could have been the Wolf just talking ####, meaning he didn't drive as fast as normal given the circumstances. Saying what he said was basically him saying, "Do what I do and try to keep up." I don't think them calling them the Wolf was odd. It's not like he was someone unheard of who showed up. When Jules heard he was coming, he knew who he was, so the Wolf obviously had a major league reputation in the crime world at the time.
  11. I don't believe I said he was injury prone; I said the fact that he couldn't make it through a game and a half without getting hurt in his first real NFL play should be a red flag.
  12. Dumb luck or not, that showed he already isn't great at protecting himself. Durability is pretty important when it comes to the QB position. It could have been a fluke thing, or it could be an indicator that he is another QB who doesn't understand that protecting himself and keeping himself on the field is very important. Too early to tell, but it's a potential red flag.
  13. What I saw out of Mitchell when he was playing was someone who could be a really good NFL WR, but as always with New England, it all comes down to usage and targets. I see no reason he can't be their number 2 WR next season behind Edelman, with Hogan being more the guy whose targets fluctuate from week to week based on match-ups.
  14. Yep. It's been obvious for a while, but some refuse to let go. Back surgery is never good, and he's had three. I wouldn't wish three back surgeries on anybody.