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  1. Eh, I have seen way worse not called in the NHL. I will give the Hawk a tiny bit of credit for selling it by grabbing his face like he just got shot.
  2. Bottom line is that Henry is not a safe start as long as Murray is playing and has the same role. Tennessee isn't good enough to assume they will win any game by a lot, even against Cleveland, so starting Henry means you could get some 4th quarter touches and maybe a good day in the end or another 5 carry day.
  3. Good guys are still gonna win.
  4. Surprise, surprise, goalie interference is still a roll of the dice. You never know when it is and when it isn't.
  5. Clear goalie interference.
  6. If the Colts win this game, they would win the division if the season ended tomorrow (it doesn't, har har).
  7. This. There is no way anyone can intelligently say that it was not a late hit. The ball was gone and the defender had time to pull up, which he did not.
  8. Ironic that a guy talking about misogyny has Cam Newton in his avatar.
  9. Agreed. The Chiefs D can be had when you aren't turning the ball over, and I not convinced that Alex Smith will keep playing lights out once it gets cold out and teams figure out how limited his receiving options are.
  10. Trevor is so Jeckyll and Hyde.
  11. The team as a whole does not look sharp. That is on the coaching staff. But hey, he's a rookie head coach, I get it.
  12. I've liked Vance Joseph so far, but this is some pitiful effort coming out of a bye against a depleted 0-5 team.
  13. That was during last season. Once the initial story died down a bit, the story wasn't that big throughout the 2016 regular season. Then the offseason happened, where the sports media talked about it non-stop and blew it up into such a big story again to where it was clear that most teams didn't want to deal with the distraction the media was going to bring with him. And the one team that was reportedly ready to sign him, ended up not, because his girlfriend strongly implied that the owner was a racist (tweeting a pic comparing him to a slave owner).
  14. Yep. Big 3rd down stop. Fun finish coming up.