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  1. I've been flexing him every week so far this year. No way did I expect what he has been doing, but I will take it. Hard to believe how undervalued he was this summer.
  2. No, but given where he was drafted, you almost have to start him every week and hope for the best.
  3. By lining up and snapping the ball.
  4. Agreed. He hasn't had much time to throw all night, and when he has, no one is getting open.
  5. Seattle is not a top team anymore, but given their record over the last 5 years, it's still a big win for the Titans.
  6. Could they have gotten a play off? It would have been tough, but if the officials call the play correctly on the field, maybe they have a shot. But, because the officials blew the call on the field, they get no touchdown and lose any opportunity to get another play off. Bogus.
  7. This is what is so dumb about the NFL's rule about going to the ground: If the ball had came loose there when he went to the ground in the end zone, it's an incompletion, but because he went to the ground and completed the catch IN THE END ZONE, it's not a touchdown.
  8. What a shock.
  9. It was close, but I think he was in...barely.
  10. Why is Chicago even throwing the ball?
  11. I was hoping the Steelers would have blocked that FG and returned it for a TD.
  12. Why aren't they kicking the FG?
  13. Gotta love NFL officials not knowing the rule.
  14. Marcus Cooper. Remember that name. Dumbest play of the season.
  15. That can't be the correct call. Half cannot end on a penalty like that, right?