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  1. There are no cons to doing an auction. It is the way to go. I still do a few snake drafts a year, but there is nothing in FF more fun than a live auction.
  2. Based off your posts in this thread, it is not clear that you do not understand the difference between a fact and an opinion.
  3. CNN mostly sucks. So does Fox. This isn't new.
  4. No one is forced to work at Chick Fil-A. Besides, given how much of the staff is under 21 (at least at the ones I go to), I am guessing the majority of those youngsters love being able to go out on a Saturday night without having to worry about working the next day. Pretty much.
  5. Exactly. I only go there a few times a month, but it is jam packed every single time, no matter what time of day it is.
  6. Yeah, they make a killing every day all over the place. They are clearly "dumb."
  7. I know, but she could have gotten fat in the last 7 years.
  8. Are you dating Wendy from Breaking Bad?
  9. That's pretty sweet. Not to brag , but I have seen them eight times. Sadly, I never saw them with Kevin Moore, but I saw the lineup with Sherinian once, the 1999-2010 lineup four times (twice on the Metropolis: 2000 tour) and the Mangini lineup now three times. Hope your show is a good one!
  10. Wait, this article was satire. right?
  11. Nice! I wish they were coming our way on this tour, but they are not. I did see them last year when they toured for just The Astonishing and it was great.
  12. Considering he has partied and drank hard for as long as I can remember, I am shocked that Flair is still alive, to be honest.
  13. I think this sums it up well. And I think Trump's desperate need to be liked is why he didn't call out yesterday's protestors by name. He is not someone who is ever going to call out anyone who supports him. That is not his style. It would hurt his approval ratings, and we all know how much he pays attention to nonsense like that. Regardless of the reason, it was embarrassing.
  14. This, so much. While not his most featured role, I thought he was outstanding in his brief role in No Country for Old Men. He owned every scene he was in.