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  1. On the one hand, I agree with this, but on the other hand, the door swings both ways. No, Sammy couldn't pull off DLR's talking parts, but imagine Roth trying to sing Dreams, Right Now or Poundcake. I shudder just thinking about it. They are just two very different types of singers and entertainers.
  2. Nice job by the NHL. Congrats to the Lightning and their fans!
  3. I don’t let another poster influence my posting. Unless directed by a mod.
  4. Asking for what? Should have been an easy throw and catch. DB was beat by several yards.
  5. Yep. Spread them out and let Mahomes either find the open man or run for a yard. Reid does like to outsmart himself at times, though.
  6. Andy Reid with his first bad call of the game. Gotta let Mahomes throw it there.
  7. Ravens are only down 14, just need a stop and they have a chance to get within a score.
  8. Oof, good luck? I say take the loss and enjoy this show. As a Broncos fan, the Chiefs winning is never good, but Mahomes is just too fun to not enjoy watching.