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  1. True that. I was zoning out on the name of the DVD/Blu-ray release, but good call.
  2. Have you seen the performance of Echoes from Gilmour's live release from around '07-ish? Richard Wright was part of his touring band and they played all of Echoes. Unbelievably awesome performance. That version from Pompeii is tremendous as well.
  3. No, he is just a guy who has no interest in having fun with the thread or taking it easy. Everything is a battle with him. He's even going in this thread at Tim, who seems to be one of the few in P/R who tolerates him. INB4 he reports me.
  4. This is in the conversation for best movie of the 90's (and there were A LOT of great movies that decade). Amazing film that has held up extremely well.
  5. Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini both hit it out of the park. The storyline is a bit too contrived at times, but the acting performances more than make up for it. And there are no down episodes. A lot happens in each one.
  6. And, don't get me wrong, Pulse is awesome, but Delicate Sound of Thunder not only has (what I consider) the definitive versions of One of These Days and Sorrow, but has some of the A Momentary Lapse... songs that weren't played at the Pulse show (On the Turning Away, One Slip).
  7. I still wish they would get off their butts and give Delicate Sound of Thunder a proper DVD/Blu-ray release. The new Later Years release from the same tour is making the rounds now and it is cool, but those specific performances from DSoT are so ingrained in my head.
  8. I think Joe has made it clear that the mods only see a tiny percentage of the posts here, but after a brief spell where he and some of the other mods were being active in P/R and trying to get it going in the right direction again, they seem to have vanished and the state of P/R is just as bad as it was a year ago. In other words, they have lost all control over this forum, and the only time anyone probably gets action taken against them is when someone reports them or they just happen to see a post they deem objectionable. And to be fair, I wouldn't want to mod a forum of this size. Seems like it would be the quickest way to stress yourself out.
  9. Wow, I am majorly jealous. I did see them in '94 at Arrowhead Stadium in KC, so I have that at least.
  10. That's a good one, but this live version is one of my most-listened-to Floyd songs ever:
  11. I was also kinda surprised to see only one song from McCartny's RAM. That is loaded with really good songs, although many weren't ones that were hits or received heavy airplay on the radio, and this list was pretty mainstream, so I guess that explains it. Not a complaint, just an observation.
  12. Yep, this thread was a fun read. Music threads are always the best. @Just Win Baby, as much as I love Pink Floyd, I am not keen on the original version of One of These Days. I think the later live versions done by the band in the late 80's and 1994 were far better.
  13. Dark Side of the Moon is Pink Floyd's most iconic, and it is wonderful in its simplicity, but I prefer the covers for Wish You Were Here, Animals and The Division Bell as far as Pink Floyd goes. Rush's Moving Pictures has to be in the conversation. Point of Know Return by Kansas might be my personal favorite.
  14. And is there nothing by the Allman Brothers? Whipping Post and Statesboro Blues are major classics by them from 1971. Note: I get that this was Tim's favorite songs list; I am just throwing some favorites of mine that didn't make it.