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  1. She has a very weird face. From certain angles, it looks messed up, and from other angles, it looks good. Strange phenomenon.
  2. McCoy should take the week off and get healthy, but thanks to the NFL's meathead culture that you have to tough out every injury and play anyway, he'll probably play and not be the same the rest of the year.
  3. My guess would be Norman would be on Jones or Tate most of the time, since Boldin is more of a PPR, short routes kind of WR now, although doesn't Tate play in the slot a lot? I would think Norman would be less likely to cover the slot guy, so he might get the assignment to cover Jones.
  4. Almost always on the computer from iTunes. Too much work nowadays to bust out the CDs and put them in the stereo, especially since a lot of newer stuff I only bought digitally, so I don't own a lot of stuff on CD anymore.
  5. Aside from the endless commercials which make the game terrible to watch at times, I think the nature of how the game is played now just isn't exciting. Tons of bubble screens, 2-yard passes, etc. For example, the Cowboys offense is tediously effective, but boring as hell to watch, as they dominate the time of possession with constant short passes and first down runs on 3rd and short. Very few exciting plays per game now, it seems like. I remember it used to be, you could name a handful or two of great games from each NFL season, but it is already week 7 and I cannot think of one nationally televised game we've had that I would call great. The games are just too forgettable now. If not for fantasy football and other gambling, the NFL would be plummeting fast.
  6. That lady has the creepiest smile ever. She strikes me as someone who would kill you in your sleep and then bury you in the backyard.
  7. My Arms, Your Hearse tends to be one of those albums that I fully acknowledge is really good, but I never have the urge to listen to. Demon of the Fall and The Amen Corner are the only songs from it I ever listen to. Still Life through Watershed is an incredible run of records (even if the first and last songs on Deliverance tend to be skippers for me).
  8. Great song. In fact, that whole album, Pale Communion, is fantastic. Their new one is quite good, too, but not as great as the prior release. Their best records, IMO, are Still Life and Ghost Reveries.
  9. That will look nice on Obama's legacy. He was not only the country's first black president, but he rope-a-doped Trump into running for president, which led directly to the first woman president, who was otherwise unelectable. Bravo, Mr. President. Bravo.
  10. They also need a play caller who has some imagination. 90% of GB's pass plays look like "let Rodgers drop back and wait for someone to get open." It's like they are allergic to timing routes, screens, pick plays/rub routes, etc.
  11. I caught bits of this, and while Victoria Justice was nice to look at, it was otherwise pretty awful. They even ruined the songs by dumbing down the melodies, and don't even get me started of some of the choices to play the main roles. Bottom line, this is one movie that can never be duplicated, nor should anyone have ever attempted to do so.
  12. Need the Packers to get a double digit lead so the Bears have to pass a lot.
  13. Seems like their best pass play every week is him heaving it down field and the WR drawing a flag for PI.
  14. Yep. I have no dog in this fight, but that was an atrocious call. Just embarrassing.
  15. LOL at calling that a catch.