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  1. He’s a top 5 WR in redraft with no suspension. Late 1st round/early 2nd.
  2. This will be cheesy and predictable, but good fun.
  3. Delete the Politics forum and all political and religious talk and this entire forum would get 100 times better, but I suspect that Joe and the others know how much traffic there is there (seems like there are a dozen people who live in that subforum all day every day) and they like the heavy traffic, otherwise why keep it? That subforum is an embarrassment to the forum.
  4. What a load of horse ####. This is basically code for "I can play the race card whenever I want, and I don't have to give reasons why, because 'I know when I see it.'"
  5. I mostly agree. At the very least, Trump's tweet the other day was highly offensive (and I have no love for AOC or Omar; don't know much about the other two), and I agree that that is an odd hill for Trump supporters to die on.
  6. I didn't like the choice of Bran either, but I do love the fact that House Stark collectively won the Game of Thrones, which, to me, was the ending that had to happen. I agree that some of the storylines felt rushed in the last season, but I still like it a lot overall and feel that the endless #####ing about it is way over the top. It was a good final season to an otherwise tremendous show, IMO.
  7. There were men better looking in the can than Janice.
  8. Yep. The drum sound of the 80's (see: Phil Collins' gated drum sound or the big drum sound XTC brought to the table on Black Sea) was very big and loud, and I loved it. I get that those who love Springsteen for his more folksy side (which bores me to tears) hated him having the big drums and synths, but to me, a good song is a good song, and Dancing in the Dark is a good song.
  9. I have much love for a lot of 80's music, but I never cared for Born in the U.S.A. On the other hand, I always liked Dancing in the Dark; those saying it is a bad song are incorrect.
  10. I've seen him on Cowherd's show a few times and he seems like he has matured and turned his life around.
  11. I like how she wants to challenge the establishment, but playing the race card against Pelosi and acting like a mini-Trump by pouting like a 9-year old every time someone points out a mistake she made is very oft-putting.
  12. Actually, because being a bigot can be defined as someone who is intolerant of those who hold different opinions than your own, AOC is technically a bigot as well. I certainly agree that Trump is far more mean-spirited. AOC is like the person who starts a new job and in the first week, wants to change everything to suit their needs without even bothering to take the time to get a feel for the job and how things work.
  13. That is why I said Trump is more awful, but that aside, they operate from the same playbook (over the top rhetoric, tweeting non-stop, never admitting they are wrong about anything, etc.).
  14. AOC is awful. Trump is more awful. Trump being more awful does not make AOC less awful, just less awful than him.