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  1. I think the WRs are arguably worse in Philly, LA and SF. And I do think Rishard Matthews will step up and be a good threat at WR for them this season.
  2. That's a good shooting night for Bryant.
  3. He hasn't throw the deep ball consistently well for years, which is largely why the Patriots have gone to the short passing game. When you consider his age and the number of hits he took last year, missing four games to start this year might be a blessing in disguise.
  4. His overall numbers were inflated by the game against Philly where he caught a ton of late balls when the Patriots fell behind by 21 at home, which rarely happens, but the receiving back in NE always has value.
  5. Because guys listed as probable are never late scratches, right? That aside, changing this is silly, but not something to get annoyed over, IMO.
  6. Brown, Evans and Jordy.
  7. Kubiak loves throwing to the TE. Green is a great super cheap buy. Could see him being a top 15 TE.
  8. Amazing season of television. Writing was tremendous, the casting was stellar, and the acting was great all-around. I never thought much of Winona Ryder, but she did a terrific job here.
  9. I am not sure what to make of that post , but I just know that I like a lot of progressive music because I generally like music that is adventurous and large in scope, which prog music often is (when done well). Don't get me wrong, I love tons of other music as well (I can listen to Prince, Opeth, Doobie Brothers, Herbie Hancock, Whitesnake and Arcade Fire all in the span of 30 minutes and love it all), but for me, prog music, when done well, is about as good as it gets.
  10. Oh, I am aware. Devin Townsend has a new one in a few weeks, too. That and the new Opeth are two CDs I will be all over. The new Metallica, not so much.
  11. Same here. I liked DM, especially songs like All Nightmare Long and The Judas Kiss, but cannot remember the last time I listened to anything from it. Plus, I am not a metal head at heart (more of a prog rocker), but when I need some metal, I have a handful of artists to go to and Metallica is not one of them (I am talking Dream Theater, Opeth, Devin Townsend, old school Judas Priest, Black Sabbath).
  12. Terrible song. If being fast and heavy were all it took, sure, it would be good, but it takes more than that. Sounds like a weak effort to try and channel their great 80s work. Oh, and those lyrics...
  13. Wait, I saw on Morning Joe that Kellyanne Conway is his new campaign manager?? Not even factoring in how creepy her smile is, I seem to recall her running a super-pac for Cruz and trashing Trump just a few months ago, and now she is his campaign manager? I guess it's true what Saul Goodman once said: you go with the winner.
  14. Yes. Play two or even three opponents a week, which cuts down on the luck factor a bit. With that system, the best teams will likely finish at the top. Having 6 or 8 teams in the playoffs in a 12-team league is pure silliness.
  15. A decent team shouldn't get better odds to make the playoffs. Only the best teams should make the playoffs. 12 teams, no divisions, and top 4 make the playoffs after a 14-week season. That is the best way to go.