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  1. Both are amazing accomplishments, and someone trying to downplay one to prop up the other player is pretty weak.
  2. At least now the series won't end with that PP goal off of that sham of a call being the decider.
  3. Westbrook isn't in the conversation for GOAT. Heck, he isn't even in the conversation for best player in the league right now.
  4. Even though I was born in '73, meaning I was late teens/early 20s during the grunge explosion, I never really dug much grunge or alt rock. I have come around to liking a few songs here and a few songs there, but for the most part I can pass on most of it. Most of the big bands have a few songs I dig now (except Pearl Jam, who I do not like a single song by...11,993 songs in my iTunes and not a single one by them), including Soundgarden. Cornell's voice definitely stood out amongst a lot of average singers and players from that time period. Great voice and great talent.
  5. Assuming you mean the transcript of Jimmy's hearing, we do not know if it was established by the committee that Jimmy's confession on the tape was real. Remember that Jimmy was arguing that he said what he said to make his brother feel better. If the committee thought Jimmy really did it, no way would he have only gotten a year suspension. The suspension was likely for the B & E.
  6. On purpose. Notice he mentioned the "mistake" with the numbers (that Jimmy doctored), which will be considered an error brought on by his mental illness by the bar. And his satisfied angry look as he walked out at the end was a dead giveaway. It is clear that Jimmy is majorly frustrated at the year long suspension, especially with having to eke his way through life and basically give his commercial time away for free, and since Chuck is the one who caused it, he has to pay.
  7. That seems to make sense, but the question is, what does Mike want Nacho to do? And how does Nacho get back involved with Jimmy (since we know that happens thanks to Saul referencing him in BB)? Should be interesting...
  8. Those five seconds right after they put the wheelchair in the trunk had me howling with laughter, the way they all did a quick mad scramble to get in the car and all the while nearly tripping over one another.
  9. Hearing that story reminded Mike that there is another widow out there who has no idea what happen to her husband, and Hector is the reason why.
  10. If Cam Newton was number 1 last year, then it's probably him.
  11. And here they come... After 13 straight playoff wins, the haters will now come out of the woodwork!!