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  1. Sad but true. Her stance on abortion there is pretty much mine verbatim.
  2. Every time I see Harris, she looks confused and befuddled every time someone says anything she disagrees with. Comes off like she is way in over her head.
  3. I definitely think the neighbor knew what he was doing and then tried to play the "blame the tree company" game.
  4. Nope. The NFL has shown that they really don't give a crap about bad officiating. See: their refusal this season to overturn countless PI calls.
  5. That is a game-deciding call. Nice work yet again, NFL.
  6. You have all three timeouts. You play to stop them and get it back with about 90 seconds left, only needing a FG to win (and your kicker is great).
  7. That was weird to see a play like that go in the Lions favor for once.
  8. Wait, are you suggesting that the Panthers should put Cam back in because he was playing well nearly a full season ago?
  9. Ridiculous for that to be a penalty, but such is life in the NFL in 2019 where a defensive player is penalized when the offensive player dives at the ground for a ball and they made contact.
  10. Counting the playoffs, he has 14 touchdowns and 15 interceptions in his last 14 games. That is a bad trend. More importantly, the eye test tells me that he isn't the same QB he looked like in 2017 and for the first 2/3 of 2018.
  11. I think he's done a great job for the last month. Seems like he does his best coaching from a "getting the team ready to play" standpoint when expectations are low. 2-2 without Ben now, with the losses being narrow ones to the 5-0 49ers and 4-2 Ravens.
  12. Lindsay is Mr. Consistency. He's like the perfect RB2.
  13. Winston is another Ryan Fitzpatrick. Over the course of a season, he will get plenty of touchdowns, throw for lots of yards, commit a lot of turnovers, and lead you to more losses than wins.
  14. I have seen some talk about how much better Wilson is now than he used to be, which leaves me wondering if those people saw him play early on. He was always this good! Okay, he plays smarter, as he runs a lot less since he realizes that he will not stay healthy running too much, but he has been an elite QB since the day he stepped on an NFL field. He's incredible.
  15. Chicken #### play call on 3rd down by Houston, followed by a missed FG. Huge missed opportunity.