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  1. Back in my bartending days, I would often use "folks," which might have come off as old-fashioned, but it was generic enough to not offend anyone. Of course, nowadays someone would find a way to be offended by it.
  2. Agreed. The Democrats are going to eat their own again and send a wounded candidate in against Trump in 2020. You can see it coming.
  3. He is waiting to hear back from his five sources, none of whom are bookies, so not sure how reliable they are.
  4. It's not. Everybody assumes they will get Anthony Davis this summer, but who do the Lakers have to offer?
  5. He won't say it, but I'll bet he regret going to the Lakers. He fell for the sales pitch of Magic Johnson, who clearly doesn't know what he's doing. I mean, who gets LeBron James and still can't surround him with enough talent to make the freaking playoffs?
  6. A friend just texted me that the Chiefs are making Tyreek Hill their starting QB next year and Mahomes is on the trade block. Not sure where he got it from. I will report back.
  7. Emmy Rossum is on that list as well, apparently. This guy has done well. Not a fan of this band's music, however.
  8. I didn't say she was a bad person; I said it was a bad look. Re-read my post, sir.
  9. I think most would in the situation as well. He was just assaulted and had no idea if the guilty person had intentions of doing any more, so he defended himself. Easy situation to read.
  10. I knew that was going to be the retort. I doubt anything anyone says here will sway you at all, but this will be a fun thread to follow if nothing else...