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  1. If he does end up playing on a line with Tarasenko and Schwartz, that alone will make him a better player Look at the spike in TJ Oshie's goals the last two seasons from playing with Ovechkin. I am staying optimistic.
  2. Schenn tied for the league lead this past season in PP goals. If he comes close to doing that again, Blues fans will be thrilled. After a solid rookie season, Lehtera has not been worth a damn since. Blues fans everywhere are ecstatic to get him and that contract off the team.
  3. Fat and annoying. She's all yours.
  4. Yep. Great moves by the Blues overall yesterday.
  5. What about this year?
  6. So many great players in the NBA right now, and the idiots in NY boo every single one of them when Silver mentions them.
  7. Why would he? If James leaves next year, the Cavs become the wasteland of the NBA again.
  8. Or what if he did, he does die, and a big chunk of that money goes to Jimmy? Jimmy even said in the episode that there aren't many left in the McGill family, so who else would get the money?
  9. I will miss Chuck, if that really is the end of him. He was a bastard, but he was awfully entertaining.
  10. Not a single post during the entire season finale?
  11. They have been to the finals twice in the last 30 years.
  12. "Fat, drunk and stupid is no way to go through life, son." R.I.P.
  13. What Women Want wanders off into romantic comedy land too much in the latter half, but Gibson's on screen charisma and humor is on full display in the first half of that movie. If I am flipping around and the early part of that movie is on, I will usually watch for a while. Marisa Tomei looking good in that helps a lot, too (as opposed to Helen Hunt, who is gross).
  14. It's a "look at me!!" move. Protesting doesn't mean much to some of these people unless they get noticed, and causing disruptions in the most visible way possible is the key to getting noticed.