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  1. Warren following Michelle was like Bania following Jerry.
  2. Great speech. Probably the best by far we will see all week.
  3. The Knicks making the playoffs makes them a super team, given their recent history of sucking, amirite?
  4. Good luck getting a straight answer. I think just about anyone with common sense and a working brain knows that Hillary is corrupt and had a lot to do with the DNC rigging the process in her favor. You have to be either extremely naive, stupid or pig-headed to think otherwise, quite honestly.
  5. I don't think he needs to go scorched earth. Not going to the DNC would say a lot, and I think that is the smart play. We'll see if he is a man of his convictions or not.
  6. DSW will take the fall here, but after all of the dirty work she has done for Clinton, don't think she hasn't been promised a cabinet position or something to make up for her being the fall "guy" here.
  7. Very true. People who grab Bell in drafts now though need to be careful about not waiting too long to get DeAngelo. Auctions are different because you can simply not let yourself get outbid, assuming you have the funds to do so, but in a draft, once someone else nabs him, you'll be kicking yourself.
  8. Because my concerns were written in the context of him being a dangerous top pick. I didn't say that all three of those thing would happen, just that they were real concerns and that if any of them happened, he'd be overvalued as the first RB off the board and/or a top 5 pick, and now here we are, with him facing a 4-game suspension. 4 games might not be a year long suspension, but considering that it is 1/4 of the season, I'd say that is a long suspension in football terms.
  9. When I posted this earlier this month, I sure didn't expect to be proven right this quickly.
  10. Shrillary becoming president will have been the luckiest and most fortunate run ever. Consider her history when running for president: -got beaten in 2008 by Obama, despite her being the much bigger name going in to the primaries. -despite the DNC being in the tank for her, struggled in 2016 to beat a socialist for the Democratic nomination who has accomplished very little while being in the Senate for forever. -(if she wins) beat Trump, arguably the most despised person in modern political times (even hated by much of his own party). Like you said, had she gone against a formidable opponent in the Democratic race, or were going against one in the presidential one, she would have gotten pummeled. The fact that many polls currently show that her neck and neck with Trump for the most part right now just shows how weak of a candidate she is. Congrats America: we are about to elect a corrupt criminal to the White House.
  11. Amazing how dumb some of these players are. Play for a few years, make 100 million, and then get baked for the rest of your rich life. Unreal.
  12. I'd buy this if this wasn't something every politician does. Throwing red meat to big crowds is the easiest way to get big pops.
  13. Trump should just say, "Who you rather look at for the next four years, Bill and Hillary or Ivanak and Melanie?" He'd win in a rout.