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  1. That was Tolbert's fault, not Anderson's, but I'd love to hear the logic behind that decision.
  2. Update?
  3. I didn't think Gurley was a 1st round pick this year, and given what we've seen this year, I think it's madness to take him in the 1st OR 2nd round next year, barring major changes in the Rams coaching staff (Fisher gone) and on the offense.
  4. Ugly win, but I'll take it. Never thought I would say this, but the Broncos need Trevor Siemian back.
  5. Alex Smith just missed a wide open Ware down the sideline. Would have been an easy walk in TD.
  6. Patriots brought their C+ game and are drilling the Rams already.
  7. KC is 19-5 since Charles went down last season. I think they are okay.
  8. Barring injury or something else significant, I think it goes without saying that first round picks next year will include: Elliot D Johnson A Brown J Jones OBJ Evans L Bell (assuming he doesn't get busted for weed again) Who will fill out the first round? You gotta think AJ Green will still be a 1st rounder despite his injury. Melvin Gordon will likely vault up there. Despite the seasons they are having, I can't see McCoy or D Murray going in the 1st. A Cooper maybe?
  9. Every team has injuries, sure, but not all injuries are equal. Gronk, when healthy, is easily the best skill position player in the NFL. His loss is significant.
  10. He's starting to remind me of Percy Harvin: his talent is obvious and he is electric whenever he plays, but seems like he's always hurt.
  11. Cooks is too small to be a true number 1. The emergence of Thomas will only help him in the long run, since that will make it easier for him to get loose deep, but like many diva WRs, he's pitching a fit. It's one freaking game. He averaged 7.5 targets in their first 10 games this season, which is a lot for a guy his size.
  12. a) I didn't say he won't play again; I said I wouldn't be surprised if he didn't. b) how many NFL players have ever played again after THREE back surgeries? (legit question; I honestly do not know)
  13. Gronk could have been the best TE ever, but too many injuries will prevent him from making that run. I wouldn't be surprised if he never plays again.
  14. Nice play calling by Florida. You're averaging less than a yard per carry. You get to the Alabama 2 by throwing the ball, then proceed to run it three times and predictably get stopped, before a disastrous 4th down.