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  1. Sure seems to. Although I don't believe Peterson takes this plea unless a backroom deal was already in place. Sure he does? Do avoid a felony and a possible jail sentence??Which he could have done at a much later date, while still being paid his full salary for sitting out.Maybe, maybe not? Maybe he gets a different prosecutor who does not give the same offer? Too many dynamics at play. Maybe he knows he will get suspended either way and wants to deal with it now that a season is most likely considered a loss? This shall be interesting!
  2. They can also looks towards Ellington as another example of what they're doing wrong. I would suggest that Arizona may only be using Ellington as much because their RB depth is horrid. I bet they would LOVE to have Hill or any other betters rbs on their team.
  3. Bottom line is neither Hill nor Gio will have potential to hit their upside if both rbs play. Gio has more to lose given the role he had on the offense and Hill has no where to go but up because he did not really play when Gio had a huge role. Enjoy Hill's upside while Gio is hurt.
  4. Sure seems to. Although I don't believe Peterson takes this plea unless a backroom deal was already in place. Sure he does? Do avoid a felony and a possible jail sentence??
  5. I think he will be okay vs Dal's defense week 1 Panic if he does not!
  6. Draft him as a 2, start him every week and then pray that he is involved in the gameplan from week to week. Don't complain when he has a below avg game, but rejoice when he blows up!
  7. A must handcuff if you are a Charles owner.
  8. I told you guys this a long time ago. I am glad you guys became believers--it is TRUE! C'mon Allen, bust out them sleeves .
  9. This is a good decision. In hindsight, yes, Griffin should have not even played last week, OR even the whole year. I do not know about you, but I do not see a 100% griffin (have you seen him scramble to the left, eww), and we can partly blame.....wait for it..... Adrian Peterson!! You have also had opposing players say that they know R.Griffin is not 100%. Griffin will never admit it this, because he is proud, and also has a ego. Who wants to admit that they came back too early? Please remember Griffin was injured in January (was it?) of last year. Typically, this takes 1 year to come back 100%. Not only does it seem like it will take Griffin about 1 year to get healthy, but it is important to note that was his SECOND catastophic knee injury (not the first like Peterson). Griffin and/or the organization placed too much pressure for Griffin to return this year, which ultimately was a mistake. Yeah, it's taken the Redskins until week 15 of the season to realize it but better late than never. Second, his play was staight up average at best. Sometimes sitting on the sidelines, even if for 3 games, can humble you, and can make you see the game differently. Call it "benched so he is not injured" but you can also call it "benched for ineffectiveness" because that was Griffen this year--ineffective. He needs humble pie and he also needs to learn to read defenses once gain, which are things he could/did not work on in the offseason becuase he pressured himself to return this season (tons of rehab). This offseason he can learn his craft (without having to worry about rehabbing 24/7) and hopefully not having him suck for 3 more games for this season, will keep his confidence from crumbling. Robert, take this time as a learning lesson, learn your craft, be/get humble and most of all....get healthy.
  10. RG3, or Robert, as Fletcher calls him, is not 100%. I am just hoping that all this bad play will not affect him psychologicaly in the future. I'd prefer he sit and actually see the game from the sidelines, as this year is already lost--it may add a different perspective that he has yet not seen (except for the CLE game last year).
  11. I don't think Allen's production will be strongly tied to matchups. It will mostly be tied to how many targets he gets relative to Gates, Woodhead, and the other wideouts. San Diego still likes to spread the ball around, so he won't be in the same class as Calvin, Gordon, or Marshall. Think of him like the younger version of Colston. Every wr's production is strongly tied to TARGETS. K.Allen is averaging 8.4 targets a game. I agree, that his ceiling is limited because he is not averaging >10 targets a game, but 8.4 is not bad. However, also keep in mind that the average above includes 2 games where K.Allen did not finish the game, so his "true" target number is most likely higher than 8.4. Regardless 8.4 is not a bad baseline. Target range thus far: 5 --> 12. The problem with predicting targets, and only starting K.Allen due to "matchup" is that we don't know when the targets will occur. When he faced KC, a "bad matchup," K.Allen had 12 targets, and v Den, where you think KC has to throw all game long, K.Allen had 6 targets.
  12. I'd say yes. KC was supposed to be a "bad matchup" and looked what happened there.
  13. Maybe part of the reason Mr. Griffin strugged on mnf was because Reed was inactive. Hmmmm? No more Hankerson, Reed will be option number 2 on this offense. Plug and play unless you have somoene better would be MY advice.
  14. Fact. J.Gordon has reached atleast 125 yds and 1 td in each of the games that he's had at least 10 targets. Keep targetting him.
  15. I actually noticed that yesterday after you mentioned it before.....someone definitely needs to let him know Yeah, he wore them v Indy that one MNF as well. It's like his sleeves are too slippery for DBs to jam, or just luck . Either way time to start the "K.Allen must wear long sleeves, gravy train!!" Where is his twitter, or agent?!