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  1. I will be drinking only one glass of beer tomorrow. (240 ounce glass)
  2. I don't think he has a full grasp of what he's talking about here. It's like that for him on many issues. Does he still say marijuana is a gateway drug? Out of touch.
  3. Twice. The first time I was in 5th or 6th grade and a friend got a whole bunch of firecrackers. We decided it would be funny to put them under a teachers desk. We made a long wick so we could light it, leave the room and nobody would know it was us. My friend lit it but the wick burned within seconds and the fireworks went off with him just a few feet away holding the matches. He ratted us out and four of us got suspended. We got a visit from a cop too but it was just to scare us. In high school I organized a "cannonball run" from Tulsa to Kansas City. This was even before the movie came out. People paid 5 bucks to enter, winner take all. My mistake was I scheduled the race for a Friday and half the school didn't show up that day which raised suspicion. One guy's car broke down outside of KC. He had to explain to his parents where the heck he was going and again I was ratted out. There was a winner though and he was paid.
  4. Maybe Uncle Joe promised her the #2 if she shanked the old Vermonter while the cameras rolled.
  5. I really never thought she could stoop this low.
  6. We had to give them up due to constipation issues. Got plugged up pretty good a few years back and almost went to the ER. Can eat one or two but that's about it.
  7. If Cornhole was one of the choices I choose that. No feeling compares to when you're in the zone and the bags are falling.
  8. She lost because she was inauthentic.
  9. This is exactly what people said in 2016.
  10. It is not a like/dislike thing, it's an issue of who can turn out the electorate. Biden is very much like Hillary in that, like her, he's not going to generate enough excitement. When voter turnout is high, democrats usually win. Voters are not going to get fired up for the "slow, dull, tired, inept" guy.
  11. What is more likely? That she kept this in her back pocket as an insurance policy should Sanders be critical of her at any point in the campaign? Or she was holding this to release at the most opportune moment?
  12. It struck me as a desperate, last ditch attempt to a beat Bernie in Iowa and it was dealt from the bottom of the deck.
  13. If Bernie said that to Warren back in 2018 I find it strange that it wouldn't come out until 2020, just a few weeks before the Iowa caucuses. I think the timing of this coming out tells you all you need to know.