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  1. Have you guys ever had an Oklahoma fritter? It's batter mixed with small pieces of apple, fried in oil and then glazed. It is delicious.
  2. They didn't take this big a risk to bring him there to be an auxiliary piece. I expect him to be the alpha out of the gate. I don't buy the "too many mouths to feed" argument either. Every team has too many mouths to feed on their roster. Most end up not getting fed which will happen here. Either Evans or Godwin, or maybe both, are going to take a severe hit to their fantasy value. If Brown is even 70% of what he was 2 years ago, he's going to get his. Game script poses a much bigger threat to Brown's numbers than Evans or Godwin do. This team has a solid defense and could be looking at a bunch of games with big 2nd half leads. As good as Ronald Jones has been, he may get even better with the addition of Brown. That being said, when Brady had dominant teams in New England he liked to keep his foot on the gas for as long as possible so maybe the game script angle is overblown. Either way, I expect Brown to hit the ground running in 2 weeks and not look back. Don't discount that week of experience Brown and Brady had last season. They built obvious chemistry in a short time and it's only going to grow.
  3. Biden will at least put the interests of the country first whereas Trump constantly puts himself first. Just look at how Trump has handled the pandemic. First he brushed it off saying dems were making a big deal out of nothing. Then when it inevitably became a big deal he politicized it and divided the country over something as mundane as mask wearing. His eye was so off the ball that he himself got it and even that couldn't get him to be responsible as he's currently holding large rallies and spouting nonsense during the debate and town hall. In a way the pandemic was a chance for him to show the country how adept he was at handling a major crisis. Instead it showed him to be completely incapable. The damage done due to the lack of federal leadership will be felt for decades not to mention the unnecessary loss of life. Enough is enough.
  5. I am fearful of what will happen on election day and in the days after. These are uncharted waters. I never could have imagined a time in my life when there could be violence in the streets following a presidential election in this country. An American president, during a presidential debate, telling a segment of his supporters to go to the polls on election day and stand guard? Shameful.
  6. I will be drinking only one glass of beer tomorrow. (240 ounce glass)
  7. I don't think he has a full grasp of what he's talking about here. It's like that for him on many issues. Does he still say marijuana is a gateway drug? Out of touch.
  8. Twice. The first time I was in 5th or 6th grade and a friend got a whole bunch of firecrackers. We decided it would be funny to put them under a teachers desk. We made a long wick so we could light it, leave the room and nobody would know it was us. My friend lit it but the wick burned within seconds and the fireworks went off with him just a few feet away holding the matches. He ratted us out and four of us got suspended. We got a visit from a cop too but it was just to scare us. In high school I organized a "cannonball run" from Tulsa to Kansas City. This was even before the movie came out. People paid 5 bucks to enter, winner take all. My mistake was I scheduled the race for a Friday and half the school didn't show up that day which raised suspicion. One guy's car broke down outside of KC. He had to explain to his parents where the heck he was going and again I was ratted out. There was a winner though and he was paid.
  9. Maybe Uncle Joe promised her the #2 if she shanked the old Vermonter while the cameras rolled.
  10. I really never thought she could stoop this low.
  11. We had to give them up due to constipation issues. Got plugged up pretty good a few years back and almost went to the ER. Can eat one or two but that's about it.