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  1. This was well done. I'd love to see your post-draft updates.
  2. Hard to see Dany surviving til the end. Without Jon wanting the thrones, it becomes a puzzle to me. Some have stated they see a Roman-like senate with Tyrion leading the counsel. Cersei likely dies by Arya's hands (perhaps with Jamie's face?). The Hound defeats The Mountain...I hope. Somehow it wouldn't surprise me to see Sansa on the Throne (unless they do away with that, to some degree). Maybe Jon inherits the Throne by demand and then heads beyond the old wall and puts Sansa in charge until he returns (which is never)? Yara seems obvious to come into play with her troops to kill Euron. Perhaps Tormund and the Wildlings come back to help as well. Samwell somehow becomes the Grand Maester over all. I agree with some others that I don't think the last dragon survives until the end. And that's the end, for right now, of my likely worthless predictions.
  3. The leaks include stuff that will happen in this episode and a couple other huge spoilers about the end.
  4. I searched the net and couldn't find a single leak, just the talk of it.
  5. We're watching The Act on Hulu. What was at first annoying became compelling TV.
  6. My wife thought the same thing. Just average at best. Edit to include myself. We both thought the same thing.
  7. Actually, no problem for me. As I said, I want to know what happened before I see it, lame as that might sound. Spoiler away...
  8. Spoilers welcome, if blocked especially. Personally, I will find out what happened before I watch it anyway.
  9. Great stuff for their offense. Defense needs help still.
  10. No, per my previous post, "They can't play that season while on the taxi squad."
  11. A taxi squad is basically the same thing as a practice squad in the NFL. You can assign up to 4 (or 5, I forget the specifics in this league) rookies or second year players to this "taxi squad". They can't play that season while on the taxi squad, but they don't count against your active roster. This is typically a spot where owners keep their rookies or second year players that may not be playing much that season but should have a bright future.
  12. Email me at Trading away future draft capitol has not been an issue here at all.